What Webinars Do? (Full Overview)

Every online marketing business needs a webinar in their sales funnel.

In this post we’ll explore what webinars do and if you should even consider creating a webinar for your businesses.

Let’s go!

What Webinars Do?

Webinars are essentially online seminars. They’re used to introduce ideas to audiences interested in a topic, provide useful information that they might find of value and eventually promote a product or solution related to the topic that the audience members might want.

Why Should You Create Webinars?

As an online business, I would argue that if you sell products that can be packaged in a way that allows you to provide them as an “all-in-one” solution… you should definitely create a webinar.

The most popular niches for webinars are generally surrounding information like consulting, online courses and digital marketing but even a ton of e-commerce companies have found success using webinars to sell their physical solutions like supplements or hiking oriented packages.

The main reason that you should create webinars revolves around the idea of SCALING SALES-PEOPLE.

Salespeople will help you grow your business by pitching products to people that are interested.

They tend to ask the potential buyer questions, they provide information and try and find a common ground that they can agree on usually regarding price or quality of product needed.

The main issue though is that salespeople aren’t quite scalable.

Salespeople generally work for 8 hours a day and they start getting less and less efficient due to humane problems that we face.

They start getting tired.

They might get sick.

They might be less effective on particular days.

They might be in a bad mood.

These all impact your bottom line.

One of the key upsides to webinars though is that all these issues are swept CLEAN.

Webinars are automated sales people that attract people with appealing headlines, showcase their authority and trustworthiness through social proof, provide value through informative content that agitates the problems in their industry AND showcases your business’s products as the GO-TO solution for that particular person.

Webinars don’t get tired.

Webinars don’t lost efficiency over time.

Webinars don’t only work 8 hours a day 5 days a week.

Webinars are 24/7 automated machines that build relationships with your ideal clients on autopilot and promotes your products effectively to them aswell.

The only issue with webinars is that you have to pay one subscription fee of around $500/year for most popular webinar platforms like Everwebinar.

In comparison, you’d have to pay 100 sales people $60,000 – $100,000 per year for similar results.

Apart from that, there is a slight learning curve to learning how to deliver effective webinars that is not present when you just hire sales people that are already talented sales people.

With that being said, nowadays the “Perfect Webinar Script” has been found and proven to work again and again in hundreds of different sectors around the world.

Sure you can try and out-perform it but if a 9-Figure Webinar Host like Russel Brunson shows you how to create a webinar when you barely have any clue, you should definitely take his advice at first and then maybe play around till your out-perfect it!

How To Write An Effective Webinar Script

When it comes to writing webinar scripts, you really have to understand that the goal is to turn a completely new cold visitor into a customer.

The webinar is essentially split in 3 main sections:

  • Introduction

In this part, the main goal is to regurgitate that the audience will get what they were promised.

After that is affirmed, the host will try their best to build authority in the space by showcase accolades, achievements and other things that the audience might consider important or valuable.

After that, the host needs to entice people to stay till the end. Generally this is done by providing people that stay till the end with a gift of sorts. This is generally some sort of “Free Cheatsheet” or something that will help them or make their lives easier. Just make sure that it’s enticing enough.

  • Content

This is the main longest part of the webinar.

Here is where the host provides all the content that they promised.

The main goal here to keep in mind is that you don’t want to tell them exactly HOW to do something but mostly WHAT they can or should do to achieve the goal that you promoted.

The HOW will be part of the solution or product that you will promote in the end.

Another sneaky thing that a ton of these webinar hosts are incorporating is by intentionally providing content that destroys common objections in the potential listener’s head.

For example, the hosts initially showcases information that provides listeners with a new opportunity THEN the host shares tips to make people think that anyone can really do this and THEN he covers things that would destroy the common objections that the listeners will most likely have in mind surrounding that topic or method.

  • Pitch

This is where the moneeeey is made.

Here is where you tie it all up and make sure that the viewers understand the immense amount of valuable information that you shared with them.

After that, you would want to gently move into the product pitch by asking them for permission to offer them the solution.

Most people would be okay with this since you provided them with endless value although some people will definitely leave.

Here is where you promote your product as the solution to the problems that you agitated earlier in the webinar!

Apart from that, make sure that your solution destroys any objections that they might have aswell as have the typical scarcity & urgency elements to help entice more buyers.

Best Webinar Hosting Platform

After you got your Perfect Webinar Script, you should definitely invest in a really good webinar hosting platform.

I’m a huge fan of a ton of these platforms and I always play around to find the best ones.

I also have an Updated Comparison List of the Best Webinar Hosting Platforms that I update pretty regularly when there are new updates.

From my experience, I definitely think that EverWebinar is the best option for Evergreen/Recorded webinars and WebinarJam is the best option for live ones.