Where To Learn Email Marketing? (Best Ways To Learn)

Email Marketing is a necessary part of any online business that wants to be profitable (or has a brain).

In this article, you’ll learn some important things when it comes to email marketing as well as the best places to learn more about email marketing.

Let’s get started.

How To Learn Email Marketing Effectively

There are tons of free available courses & videos that go in-depth on how you can effectively build successful email marketing campaigns & grow your business with email marketing. I recommend starting with some of the Free Marketing Books listed here that go over everything that took Russel’s business to his current 9-Figure revenue benchmark!

What Makes A Successful Email Marketer?

There are tons of elements that you need to learn when it comes to email marketing.

If you’re completely new and still starting out, you should definitely first understand the GOALS of email marketing and why you should be using it.

Our email is one of the most private places that we have in our modern world. We generally only share our email information with people that we are trusting of or like.

Hence, the goal of email marketing is first and foremost to build relationships.

Most successful email marketer give a ton of valuable information to their email lists and in-return the reader become more trusting and grow a stronger sense of liking to the person sending the emails.

After you build a fairly strong relationship, you can start effectively marketing and promoting your products to your email list.

We wait on this because we want to increase the likelihood that they’ll buy and as humans we’re way more likely to buy from people or companies that we like and trust rather than people that we just started communicating with.

To start off this email marketing journey, we first need a bait that will attract our ideal audience member.

We should provide bait that our ideal member would jump on!

We don’t want to promote a streak to a vegan but they would definitely jump onto a plant-based diet.

Think about something that your target audience would love and provide it for free.

This free thing is generally helpful but quick to consume.

You don’t want to give away a free 20-hour course because most people won’t even open it since they’re not monetarily invested to do so either.

Give away something small but important to the person.

In exchange to the free thing, you’ll ask them for their email and boom – they’re on your list!

For the next couple of emails, you goal is to make them think “WOW Everytime I open their email I always get some valuable information or some entertainment!”.

First impressions are important but online you need to REINFORCE THE FIRST IMPRESSION with congruent emails that align with the initial impression.

After you turn them into fans, you can start promoting your products that ALIGN WITH YOUR PERCEPTION.

Obviously if you’ve given them a bait that was based around vegan diets & sent them emails that give them value around veganism, don’t promote your streak house affiliate code haha.

That might seem obvious but I’ve seen an absurd amount of people do this mistake even though it might not be that blatant.

After you start doing this, all you have to do is rinse and repeat!

Keep giving them value to build your relationship with your audience and promote products that are congruent with your messaging.

It’s that simple!

Best Training Courses For New Email Marketers

Email Marketing on it’s surface level is fairly simple but there are a ton of things that actually impact your level of success.

You need to know how to write copy that is actually effective at delivering your message to your audience.

You need to know how to craft headlines that grab your audience’s attention through the sea of hundreds of emails.

You need to know how to create amazing high-converting landing pages that turn visitors into leads.

You need to know how to effectively drive traffic to your landing page without wasting time or money.

You can search for all these elements and get quick some good information from free videos on Youtube but I do recommend that you get a course from a teacher that you trust that will help guide you to where you want to go without having to navigate the entire web to find the “best information”.

I recommend that you take the One Funnel Away Challenge by Russel Brunson.

This will not only show you how to how to write emails but you’ll learn EVERYTHING NECESSARY that revolves creating a successful online business.

Hundreds of Entrepreneurs have attributed their success to this ONE CHALLENGE and it’s clear why.

I recommend that you take the Challenge ONLY if you’re up for it and actually want to succeed in this business.

Best Email Marketing Software For Beginners

After you learn how to effectively marketing your business, you need a really good email marketing software to send out your emails.

There are tens of really good options out there but there is really one that beats all the rest.

When it comes to email marketing softwares, there are 7 factors that you definitely need to keep in mind. These are:

  • Deliverability
  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Design
  • Features
  • Customer Reviews

It can be really hard to choose the “super best email marketing software” but I try my best to test all the top email marketing softwares pretty consistently for you guys.

If you check out my TL;DR on what is currently the Best Email Marketing Software, you can see that GetResponse is pretty far ahead of the competition.

There are some pretty good alternatives that make it fairly hard to pick a winner like Aweber & SendX but GetResponse’s Deliverability & Pricing are actually… CRAZY in comparison.


Free Youtube content is a really good start when it comes to email marketing.

Just make sure that you learn from videos strategically.

Watch videos that teach you how to effectively build landing pages, how to write copy for email and how to build relationships through email.

With that being said, I do recommend that you follow a step-by-step guide on how to create a successful online business though.

Free stuff is generally pretty decent but it’s very unorganized, retricted on quality and generally outdated.

I recommend that you check out Russel Brunson’s One Funnel Away Challenge to learn how to start a profitable online business A-Z.

(That Challenge is only for people who are serious about this and aren’t scared to take the challenge)

Apart from that, you need an email marketing software!

When choosing an email marketing software, you should compare them based on Deliverability, Features, Ease of Use & Pricing.

Based on those factors, GetResponse is the best option currently (according to this comparison list).