Why Webinars Are Effective? (4 Important Reasons)

Webinars are everywhere right now and everyone that doesn’t have one is being called an “idiot”… but how REALLY effective are they?

In this post you’ll learn why webinars are so effective for marketers and why you might want to consider one in your business.

Let’s go!

Why Are Webinars So Effective?

They’re intentionally created in a way that will turn any super new visitor that barely ever heard of the host into a person ready to buy. Webinars are typically promoted as an online live event with a ton of scarcity and urgency for people to tune in.

3 Different Stages Of Webinars

Webinars are essentially online seminars.

Why the heck would online marketers suddenly start flocking to it?

Most of them started from to them because gurus were telling them to… but why did gurus start using them in the first place?

Well, probably because of the endless amount of upsides that webinars provide.

Webinars are commonly structured in a way that is intentional.

People that are typically interested in a specific topic will be enticed with a heading that generally makes it a no-brainer for the person to sign up to.

This is further enforced with more information talking about what is going to be covered throughout the webinar.

The landing pages are generally pretty similar to most opt-in pages with the implied scarcity of “limited spots” and “limited time” available to sign up.

After people sign up and enter the host’s room, this is where the effectiveness magic slowly starts building.

Once you’re in the room, it’s now the host’s responsibility to effectively deliver their Perfect Webinar Script.

The scripts are typically split into 3 sections:

  • Introduction

In this part, the host is welcoming everyone to the room and reassure everyone that signed up of what they’re going to get throughout the webinar.

Usually hosts tend to also try their best to motivate people to stay till the end since that’s when typically the PRODUCT PITCH is.

The motivation is generally some “free exclusive” thing that only people that stay till the end will get or sometimes even monetary gain (giveaways etc.)

After that part, the host jump into the Authority part.

In this part, the hosts is essentially trying to tell the audience to gain trust in him and WHY they should trust him in this topic.

They start sharing accolades, things they’ve achieved, places they’ve been and materialistic things they’ve attained through their success.

Generally they’ll also share a bit about their “come-up” story so people can relate themselves to the host and they don’t see the host as someone un-attainably successful especially if they’re selling some digital marketing product.

The reason why this part is so effective is because:

  • Getting People To Watch Till The End
  • Build Authority & Rapport With Audience
  • Showcase Credibility & Success
  • Anchoring Emotions To Particular Things You Want Audience To Feel

  • Content

In this second section, the host will start providing the information that they have been talking about through their marketing and advertising.

The main goal of the content is to talk about WHAT TO DO and not HOW TO DO something generally.

This will give the audience some value that can definitely help them.

The main goal here is not to help to.

The main goal here is to build perceived value and time-investment of the audience with the host.

The more time the audience spends with the host, the more likely they are to comply or accept the offer the host is going to push at the very end.

You also don’t want to show exactly how to technically do something because then they have too much information and they won’t even need your solution at the end.

The is generally also the longest part of the webinar since your main goal is to sorta-overwhelm the audience to a point where they can’t help but believe that you provided them with endless valuable information that they can take action on and succeed on depending on your industry.

The reasons why this part is so effective is because:

  • Building Value With The Audience
  • Building “Time Invested” With The Audience
  • Showcase Intelligence In Topic
  • Garnering More Trust With Audience

  • Pitch

This is the final part of the webinar.

You’ve now built so much trust, time and authority with your audience that they like, respect & perceive you in a good light (generally) although some might still be a bit skeptical.

After the content part is done, you need to hammer home that they got everything that you promised initial through your landing page or your marketing and now ask them for permission to provide them with a solution that can help them get to their target goal faster or in a more efficient manner.

With the pitch you need to make sure that the main part of the product you’re going to pitch gives them a direct solution to the problem you were just talking about.

Apart from that, you need to leave NO STONE UNTURNED.

A viewer that is being pitched will try find any reason not to buy since they understand that the method is THE ONE for them to take them to the target goal.

You need to make sure that you add a ton of bonuses that destroy all the common objections that they have.

After you pitch the product, I recommend that you have a pre-planned FAQ with a 10-15 minute countdown timer.

This will push way more people since the time is ticking down and you’re answer questions oriented around destroying the common objections aswell!

The reasons why this part is so effective is because:

  • Makes The Audience Say “Yes” To Be Pitched
  • Position Your Pitch As THE Solution For Them
  • Scarcity & Urgency Built-In
  • No Objections To Something That They KNOW Is The Right Solution For Them

And that’s it!

If I were to list all the other smaller upsides and reasons as to why webinars are effective we’d be here all they but hopefully now you have a way better understanding as to why webinars are necessary for most online marketing businesses looking to sell products online 🙂