Webinars: 25 Things You Need To Know

Webinars are one of the best things that you can implement in your online marketing business.

The ability to build rapport, build value and sell your products through one online video is unbeatable.

Writing an effective webinar is definitely one of the most important factors when it comes to being successful with webinar but thankfully you can just follow this Perfect Webinar Framework!

Here are 25 things that you need to know when it comes to webinars:

What is Webinar Online Business?

A Webinar online business is a business model where the main product being sold has a webinar component attached to it that allows the product to be perceived as a “solution” or main product in your particular industry.

Generally, most marketing efforts will eventually lead the audience to watch the webinar and remarketing campaigns focus on converting any audience that you have into customers of your webinar products.

Is Webinar Video Conferencing?

Yes, it’s essentially an online seminar. Even though webinars could also be pre-recorded, the live webinars have all the elements that video conferences also have.

Are Webinars Still Effective?


However, “horrible webinars” aren’t effective as they used to be. Back in the day (like 2 years ago) you can get away with writing a generic unstructured webinar that built value and sold a product but nowadays people are way more used to the format and tactics being used.

With that being said, webinar scripts & frameworks are way more perfected nowadays and allow you to predictably churn out profitable webinars that allow you to turn new visitors into raving customers.

I recommend checking out the Perfect Webinar Framework if you want a go-to framework that most 7 and 8 Figure Webinar Hosts follow.

Why Webinar Closing Script?

You need a closing script so you can reliably convert the listeners/viewers into customers. The closing script is intended to generally answer any questions that might hinder your viewers from not buying and also provide them with a simple step-by-step to follow to get your product.

The Perfect Webinar Framework explains this way more in-details.

Webinars Can Be Conducted Using What?

To conduct a webinar, you need to be using a Webinar Hosting Platform.

There are 10s if not hundreds of options when it comes to webinars and they all vary on a couple of thing.

After trying more than 20 of them, we came up with a short list of the Best 5 Webinar Hosting Platforms for you to consider. We compared all these webinar platforms on:

  • Features
  • Design
  • Pricing
  • Customer Reviews
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support

Check out our Updated Comparison List here!

As of 15th October 2021, the best Evergreen/Recorded Webinar host is EverWebinar and the best Live Webinar host is WebinarJam.

What Does Webinar Mean?

A Webinar is an online video conference that allows the host to showcase his presentation to an audience that signed up for that particular webinar.

Are Webinars Video?

Yes Webinars are video AND audio. 

Some of them are live videos where the webinar is being conducted in real-time but most of them are recorded videos similar to videos you might find on youtube however they’re usually way longer.

How To Download Webinar Videos?

If you’re the host of the webinar, you can easily download the webinars from your webinar host of choice. Best platforms that allow you to do this are EverWebinar and WebinarJam.

If you’re an audience member and want to download the webinar video for future viewing or use, it’s generally way harder.

Most evergreen webinars generally have a “blocking ability” in place that don’t allow the viewer to see more in-depth details of the video because they want to make it seem like it’s live.

Sometimes, you can right-click on the video and select “inspect element”. This will show you the coding of the website. 

Check the code to see if there are any Youtube Links, Wistia Links or other video hosting links in there.

When you find one, copy that link and paste it in your browser. This will generally send you to a URL that only has the video. 

After that, most of these video hosting services allow you to download those videos from there.

If you can’t do this, I’d recommend recording the video yourself using a free app like OBS Studio and record it till the end! Make sure that you’re recording the right window on OBS and that you have the sound being picked up aswell.

What is The Webinar and How To Use It?

A webinar is an online video seminar where the host presents his value & information to a select audience of people that intentionally signed up for it.

The main reason behind webinars is generally to build a stronger relationship with your audience and increase the number of sales of a particular fairly high-ticket product.

You can use this in your business by creating an informational webinar that provides value to people in your industry and finally presenting your product as an “easier” and “more effective” way to solve these issues.

I recommend checking out our blog post on How To Structure a Webinar.

How To Webinar Presentation?

The first thing you need to understand is the Perfect Webinar Framework you need to follow with your webinar presentation.

The framework is split into three parts – Introduction, Content & Pitch.

In the introduction you need to build rapport, create small talk, show how likeable you are and showcase your personal story that will help build a stronger bond with your audience.

In the content part you need to provide valuable information that will help your audience become better versions of themselves in your particular industry. You need to showcase that you not only know things about the subject but you’re also an authority that should be taken seriously.

In the pitch part, you need to tie it all together and give them the “way out”. Your product will be the easier solution to the issues mentioned earlier. This is generally an educational product, a new “system”, a new opportunity or something like that.

I recommend also reading this FREE Book that will show you how to be more effective in your webinars. 

Webinar – How Long?

It really depends on your niche but webinars should generally be between 1 to 2 hours long. This is enough time to build rapport, show authority, build enough “time-invested”, provide valuable content and sell your product effectively.

What Are Evergreen Webinars?

Evergreen Webinars are webinars that are constantly available to be signed-up to and watched without the need for the host to be presented.

These evergreen webinars are by-far one of the best & most cost-effective ways to hold your webinars which will lead to the greatest ROI.

Live Webinars are great to hold and allow you to build a stronger relationship with your audience since you can talk to them 1-to-1 but Evergreen Webinar’s ability to essentially have a salesperson constantly selling your product to interested prospect without getting tired, sick or become less effective is definitely a driving force in its popularity spike.

The best Evergreen Webinars host is EverWebinar (as shown on our Webinar Host Comparison List).

Why Use Webinar?

Webinars are the most effective way to turn a completely new person that has never heard of you or your business into a raving customer.

Webinars do a ton of things – and they do it well.

Webinars build value with your audience, showcase your authority, build rapport / likability with your audience, provide content, agitate problems and provide your products as solutions really well.

And the best thing about webinars is that once you scripted & recorded the webinars… it does all those things automatically!

You just send traffic to that webinar and you can predictably turn new visitors into raving customers on autopilot.

Does Webinar Use Camera?

Most webinar hosting platforms allow you to use a camera but most hosts choose not to since it might distract from the main presentation. The might also choose not to use the camera because they’re reading from a script and don’t want the audience to see them read as it might seem unauthentic.

The audience can also use camera but this is rarely the case unless the host chooses you to come on stage with your camera on.

Webinar – Can You Be Seen?

Most webinar hosting platforms disable the ability for your camera and microphone to be used so by default you will not be seen.

If you’re using Video Conference apps like Zoom, you’ll be prompted with pop-ups asking you if you allow your microphone and camera to be used. Even though this does not mean you will immediately be seen, this means that if the host chooses to put you up live you’ll immediately have the ability to appear on the chosen cam and be heard on that chosen microphone.

What is Webinar Marketing?

Webinar Marketing is the skill of marketing your webinar effectively. The hardest part when it comes to webinar marketing that most people fail with is when it comes to driving profitable traffic to your webinar and how to re-target people that go through your webinar funnel with an effective remarketing funnel that tells people to sign-up, watch & buy your products.

Check out this blog post on how to effectively promote a webinar.

Are Webinars on Camera?

No. Some webinar softwares will ask you for permission to use your camera but that does not immediately mean that you’ll be on camera. They ask you for permission so that if the host wants to put you on camera for some reason, they have your permission to.

How To Start A Webinar Business?

There are a ton of roads you can go down with your webinar business & there are hundreds of gurus that will show you how to actually start a webinar business.

I recommend that you listen to someone that has made 7… 8… or even 9 figures just from webinars. 

That’s why I recommend Russel Brunson.

Russel built a 9-Figure Empire mostly from webinars and he’s also taught hundreds of webinar hosts around the world how to build 7-figure webinars… and they did.

Check out his Perfect Webinar Framework if you have $7 to invest in learning everything about this business model and get this FREE Book on how to be even more effective with your webinar strategy.

What is Webinar For Teachers?

Teachers can use webinar to effectively educate their students online. 

Given the weird circumstances we currently find ourselves in, online education has grown in popularity and so has the need for teachers to help their students from home.

I recommend checking out EverWebinar if you’re looking to host lessons that you want to keep online forever or check out WebinarJam if you want to host webinars Live and give live presentations as if you were in a class.

Can You Download Webinar?

For viewers, you mostly can’t. Webinar Hosts generally have download blockers so that the audience can’t just download the video and watch it in their own time – they have to watch it right there and then.

However, you can download a free screen recorder like OBS Studio, record the webinar’s video & audio and then watch it late!

For webinar hosts, you can download your live webinars from your webinar hosting’s softwares data storage.

Is Webinar Audio or Video?

Most webinars use both audio and video.

Are Webinars Live or Recorded?

Both! There are webinars that are live, there are webinars that are recorded and there are also webinars that are recorded that the host intentionally tries and makes them seem like they’re live for higher conversion rates when it comes to sales.

For Recorded Webinars, most successful webinar hosts use EverWebinar and for Live Webinars they use WebinarJam.

How to Promote Webinar on Social Media?

There are a million ways to promote webinars on social media. 

The main goal you need to always keep in mind is that you need to put your sign-up page in front of your ideal audience.

You don’t want to put your invites on every social media platform because your audience might be mainly on Twitter but not on Facebook.

After you find out where they’re hanging out create different types of hooks & baits that will attract & catch the attention of different types of people that you’re looking to add to your audience.

This will not only help you cast a wide net but also test what is the best for your webinar and what approach converts the best.

After you create those hooks, you need to add remarketing campaigns for every level on your webinars.

You need to target people that landed on your sign-up page but didn’t sign-up.

You need to target people that signed up but didn’t watch the webinar.

You need to target people that watched the webinar but didn’t buy.

Your goal is to constantly try to push them and convince them to go through to the next step.

We go way more in depth on How To Effectively Promote A Webinar in this blog post.

How Download Webinar?

If you’re a viewer looking to download a webinar, you can’t. 

You can however record the webinar!

Download OBS Studio, choose the window you have the webinar on, make sure the audio is turned on and record!

Most hosts won’t allow you to distribute it on social media platforms or elsewhere but you can watch it at yoru own leisure.

Can Webinar Host See Me?

Not if you choose to allow/enable your camera on the webinar hosting software.

Generally however, they can’t – so don’t worry!

Final Thoughts?

Now that you know way more about webinars, here are a couple of helpful resources that I think you should definitely check out!

  1. Check Out Our Best Webinar Platform Comparison List! This will help you make a way more informed decision when choosing your webinar platform. We compare them on the most important aspects like features, pricing, design, ease of use and other things.
  1. Get The Perfect Webinar Framework. This will give you a simple and proven Framework  that you can follow to predictably build a profitable webinar time and time again like hundreds of entrepreneurs have already done.