Webinars: 13 Things You Should Know

Webinars are an amazing marketing channel that you can use to grow your business.

Here are 13 things that you need to know regarding Webinars:

How To Plan Webinar?

The planning phase of a webinar is probably the most crucial.

You need to come up with a custom avatar of your audience member that you’re going to talk to.

You should also definitely follow a Perfect Webinar Framework that will allow you to just fill-in the slide & add your own webinar to them.

Write down notes about the customer journey you want your viewer to go through and apply that to your webinar.

You generally want an introduction to build rapport/authority, a content piece to provide value and share knowledge and a pitch section at the end to promote your product.

What is Evergreen Webinar?

An evergreen webinar is a webinar that people can sign-up for and watch almost on-demand.

These are generally hosted online and go live every 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

The best Evergreen Webinar hosting software to use is EverWebinar.

What is Webinar Definition?

A webinar is an online conference where the host provides a live or recorded long video that generally lasts between 1 – 2 hours.

Are Webinars Pre-Recorded?

Evergreen & On-Demand webinars are pre-recorded however there are some webinars that are 100% live.

With that being said, most webinar hosts try to make their evergreen webinars seem “Live” by adding a ton of elements that make you think it’s live.

Can A Webinar Be Recorded?

Yes! The easiest way to record a webinar while you’re watching it is by downloading the Free App OBS Studio and record your screen.

What is Webinar Classes?

A Webinar Class is an online conference where the hosts provide informational content to an audience that is interested in the topic.

How To Improve Webinar Quality?

The best way to improve your webinar quality is to learn more about how to create better webinars.

The best resources that most 7-figure webinar hosts credit their success to is the Perfect Webinar Framework and Expert Secrets.

What is Webinar All About?

A Webinar is an online conference where people sign-up to watch and the host provides all the visual & auditory content on the audience’s screens.

Why Webinar Marketing?

Webinars is by far the best and highest converting marketing method that online business marketers have grown accustomed to.

The ability to provide value, build rapport/authority, agitate problems and provide a solution in one video that also builds time-invested from the audience is unbeatable.

Are Webinars Content Marketing?

Yes webinar does count as content marketing since they’re usually free and are intended to provide value while also promoting products.

How Webinar Arrange?

The main arrangement that most webinars follow is:

  1. Introduction

In this section, the host is doing small-talk, building rapport, telling their story and giving details about what’s going to be covered in this webinar.

  1. Content

In this section, the host is providing generally valuable information to the audience regarding the topics. This information is commonly around a certain “new idea” or “new opportunity”.

  1. Pitch

After the content part, the host transitions into a product pitch that will help the audience get to a target-goal in their specific journey way faster or more efficiently. These products are usually courses, softwares or similar helpful products.

How To Create Webinar Link?

Most of the Best Webinar Hosting Services give you a unique webinar link that you can send your audience to.

You’ll get the Webinar Sign-Up Page link, Webinar Live Room link and all the rest!

How To Make Webinar?

There are a ton of different approaches that you can take – some more useful & successful than others.

I would recommend that you follow a framework that is fairly simple, proven to work & has worked for 100s of other entrepreneurs build 7-figure webinars with it.

The Perfect Webinar Framework is the one that personally helped me the most however it does require a huge $7 investment.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know way more about webinars, here are a couple of helpful resources that I think you should definitely check out!

  1. Check Out Our Best Webinar Platform Comparison List! This will help you make a way more informed decision when choosing your webinar platform. We compare them on the most important aspects like features, pricing, design, ease of use and other things.
  1. Get The Perfect Webinar Framework. This will give you a simple and proven Framework  that you can follow to predictably build a profitable webinar time and time again like hundreds of entrepreneurs have already done.