What Webinar Platforms Are There? (4 Different Options)

Webinars blown up in popularity recently and so have the amount of webinar platforms that promise to be the best ever.

In this post we’ll explore what viable webinar platforms are there and what you should consider when choosing one for you.

Let’s go!

What Webinar Platforms Are There?

There are tens of really viable webinar platforms out there currently honestly so it can be really hard to find THE ONE FOR YOU.

It doesn’t have to be so dramatic though…

It’s literally just a software company promoting their product, get over it!

Jokes aside, we should go about choosing the right webinar platform the same way we’d go about buying anything that we’re going to invest in.

It is definitely an investment since you’re essentially betting that this is the right option for you to help take your business to the next level when it comes to sales and marketing.

Apart from that, a ton of these webinar platforms are definitely not super cheap and have recurring costs (monthly or yearly) that you’ll have to pay for to keep your webinars up and running.

The subscription is definitely justifiable since most of the popular web hosting platforms keep constantly improving, adding new features and growing in value when it comes to viable applications they have.

Apart from that, most software companies in this marketing space apply to the “grandfather pricing” model so they’ll allow you to keep paying current prices regardless of increases they will have in the future. This is a fairly popular thing in the online marketing space especially in the software corner as a “thank you” or “promise” to current clients and to incentive people to actually get onto the “grandfather pricing” early on and take advantage of it.

Now that we have an understanding as to why webinar platforms are going to torment us for the rest of our lives, here are some very important differences that I think you should considering when choosing your ONE AND ONLY.

Important Differences Between Webinar Platforms

I love webinars.

I also love webinar platforms!

I love them so much that I test a ton of them on and off again just so that I know I’m on the cutting edge when it comes to using the “best webinar platform”.

That’s why I made this Updated Comparison List of The Best Webinar Platforms that I pretty regularly keep up-to-date.

As you can see, these are the 6 most important things to me personally and the 6 things that I think you should consider when making your choice aswell:

  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Design
  • Support
  • Reviews

Many people would prioritize elements on these lists differently than me but I definitely think features/pricing are definitely two of the main deciding factors that will make me jump ship if I find superior alternatives in those areas.

I don’t really prioritize reviews in the digital marketing space because I know that most reviews out there are either incentivized by money or affiliate commissions or something that will make them less trustworthy to me personally.

I also don’t care too much about support although most of the webinar platforms that I have tried have really good almost 24/7 support options to help you with any issue that you might have.

For me personally after evaluating all the popular webinar platforms on those 6 traits, I definitely think that the best options are EverWebinar for evergreen / recorded webinars and WebinarJam for live webinars.

They’re the only option that you can try for just $1 for 14 days as well so you don’t really have anything to lose if they don’t fit what you’re going for.

They generally always have the newest features in the webinar industry and they’re always listening to criticism or suggestions from the community which I really love!

It’s doesn’t come as a surprise but most webinars that are fairly successful use them to run their webinars either since they offer really good analytical data, good pixel integrations and amazing follow-up capabilities!

With that being said, if you don’t like them for some reason or another I think that WebinarNinja, Livestorm & EasyWebinar are decent alternatives that you should consider.

If you prioritize social proof or ease of use way higher than their 3rd and 6th place on my list, I still think that EverWebinar is by far the best option but you’re definitely free to look around for other webinar platforms that might fit your skills or budget more accordingly that this.

Many of these webinar platforms aren’t really too different but you can definitely see a different in the amount of different features they provide and WHO their target audience are.

EverWebinar & WebinarJam are definitely targeting people with online business or people in the online marketing space and is way more equipt to handle things like cookie tagging, re-marketing, advertising, email marketing, scarcity etc… than other platforms.

Many people have even had some decent success not using any webinar platform to host their webinars!

They use cheap or free tools like WordPress and somehow make that work and create a webinar space.

This is definitely out of my skill catalog but if you want to learn about how you can do that there are probably some youtube tutorials around it!

I just like not having to worry about that stuff and have professional tech and software people create a way better solution for me that I will ever be able to come up with unless I’m willing to invest multiple hundred hours into this venture.

I can see a future where EverWebinar & WebinarJam aren’t the best option but the competitions really has to step up the pace when it comes to software engineer hiring or tech leads that will help push the companies into further directions or maybe there is some secret webinar platform that is randomly going to spike out of nowhere and destroy the entire landscape with their world-class webinar platform but till that day comes…

EW & WJ for the win!