Why Webinars Are The Best (Real Answer)

Webinars are all the rage right now and they will probably keep increasing in popularity for the foreseeable future – but is it just hype?

In this post we’ll explore if webinars are over-hyped or if you’re missing out by not having webinars in your online bushiness.

Let’s go!

Why Webinars Are The Best

Webinars are the only way to predictably turn new visitors that have never heard of your business into buyers while also strengthening your relationship with them and providing an immense amount of value.

What Type Of Businesses Should Have Webinars

Businesses that want to make profit and sell products efficiently – duh!

All jokes aside, if you can package one (or some) of your products into a solution that can massively help people in your industry with a problem that they’re facing then webinars are perfect for you.

Webinars give you the power of turning new visitors into paying customers through a intentionally crafted sales engine.

Webinars are special because they combine all the upsides of seminars and online sales pages and turn it into one strong weapon that converts like crazy (if utilized properly).

Webinars are pretty simple to explain but hard to pull off without guidance.

Obviously if you follow the teachings of the 9 Figure Webinar Host Russel Brunson’s “Perfect Webinar Script” then it’s easy but for most people who are unaware, they’ll be lost at sea and overwhelmed with the idea of scripting a 1-2 hour sales letter.

The webinar works you’re achieving all these things in one video:

  • Enticing Ideal Clients With Precisely Crafted Headlines
  • Showcasing A New Opportunity Effectively
  • Showing Authority Through Testimonials & Social Proof
  • Building Rapport By Sharing Your Life-story In A Way That Relates To Your Target Audience
  • Bringing Up Problems That Are Facing Your Industry Or Niche
  • Agitating Those Problems And What They Can Mean For Them
  • Providing Your Product/Solution As The Best or Only Solution For Them
  • Effectively Utilize Urgency & Scarcity To Motivate Purchases

but most importantly…

  • Build An INSANE Amount Of Time-Invested & Value Through 1-2 Hours Of Straight Communication
  • Being Able To Set Up This Webinar To Sell & Run Automatically For Years To Come Without Having To Do Anything

Those two benefits are the main two reasons as to why webinars exploded in popularity and have proven to be one of the best investments that online businesses can partake in.

Imagine having a salesperson that:

  • You don’t have to pay
  • Doesn’t get sick
  • Doesn’t get tired
  • Doesn’t get bored
  • Doesn’t lose efficiency
  • Works 24/7

Now that you understand the power that webinars provide and the well oiled machine that you can create and leave to automatically generate you visitors and clients, your next question is obviously “how to I make one of these?”

Well, you need to write one.

How To Write Persuasive Webinars

Writing webinars can be really hard for people starting out.

Really overwhelming too.

The idea of writing a script that you’re going to read non stop for two hours while being unsure if the script will even work or not can lead to a ton of stress or procrastination.

Many people believe that they can do it without any help or guidance and good luck to them but in my opinion I definitely think that you should learn from people that have done it successfully thousands of times before you in various different industries.

One webinar host that is super popular and successful that comes to mind is Russel Brunson.

He has managed to build an entire multi-9-figure business mainly through the power of automated webinars.

If you have $7 to invest in the Perfect Webinar Script that will allow you to essentially COPY and PASTE a Perfect Webinar Framework.

Persuasive Webinars generally are split into 3 sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Content
  3. Pitch

In the introduction, the host has two main goals.

You want to entice them enough to stay till the end of the webinar (so that you build the time-investment + you can actually pitch your product) and you want to showcase your authority in the subject and build rapport with your audience.

Apart from that, IMMEDIATELY when the webinar starts you need to make sure that you restate why you’re there for the webinar so that people know that they showed up for the right thing that’s going to help them.

The intro is generally pretty short but really hard to nail effectively.

In the content part, the host will deliver on their promise.

You will talk about what you mentioned in your webinar headline and go in-depth on all the valuable content that you promise.

This is generally the longest section of the webinar.

Make sure that you’re talking about WHAT to do to accomplish the goal and not exactly HOW to do it.

Your product will be the how.

The what will still provide them with very useful information and they’ll gain value but you don’t want to have them leaving without buying because they know the HOW right?

In the final pitch section, this is where everything connects together.

You mention all the value that they’ve gotten from the webinar, you talk about how helpful this is for them and how it sets them apart from the competition and how they’re miles ahead now thanks to the information.

The hardest part here is the transition between the content and the pitch but generally a permission-based question works pretty well.

When pitching the product, your main goal is to showcase that the product will help them with EVERYTHING related to the topic that you talked about.

Potential buyers always try and find reasons logically not to buy so make sure that your product encompasses everything to a point where they have no objections and so the next logical step is to buy!

Best Webinar Hosting Platforms

Apart from a webinar script, you need a webinar hosting software or platform!

I recommended that you check my Updated Comparison List of the Best Webinar Platforms Available.

Currently, the best evergreen/automated webinar hosting platform is EverWebinar and the best one for live webinars is WebinarJam.