Where To Create Landing Pages? (5 Important Tips)

Landing pages are really important in any business trying to selling products online.

But… where do you create them?

In this post, you’ll learn exactly the best landing page builders that you can use and how to find the right one for you.

Let’s go!

Where To Create Landing Pages

To create the best landing pages, you need a landing page builder that has all the features that you need and is in your budget. There are tens of viable landing page builder options but many of them vary when it comes to design, pricing, UI & customer support.

How To Compare Landing Page Builders

How do you even find the PERFECT Landing Page Builder?

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, however as you can imagine all of the have their pros & cons.

I constantly keep an eye out for what the best & most popular landing page softwares are at the moment and analyze them myself.

I actually have a Comparison List of The Best Landing Page Softwares based on my analysis & experience.

When it comes to finding YOUR PERFECT choice, I recommend that you do your own personal analysis based on factors that you deem as most valuable.

When I personally compare all the available options, I personally prioritize these 6 Important Factors:

  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Design
  • Customer Reviews

You might not care as much for pricing if you have an endless budget or you might not care for features as much since you want a simplistic landing page builder so results may definitely vary.

With that being said, I definitely have found a couple of landing page builders that are significantly better than the competition.

Best Landing Page Builder Today

In my opinion, I definitely think that the Best All-In-One Landing Page Software is currently Convertri.

Their logo is of a rabbit and it’s definitely appropriate.

I have yet to find a faster loading funnel builder that helps you load even the longest sales pages in less than 3 seconds.

Load speed is definitely something important as most landing page softwares are fairly slow and slow sales pages actually DESTROY conversions.

With Convertri you also have:

  • Generous 14-Day Free Trial
  • Integrated Shopping Carts
  • Split Testing Ability
  • Mobile Editor
  • Super Intuitive Page Builders
  • In-Built Photoshop
  • A TON Of Content Block Options
  • Dynamic Text (City Names based on Visitor Cookie Etc)
  • Interactive Video Options
  • Amazing UI for you AND for your visitors

I just love it!

With that being said, if you’re not entirely sold on trying it for free for any reason, there are 3 alternatives that are pretty close.

The most affordable option that saves you a ton of money is Fast Pages.

Simvoly & Landingi are pretty decent alternatives however and they keep improving over time!

These are my picks based on my analysis mentioned earlier in the post so you might come to a different conclusion if you value other things or value some of those elements WAY MORE than others.

If you want to check out my UPDATED analysis, check out this comparison list.

How To Create Effective Landing Pages

After you choose your own landing page software, you need to obviously… make landing pages.

Most of these builder have amazing templates that you can choose from already so most of the design is done but when it comes to writing copy it can be really hard.

The first thing you need to understand the intention behind the landing page you’re building.

Is it just an opt-in page to get them on your email list or is it going to be a sales page for one of your products?

This will dictate most of your approach.

If it’s just an opt-in page, generally “the less, the better” approach works really well.

Most successful opt-in pages don’t have that many elements:

  • Enticing Headling to bait your ideal audience
  • Email Entry Box and maybe a First Name Box
  • CTA Button to submit. Make sure that this isn’t a generic “Sign Up” button but something like “Yes I Want This Free Sheet!”
  • Social Proof. This can be either popups showcasing people that recently signed up to it or testimonials that you got
  • (optional) Further Elaboration. You can add some other benefits that they might be getting by signing up and getting your free thing but this can be overkill for what you’re trying to accomplish.

Your goal is to make the free thing you’re giving them MORE valuable than them sharing their email with you which isn’t really that hard.

Now, if you’re trying to build a SALES PAGE that’s way harder.

Your goal now is to make your product perceived as way more valuable to them than them holding onto the amount of money you’re asking for.

If the value of your product outweighs the price, you’re half of the way there.

Now you just need to effectively communicate it.

The way you do this mostly depends on the product however there are some things that can definitely impact your conversions highly.

  • Product Positioning

You need to make your product seem like a solution to their problem.

One of the way you do this is by initially calling out your target audience, bringing up some problems in their industry, agitating those problems and THEN showcasing your product as a solution for them.

This can also be done with seemingly “meaningless” physically products like clothing where the perceived value isn’t as high – but the people’s perception while WEARING that clothing might make them be perceived as of higher status or cooler or something.

  • Social Proof

After making your product seem like the best solution for the problems you just agitated, you need to prove it.

This can be shown in many ways.

If it’s a physical product, you can show how it works and how it solves the issue in real time.

Apart from that, as mentioned in the opt-in section, you can showcase other people using it and what they’re saying about the product aswell.

As humans we really value what other humans think of things and if most people seem to react positively to something, we’re way more likely to follow along.

  • Objections

If your potential buyer says NO to anything, they won’t buy.

You must address every potential popular objection that they might have about the product.

Would this work for me?

Does it have any other costs?

Does it work on Windows?

Some people that are uncertain of something might reach out to your support and ask you prior but most of them take that NO and run away.

Any excuse not to buy should be covered.

  • Urgency

You need to make them take action as soon as possible.

If visitors think that this offer will be available forever, they might skim away and “think about it later”.

The Later Thinking will almost never happen as most people are busy with a ton of things and they’ll keep going like nothing ever happened.

You need to inject some urgency to make them give you a “Yes I Want It” or “No It’s Not For Me” type answer.

You can add some countdown times to show time restraint or you could also give benefits to the “next 5 people that get it will also get” etc.

Stock limitations are also a good option

Just as a TL;DR –

There are a ton of really good landing page softwares out there.

I personally really value these 6 Important Factors:

  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Design
  • Customer Reviews
  • Based on that criteria, the current best option that I have found is Convertri although Simvoly, Fast Page & Landingi are pretty good options too 🙂

    Check out my Most Updated Comparison of the Best Landing Page Softwares Here!