Webinars: 15 Things You Should Know

Webinars are the best thing that hit digital marketing since sliced bread.

The crazy ability to turn a complete stranger to a raving customer over 1 or 2 hours is unbeatable.

Obviously, you need to make sure that you follow the Perfect Webinar Framework when writing webinars but if done right… webinars can definitely impact your business positively.

Here are 15 things you need to know when it comes to webinars:

In A Webinar Can You Be Heard?

No, on most webinars only the host can be allowed.

If you’re in a video conference, you’ll be asked if you want to allow your camera & microphone to be used and those types of webinars definitely give you the possibility to be heard.

What is Webinar Business?

A Webinar Business is a business model where the main focus of it is centered around driving traffic to a webinar (or multiple webinars) and turning those visitors into raving customers.

Generally you have a $997+ product being sold at the end of the 1 to 3 hour webinar and all your marketing efforts center around how to most profitably send profitable traffic to the registration page of the webinar and how to push people up the steps until they buy.

What is Webinar and How To Use It?

A Webinar is an online video conference. Webinars are 1 to 3 hour videos that can either be live or recorded and the main goal of most webinars is to sell high ticket products effectively to a target audience.

The only things you really need to effectively do this at scale is a framework that you can follow to help you churn out profitable webinars and a good webinar hosting software.

How Webinar is Useful?

Webinars are an amazing tool for online businesses that will help you effectively turn new visitors of your business into raving fans.

This is done throughout the webinar with strategic writing and slides.

Learn more here.

What is Webinar Statistics?

Webinar Statistics are the analytical numbers associated with a webinars performance.

There are a ton of statistics but the most important ones are:

  • Opt-In Rate. This is the percentage of people that landed on your webinar registration page and signed up. This is important because you’d want to tweak and optimize your page that will lead to higher %.
  • Watch Rate. This is the percentage of people that signed up that actually ended up watching the webinar. Watch Rate could also be for what duration people have watched the webinar but this depends on what webinar hosting platform your‘re seeing these statistics.
  • Conversion Rate. This is the rate of people that signed up for the webinar, watched the webinar, clicked to your cart page and ended up buying the program. This is obviously the lowest rate and is generally around 5-7% if you follow the Perfect Webinar Framework.

How To Price Your Webinar?

All webinar entrances should be free so as to not hinder the amount of people that get to watch your webinar. The money is mostly made from the product you push or sell at the end of the webinars and the common pricing of those products are $497, $997 & $1,997. For anything more than that I recommend having a phone call funnel as almost nobody will spend more than $1,997 after a webinar.

How To Record Webinar Free?

You can easily record a webinar for free with OBS Studio. 

Just make sure that you choose the right window and that you have the audio enabled!

What is Webinar Means?

A Webinar is a live or recorded 1/2/3 hour video that people can sign-up to and watch! 

The host generally has a structured plan for the webinar and scripts out what they’re going to say.

Webinars are generally split into three parts – Introduction, Content, Pitch

Most webinars nowadays follow the proven Perfect Webinar Framework but if the webinar is purely education with no pitch or selling involved then there is usually way more informational content involved.

How to Launch Webinar?

To launch a webinar you need to first choose one of the best webinar hosting providers, creating your funnel, get the URLs of every page involved in the funnel and promote it!

What are Training Webinars?

Training Webinars are webinars that are mostly focused on providing the viewers with the most amount of valuable content more than aiming at pitching products.

How to Webinar Free?

If you’re looking for softwares that hosts your webinars for free that are completely free, there aren’t that many good options apart from EverWebinar (only a free trial) and Webinar Ninja.

What is Facebook Webinar?

A Facebook Webinar is a webinar that is directly hosted on Facebook as opposed to regular webinars that are generally hosted on Webinar Softwares.

What is Webinar Registration?

Webinar Registration page is a page that tries to incentivise viewers into registering for an upcoming webinar.

A Webinar Registration page generally has an enticing title, a sign-up box and a sign-up button.

Apart from that there are generally some social proof elements like Proof that will make people more likely to register.

Can A Webinar Be Paused?


Most Webinar Hosting Softwares have an intentionally built-in blocker that does not allow the viewers to pause or do anything to the video playing.This is mostly because they want the viewers to be more captivated & focused on the webinar and any pause can hurt that.

However, you can definitely record the webinar with apps like OBS Studio for free and watch at a later date.

If you’re a webinar host that wants to pause the webinar to take a break you can definitely do that but you’ll be risking a ton of people leaving. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know way more about webinars, here are a couple of helpful resources that I think you should definitely check out!

  1. Check Out Our Best Webinar Platform Comparison List! This will help you make a way more informed decision when choosing your webinar platform. We compare them on the most important aspects like features, pricing, design, ease of use and other things.
  1. Get The Perfect Webinar Framework. This will give you a simple and proven Framework  that you can follow to predictably build a profitable webinar time and time again like hundreds of entrepreneurs have already done.