Webinars: 30 Things You Should Know

Webinars are one of the best marketing channels that you can use to effectively sell products to your audience.

The in-built ability to build rapport, show authority, agitate problems and provide solutions or products with one video is unbeatable.

Here are 30 things that you need to know regarding webinars:

Do I Need To Be On Camera For A Webinar?

No. Even if you’re a webinar host, most webinars only show the screen/presentation on screen.

Are Webinars Effective?

They are the MOST effective marketing vehicle that you can use to predictably turn new visitors into raving customers with strategic elements added to your webinar that add value, build rapport and sell products.

How To Advertise Your Webinar?

There are a million different methods that you can utilize to advertise your webinar however the most common one is social media advertising.

Target your ideal customers based on their interest, write a captivating ad that catches the attention of your perfect audience member and then re-market to them depending on their behavior.

Retarget people that landed on your opt-in page but didn’t opt in with more incentives to opt-in.

Retarget people that landed on your checkout page but didn’t buy with social proof & testimonials.

Here is a blog post going more in-depth on how to effectively market your webinar.

How To Make Webinar Poster?

You can create an amazing looking Webinar Poster on the free app called Canva or PlaceIt. These apps have amazing templates that you can use & allow you to easily customize your poster for your own needs.

Are All Webinars Live?


Actually, most webinars nowadays are evergreen or pre-recorded. This means that you’re watching a recording that is generally scheduled to go live every 15, 30 or 60 minutes!

How To Facilitate Webinar?

There are hundreds of webinar facilitating softwares that you can use.

Most of them are fairly similar but they do have very different:

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Design
  • Ease of Use

We compared the most popular 50 webinar softwares and came up with a list of the Best 5 Webinar Facilitating Softwares that you need to consider.

What is Webinar and How It Works?

A Webinar is an online video conference that generally runs for a couple of hours. The main goal for most webinars is to take the viewer through a strategically written experience by a host that will lead them to either have a stronger relationship with the host’s business or lead them to buy a specific product.

Is Webinars Plural?

Yes, the plural of webinar is webinars.

What is Webinar Etiquette?

There aren’t really any hidden webinar etiquette rules and people live by but generally viewers should be fairly cordial in the live-chat and not be insulting towards other viewers and the host.

When it comes to Host’s Etiquette, the main thing that you should consider is what framework you’re following to more effectively communicate with your audience.

I recommend checking out the Perfect Webinar Framework.

How Do Webinars Use Marketing?

Webinars are literally marketing machines.

Webinars are strategically written and delivered in a way where the host is intentionally trying to show his authority & likability, build rapport with the audience, provide value, agitate problems and provide his/her products as solutions.

Why Use A Webinar?

Webinars are the best marketing vehicles to sell high-ticket products on autopilot. Webinars don’t sleep, don’t get tired, don’t get sick and they’ll keep being effective for years to come.

Think of webinars as robotic salespeople for your business & products.

They will build rapport with new members in your audience, turn your visitors into buyers and scale to your target goal on autopilot.

With that being said, I do recommend that you educate yourself on how to effectively deliver a webinar and how to have the highest chance of success with your webinars.

I recommend that you check out the Perfect Webinar Framework if you have $7 to invest in your business’s success

How Does A Webinar Look Like?

A Webinar is generally split into 3 sections:

  1. The Introduction – In this part the host starts off with some small talk, builds rapport, showcases authority and shows his personal story. Apart from that hosts generally also try to give the viewer a reason to stay till the end. This is generally done with a gift or a promise.
  2. The Content – In this part, the host shares in-depth information about the industry that they want to share with the audience. Generally, the content is the part of the webinar that the audience actually signed up for and are interested in watching.
  3. The Pitch – Here is where the host wraps it all and gives the audience a product that will help them in their journey in their specific industry. The products is generally something that has to do with the content mentioned in section two and acts as extra education or some sort of supplement to the viewer.

Are Webinars Useful?

Webinars are definitely useful if you want an automated way of turning new viewers into raving fans and turning those raving fans into long-term customers.

What Is Webinar Platforms?

Webinar Platforms are online softwares that allow people around the world to easily create webinars and host them. 

These platforms help make the process way easier for the webinar creator to deliver their webinars and they also have some super helpful features that aid the webinar host.

Check out the Best Webinar Platforms compared on features, design, ease of use and pricing.

What is The Definition Of Webinar?

A Webinar is an online seminar that generally runs for 1 to 3 hours where the hosts gives a presentation to an interested audience in their specific industry.

Are Webinars Audio Only?

No, Webinars are both audio and video.

Is Webinar Software?

Webinars themselves are not software however the Webinar Hosting Platforms that are used to host webinars and create the entire Webinar Funnel are considered to be softwares.

Is Webinar In The Dictionary?

Not yet but I assume that eventually as popularity of the term keeps increasing, we’ll definitely be seeing it added to the dictionary.

Is Webinar And Zoom The Same?

Zoom is a software that allows for people to create and see webinars however Zoom is mainly for video conferencing between people.

Webinars are most online seminars and not video conferences. This means that webinars generally have one host sharing their screen and potentially their own camera but they don’t have any other guests on camera that they’re talking to.

Are Webinars Always Live?

Nope! Actually as time goes on, the percentage of webinars that are actually live keeps going down as people find out how truly powerful having an automated webinar running and selling products for you.

Can Webinar GoToWebinar See You?

Nope! GoToWebinar does prompt you and ask you if you “Allow use of Microphone & Camera” but even if you choose the positive answer, the host needs to choose you and allow you to use those two objects.

Are Webinars Scams?

Nope, however there are a ton of webinar hosts who are not credible and are only hosting webinars because they know they’re an effective way to sell $997+ products to people in their industry.

Make sure that you do your due diligence and look into the host’s track record and results prior to the webinar as the webinar itself is intentionally structure to build a false level of rapport & likability with the host and hence leading you to make purchasing decisions that you wouldn’t have made if you knew their past successes, failures and credentials.

How To Make Webinar Video?

In order to record a webinar, you just need the free app called OBS Studio. After you download it, add your webinar powerpoint as a scene in the app and make sure that your audio is turned on and well adjusted. After you did all those steps, you’re ready to go and record your webinar!

After you record your webinar, you need to choose one of the Best Webinar Hosting Softwares so that you can put the webinar online and people can start signing up and watching it!

If you want to do a live webinar, you can still use OBS but you’ll need to get WebinarJam.

How To Name Your Webinar?

You need to make your webinar title enticing and strategically created to capture the attention of your ideal viewer & client.

Generally, you can create a simple title that is structured like “How To ______ Without _____”.

Can I Add Webinar To My CV?

No unless you’re a digital marketers that is mainly doing copywriting or ghostwriting for other businesses. 

If so, you can definitely add webinars to your CV especially if you worked with a big name in the field or created webinars that are high-converting.

Are Webinars Video or Audio?

Webinars are both video and audio.

Are Webinars Inbound or Outbound Marketing?

Webinars are mainly inbound marketing since people are opting in to watching your video.

Is Webinar ELearning?

Webinar is definitely a form of online marketing although most webinars generally don’t provide a “hands-on” teaching experience and generally talk about new methods or give explanations that are on a fairly basic level so they can appeal to a wide audience.

Are Webinars Safe?

Webinars are definitely safe environments where a host entices consumers to watch their webinar with an appealing webinar headline and then the viewer chooses to watch the webinar for as long as they want and make the final decision to buy or not buy the product at the end.

How Webinar Can Be Improved?

There are a ton of ways to improve your webinar however most people fail even on the initial starting points of their webinar.

  1. They don’t have a good webinar framework. There are a ton of frameworks being pushed but the best one that I have seen work for hundreds of entrepreneurs is the Perfect Webinar Framework that has helped hundreds of webinar hosts create lucrative businesses just from webinars.
  1. They don’t choose the right webinar hosting platform for their needs. There are hundreds of different webinar softwares nowadays and you can get easily overwhelmed with all the options. We created a comprehensive comparison list of the Best Webinar Hosting Softwares based on pricing, features, design, ease of use, customer reviews and much more.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know way more about webinars, here are a couple of helpful resources that I think you should definitely check out!

  1. Check Out Our Best Webinar Platform Comparison List! This will help you make a way more informed decision when choosing your webinar platform. We compare them on the most important aspects like features, pricing, design, ease of use and other things.
  1. Get The Perfect Webinar Framework. This will give you a simple and proven Framework  that you can follow to predictably build a profitable webinar time and time again like hundreds of entrepreneurs have already done.