Webinars: 9 Things You Should Know

Webinars are the best marketing vehicle you can use to turn strangers into paying clients.

With that being said, many people misunderstand a couple of important aspects of webinars.

Here are 9 things you need to know when it comes to webinars:

How To Get Webinar Registration?

You need to create a webinar registration page on one of the best webinar funnel builders.

Preferably, you’d want to choose one of their highest converting webinar registration pages as this will lead to more people signing up to your webinar.

After you choose a template, make sure that you tweak the copy and imagery  to your own personal webinar scripts.

I recommend that you keep your webinar registration page fairly simplistic with a webinar title, sign-up boxes and sign-up button.

You can also show the Date/Time the webinar is going to be held on and add some social proof elements like Proof or some other testimonials you have. 

Why Webinars Are Good?

Webinars are amazing vehicles that allow the host to effectively build relationships with their audience and sell products automatically.

The goal of webinars are to:

  • Attract your ideal clients with webinar headlines that appeal to them
  • Segment the people that opt-in based on behavior
  • Build rapport & authority with your new audience members
  • Provide valuable content that will help them on their journey
  • Agitate issues that your business and products can help them with
  • Provide your products as solutions to your audience

The good thing about webinars is that you just need to write the script once and record it once and then you can host it online forever!

This will lead to consistent and an everlasting flow of sales until people stop signing up for the webinar.

Is Webinar Interactive?

Webinars generally are not super interactive but they allow the viewers to type in a live chat and communicate with other viewers and the host.

What’s A Webinar Training?

A Webinar Training is a 1-2 hour video that is either live or recorded where the host gives a presentation to their audience. Generally there is a theme surrounding the webinar training and the viewers sign-up prior to the webinar going live after being enticed by the webinar’s title/theme.

There is generally a framework that the hosts follow and an end-goal in mind. This is generally a product being pitched to the audience or some other call-to-action. 

Can Webinar Be Downloaded?

The webinar host can easily download the webinar from the webinar hosting platform.

As a viewer, you generally aren’t allowed to download a webinar but you can record it for later personal viewing with free screen recorders like OBS Studio.

Why Record A Webinar?

Viewers should record webinars so they can watch them at a later date at their own leisure and skip through to the most important parts.

As a host, you should record a webinar so you can host it on one of the best evergreen webinar hosts and keep sending traffic to it.

This traffic will automatically build more rapport with you, trust you more and buy more of your products.

What Are Online Webinars?

Online Webinars are online seminars that generally last for 1 to 3 hours. These online webinars are generally hosted on webinar softwares that have different features, designs and pricing structure.

The goal of every different online webinar varies from selling products to indoctornating audiences but webinars generally follow a framework called the “Perfect Webinar Framework”.

What is Webinar Course?

A Webinar Course is a $997 course that is generally sold at the end of a webinar.

This is a very popular business model for a ton of online marketers since the ROI of this model is extremely lucrative if executed properly.

The general idea behind these webinars are based around making their product seem like the ONLY or BEST solution that the viewer has to achieve the end goal that they have been talking about throughout the webinar.

There are thousands of Webinar Courses but there is only one Webinar Course that thousands of entrepreneurs associate their success with and that’s Russel Brunson’s Funnel Hacks

If you want to watch an example of an amazingly written webinar course, check out this Free Webinar.

Why Webinars For Business?

Webinars are amazing for businesses because they:

  • Allow you to scale to your target goal most effectively
  • Give you the ability to build rapport, provide value, agitate problems and provide solutions in your target market with one simple video completely automatically
  • They are the highest converting marketing vehicle of the past 5 years
  • Really easy to write and present when following a Perfect Webinar Blueprint

Final Thoughts

Now that you know way more about webinars, here are a couple of helpful resources that I think you should definitely check out!

  1. Check Out Our Best Webinar Platform Comparison List! This will help you make a way more informed decision when choosing your webinar platform. We compare them on the most important aspects like features, pricing, design, ease of use and other things.
  1. Get The Perfect Webinar Framework. This will give you a simple and proven Framework  that you can follow to predictably build a profitable webinar time and time again like hundreds of entrepreneurs have already done.