Webinars: 20 Things You Should Know

Webinars are the best and highest converting marketing element that you can implement into your business.

The ability to build time-invested, build value and provide your solution in ONE video is unprecedented.

If you’re new to webinars, I recommend getting the Perfect Webinar Framework so you can predictably build a proven but simple profitable webinar for your business.

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Here are 20 things you need to know about Webinars:

Is Webinar Useful?

Webinars are definitely one of the most useful marketing channels that online marketers can use to push their message to their target audience while also increasing their bottom line.

Why Organize A Webinar?

The main goal of a webinar is to have a method of communication with your target audience that is intended to:

  • Increase “Time-Investment” your audience has with you
  • Increase Rapport / Authority in your audience eyes
  • Agitate problems in your Audience that your products solve
  • Give a ton of Valuable Information to your audience so you show credibility & knowledge
  • Promote your products as a solution to your audience after achieving some or all of the points mentioned prior

Webinar – How To Create?

There are two elements to creating a webinar.

  1. The Webinar Script + Presentation. This used to be a really hard concept to manage since you have to fill 1-2 hours of content without really any guidelines. Nowadays, it’s way easier since there are things like the Perfect Webinar Framework that hundreds of Entrepreneurs have used to grow 7-figure webinars.
  1. The Webinar Hosting. After you create the webinar, you need a place to host it online. This could be either delivered as a live webinar or recorded webinar. You need somewhere that you can link to that will push your audience through a step-by-step sequence to help them:
  • Sign Up To The Webinar
  • Know When It Will Go Live
  • Know Where To Watch The Webinar
  • Be Able To Chat & Interact
  • Be Able To Buy Your Product At The End.

These are the best webinar hosting softwares that you should consider.

How To Increase Webinar Registration?

Generally, instead of working on adding a ton of elements  to help optimize the conversion rate, you need to make it as simple as possible for the viewer to go through.

I’d recommend checking out the EverWebinar templates right here but you can always just have 4 elements:

  • Title showcasing what you’re talking about
  • Sign up box so they can input their email (you can also add name field as well)
  • Sign up button for them to sign-up
  • Time/Date when the next webinar is (evergreen, live or on-demand)

Why Webinar Examples?

You need webinar examples that are in your niche that you can model and follow. You need to make sure that these webinars are actually working and getting sales.

I’d recommend learning how to effectively do this from this Free Training.

How To Make Webinar Presentation?

The best way to make a webinar presentation is by using Google Slides or Powerpoint. Generally, webinars aren’t super aesthetically demanding and have little branding.

The hardest thing about creating a webinar presentation is the framework you need to follow.

This issue can be easily fixed by following the Perfect Webinar Framework.

Can I Watch Webinar Later?


Most of the webinars you stumble upon are generally either evergreen, which means you can watch them every 15,30 or 60 minutes, or they’re live.

The live webinars are sometimes impossible to watch later but they usually have a replay available.

How To End Webinar?

The best way to end a webinar is with a 15-30 minute counter slide showcasing your final slide.

On this slide, you need to list your product along with everything they’ll be getting – don’t overwhelm with text though.

Throughout the timer going down, I recommend answering a pre-planned FAQ that answers all the common objections associated with as to why they’re not buying the product.

What’s A Webinar Presentation?

A Webinar Presentation is an Online Seminar of sorts that generally has a host (or multiple) giving their presentation to an audience that intentionally signed-up.

A Webinar Presentation is generally split in three parts:

  1. Introduction

This is a generic intro with small talk, overview of the content that’s coming up and an authority/rapport building story from the host so the audience can get a better connection.

  1. Content

This is usually a pretty educational part of the webinar. There are a ton of methodologies and techniques to this part but it’s usually surrounding a “new opportunity” or “new vehicle” or “new way to think about something”.

  1. Pitch

This is where the host ties it all together and gives an easier alternative to the audience. They can either leave with the information they got and try their best or they can buy a product that is generally more guided and hand-held.

What is A Webinar?

A Webinar is an online seminar where the host shares their story, provides educational content, builds rapport/authority & sells their products to an audience that is interested in that subject. 

Is Webinar A Virtual Event?


A Webinar is essentially an online seminar.

How Is Webinar Done?

There are a couple of steps that a webinar host follows to create a webinar:

  1. Create the webinar script and presentation following the Perfect Webinar Framework.
  2. Host that presentation on the Best Webinar Hosting Platform For Their Needs.
  3. Drive profitable traffic to that webinar with 20+ Virtually Unknown Methods or through popular methods like Facebook Ads, Social Media Followings & Email Marketing.
  4. The Webinar either goes live on a particular date or is hosted online for anyone to sign-up for and watch!

How Webinar Helps Students?

The biggest chunk in a webinar is usually the informational content section.

This is usually pre-framed with a rapport & authority building introduction that makes the audience more open to the information that will be presented.

Students gain a ton from this since they will not only learn a ton about a new concept or technique but they’re also pre-framed into the educational part so the information is more likely to stick or have an impact on them.

How To Create Webinar For Free?

There are two main ways to create a webinar for free.

The first one is by following the Perfect Webinar Framework. You need a $7 investment but it’ll save you thousands of dollars on investments you’d need to make on webinar courses in the future.

If you’re looking for free webinar hosting services, you don’t really have that many options if you want a free solution.

Most of the Best Webinar Hosting Platforms cost around $500 every year or so but most of them have a free trial for 14, 30 or 60 days.

Can Webinar Be Watched Later?

Yes most webinars can be watched later unless they’re live and don’t have a replay.

Are Webinars Dead?

No. They’re only dead if you’re a horrible copywriter or don’t have a proven webinar framework that you can follow.

I recommend checking out the Perfect Webinar Framework that helped hundreds of entrepreneurs with their webinars.

What is Review Webinar?

A Review Webinar is a webinar created around reviewing a certain idea, product or issue in the industry.

Most people don’t know how to effectively write a review webinar but people that do follow the Perfect Webinar Framework.

How To Promote Webinar?

I recommend checking out this free blog post we write that goes over exactly how to promote a webinar and the best tips for a 7 figure webinar.

Why Do Webinars Work?

The main reason webinars work is because the host:

  • Builds Rapport / Authority through the introductory part
  • Builds Value with the audience by providing helpful information in the main part
  • Agitate the audience’s issues and provide the solution in the end pitch part

What is Best Webinar Platform?

There are hundreds of webinar platforms available nowadays so it can be really hard to differentiate and find the best option for your specific needs.

We tried the 50 “best” webinar platforms and compared them based on:

  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Design
  • Customer Reviews

After trying all of them, we can easily say that as of 6th December 2021…

These are the Best Webinar Platforms For You To Consider.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how CRUCIAL webinars could be to your business, here are a couple of necessary resources that I recommend to every online marketer that wants to excel with webinars.

  1. Check out our Best Webinar Platform For You compared based on features, design, ease of use and pricing.
  1. Check out the $7 Perfect Webinar Framework that will give you a guide that you can follow to predictably create profitable webinars with a simple and proven method that helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create 7-figure webinars.