Webinar Marketing Plan – How To Effectively Market Your Webinar

Webinars are literally the pinnacle of internet marketing.

We have short form copy, but it doesn’t usually build rapport.

We have video sales letters, but they don’t agitate problems effectively.

We have phone calls with prospects, but that’s not easily scalable.

But now we have Webinars!

The ability to build rapport, show authority, agitate problems, provide solutions and build a “cult-like” audience with effective marketing methods.

Now, after doing this digital marketing thing for more than 10 years, I can easily say that most people that make webinars are barely even scratching what they can potentially achieve.

In this article, I’m gonna share with you the BEST Webinar Marketing Plan that most successful webinar creators utilize to consistently churn out successful webinars with amazing Webinar Marketing Plans!

Just as a disclaimer, this article was last updated on 6th December 2021.

My goal with BHMR is to provide you a place you can rely on for honest online marketing reviews & information since I have seen a ton of people going against this approach. Check out our mission statement here.

Let’s jump straight into the best Webinar Marketing Plan article!

Most Popular Technique To Writing High Converting Webinars

Now, since you’re on this article I’m assuming that you have already written a webinar and you’re just looking for a marketing plan right?

However, I do think that I should share with you the best method of writing a highly effective webinar.

This method was mostly popularized by Russel Brunson and is constantly re-stated and regurgitated by “business gurus” as their own Webinar Marketing Plan.

The main outline of his writing technique is pretty detailed however I’m going to shorten this down to a step-by-step formula that you can follow.

If you want to get more in-depth training on this, I’d recommend getting his $7 all-inclusive perfect webinar training that I have no clue why he’s not charging $997 for – check it out here.

Here is the exact perfect webinar formula before we go into the Webinar Marketing Plan:

  1. Title Cards

Usually just an interesting picture with the title – very simple.

Footer with logo too. – don’t overwhelm them.

  1. Intro/Rapport

Tell jokes – “don’t use these powers for evil”.

Add a funny earnings disclaimer

Also you should use this earnings disclaimer and turn it into an epiphany bridge story.

For example – don’t just say “i make 18k a day” tell the story of how you wanted to make 2.7k a day and tried everything and shit till you got there.

Also drop testimonials of people who were on the same trainings.

  1. Who Is This For?

Use this slide to give clarity to people and make sure they KNOW if they want to stay there.

You can use this to EXCLUDE some people – “people who aren’t doers” etc.

  1. My Goal / Big Domino

This is the ONE THING you need to get them to believe and achieve.

The ONE THING you need to convince them of.

  1. Qualify Yourself

Show them you’re an authority but don’t just brag about how cool you are forever.

“I’m Russel Brunson and im blablabla” – spend only like 20 seconds here.

Spend most of your time on your ORIGIN STORY.

This is the DEEPEST you’ll go with the epiphany bridge script – 10 minutes.

  1. Epiphany Bridge Story.

This is insanely powerful cos you build rapport with them, the transformation journey & you show them the greatest opportunity ever.

Then tell them that you discovered it the super hard way but since they’re there they get to discover it the easy way. How many of you want to learn the easy way?

  1. Liken Your Story To Them

“You’re here cos you were probably struggling right?”

In this part, you want to justify their failures, align their fears, throw rocks at their enemies, confirm their suspicions & encourage their dreams.

“If you’ve been struggling in the past, it’s not your fault.

  1. Compare The Hard Way with What They’re Gonna Learn
  1. Transition to 3 Secrets

Show them the 3 secrets

#1 is vehicle

#2 is internal

#3 is external

Make sure the secrets sound COOL and SEXY not just “how to build funnels”

  1. Share Secret #1
  2. Share Epiphany Bridge Of The Secret

Think of another story that will make them think the vehicle is the greatest thing in the world.

Share with them the method of how they do it but put it into a story.

  1. Show Other People’s Results

Share testimonials etc but after that make it seem inclusive to your target audience.

  1. Break The Related Beliefs With The Vehicles

Every issue they might think there is with the vehicle, address it.

This about what questions people are probably having and what stories can you pull out to address them.


  1. Restate the new belief (title slide” as UNDENIABLE TRUTH

Show this so they know “omg nev really did show me that and I know exactly how to do it now”.

  1. State Secret #2

Now, they’re thinking that the vehicle is perfect but they have external beliefs that “they can’t do it”.

  1. Share Epiphany Bridge Stories

Same Epiphany framework.

  1. Share Other People’s Results
  1. Break Related Beliefs
  1. Restate The New Belief as Undeniable Truth
  1. State Secret #3

They believe the vehicle is the greatest in the world, they know they can do it but they might have some external issues with it.

  1. Share Epiphany Story

Teach & share while involving a story.

  1. Other People’s Results.
  1. Break Related Beliefs
  1. Restate it As Undeniable Proof


Here is what we covered blablabla and you know all of this now.”

  1. Transition To Selling

Add a quick recap of 3 secrets.

“If you did the SECRET 1, by doing SECRET 2 while also following SECRET 3 – do you think you’ll have success?”


You want them to think that if they did all the 3 things we just thought them to think “omg ofc i can”.

  1. The Question

“Let me ask you a question… alot of you guys now know that x is the best thing in the world and you know how to achieve this but how many of you feel a bit overwhelmed and don’t know exactly how to do this?.

“Are you guys okay if I spend 5 or 10 minutes real quick making a special offer that is gonna make everything we talked about really easy to implement in your life?”

You know it’s the future and it will get you to where you want to be but you need my help with it, raise your hand.”

Is it okay if I spend 10 minutes or so sharing with you a perfect solution for what you’re looking for right now?



Don’t go super in depth – they care about the result more than what they’ll learn.

  1. Case Studies

Tell them the success stories + trial closes.

  1. Who This Works For?

“Everyone” essentially but say things like “if you’re an online marketer, entrepreneur, results driven person, want to have an impact in the world – etc.

  1. Destroy The #1 Reasons They Don’t Get Started.

What you think will be the #1 objection people have about the product? Destroy it.

  1. Stack Slide #1
  1. Introduce Element Number 2 – The Tools
  1. You’ll Be Able to + You’ll Be Able To Get Rid Of

So you want to build up the value while also taking away the costs – you always want to think of giving them the perceived idea of them getting things for free.

  1. The Problem This Tool Solved For You

Share with them what the problems that the tool solves for them are & the time/money it solves for them.

  1. Break The Related Beliefs About The Tool

 No need to tell stories just address the questions.

  1. Stack slide #2
  1. Introduce Tangible Product #1 

Make this related to the FRIST secret.

  1. Share Pain & Cost To Create Product

Had to buy all these courses & books, studying, memorizing & shit.

  1. Ease & Speed For You
  1. Break False Beliefs Regarding Product
  1. Stack Slide #3
  1. Introduce Tangible By-Product #2

Related to another secret.

  1. Share Pain & Cost To Create Product
  1. Ease & Speed For Them
  1. Break False Beliefs With Product
  1. Stack Slide #4
  1. Tangible By Product #3
  1. Pain & Cost For Yourself
  1. Mention How Easy It Will Be For Them
  1. Break False Beliefs With Product
  1. Stack Slide #5

Make sure the total value is 10x the price + now you need to justify the value of it.

  1. If/All Close

Get them to say yes 3x in a row.

“If all this did x would it be worth $11,552?x3”

  1. I Had 2 Choices Close
  1. What Would The End Result Be Worth?

Then share what you had to go through and compare to an insane cose (way higher than price/value).

You need to transition from “what would you pay” to “it’s an investment”.

  1. Price Drop
  1. Price Reveal

Every slide from now on needs the URL.

  1. Price Justification
  1. 2 Choices Close
  1. Guarantee


If you follow that basic outline, I promise your results will be 10x better than if you follow any other “webinar guide” & your only variable that you need to take care of is the Webinar Marketing Plan.

With that being said, if you want to have an infinitely more effective webinar, I do suggest getting the full training from Russel Brunson about this.

He has a Perfect Webinar Training for $7 that goes way more in-depth on this exact Framework that turned so many new webinar creators into successful 7-figure Two Comma Club Winners!

He also has so amazing free valuable books that are more generalized about online marketing that I think every online marketer should read once in their life (preferably early in their journey).

Here are the best online marketing books mentioned compared by quality, price & reviews.

Best Webinar Hosting Software For Best Conversions

After you have written your highly converting webinar, you need to find the best webinar hosting software for your needs and goals.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of options so I don’t blame you if you get overwhelmed comparing all these options and look at their promises & features.

Since we realized that so many people had this issue, we decided to do our due diligence and review the top 50 webinar softwares and choose the best 5 webinar softwares as of 6th December 2021 so you don’t have to go through all the struggle.

We rated these 5 best webinar platforms based on:

  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Design
  • Customer Reviews

Check out our webinar platform comparison list here and find the best webinar hosting software for you!

If you don’t wanna bother going through it, we currently recommend that you use EverWebinar for all your ondemand & evergreen webinar needs and WebinarJam for your live webinars.

With all that being said, now it’s time to jump into the Webinar Marketing Plan.

Best Webinar Marketing Plan 

Now that you got your perfectly crafted high-converting webinar & you’re hosting it on one of the best webinar platforms, it’s time to come up with an effective Webinar Marketing Plan. 

There are a ton of different techniques you can utilize for this but the main goal is that you need to put your webinar invitation in-front of your ideal customer.

Now you can use either free traffic sources or paid traffic.

Best Webinar Marketing Plan With Free Traffic

When it comes to free traffic you can:

  • Answer question on Quora regarding the similar topic while having your webinar registration page in your bio
  • Answer questions on Forums with the webinar registration link in your bio
  • Youtube videos & SEO articles going around the similar topics around the webinar
  • Have the webinar links on your Facebook profile and talk about the topic in big facebook groups around the topic. People will get interested if you sound knowledgeable about a subject and check out your profile!

Best Webinar Marketing Plan With Paid Traffic

If you would like a more consistent flow of leads and webinar visitors then paid traffic is definitely a better option since you can effectively scale your webinar to your target goal.

When it comes to paid traffic, the general go-to strategy is pretty simple.

Write an ad that targets your ideal audience with a simple post that agitates a problem and pushes your main promise or proposition of your webinar. 

Main traffic sources here are facebook page post ads and youtube ads since they’re the simplest and most effective methods to generate profitable leads.

I’d recommend posting a ton of variants of your initial ad when targeting cold audiences to see what resonates most with your audience and remove the ads that aren’t working as well – even on a small scale of $5 per day or so (just make sure you invest at least 5 days worth of ad spend since the social media ad algorithm is generally learning how to optimize it for itself).

Best Webinar Marketing Plan For Making Millions

After you implement either of the two webinar marketing plans mentioned above, you need to make sure you maximize the ROI on your webinar.

The first addition to the prior webinar marketing plans has to be a remarketing campaign.

Make sure to put your facebook pixel and google-id on your entire site or webinar platform of choice and now you can remarket to them based on their behaviour on your site.

Apart from targeting based on behaviour, another SUPER upside of this method is that remarketing ads to your own audiences are infinitely cheaper on all social media platforms and you can get down to $0.01 clicks depending on niche.

You can retarget people that landed on your signup page but didn’t sign up with a “why didn’t you sign up?”.

You can retarget people that signed up but didn’t watch with a “noticed you signed up but didn’t watch it live, here’s a replay”.

You can retarget that watched either the live webinar or the replay but didn’t land on the checkout page with either another link to the replay or retarget them based on how long they watched the webinar (note – from my understanding, this feature is only available on everwebinar).

You can retarget people that landed on your cart page but didn’t buy with endless testimonials and ads that attack different reasons as to why they didn’t buy.

This is by far the most profitable part of the webinar journey apart from the writing of the webinar that you have total control over so make sure you invest a ton of time into optimzing your webinar marketing plan!

Now that you know exactly how to write a super high-converting webinar, what webinar platform to use & how to create an effective webinar marketing plan… you have one question to answer.

What To Do Next?

Well, now you can just ditch the idea of ever doing a webinar since it seems too overwhelming and time intensive…


You can give it a shot, implement it in your business, optimize it to the best of your ability & watch your business skyrocket to a level that you didn’t think was possible.

If you choose the first option, that’s totally fine & I’m super glad that you took the time to read this post! Hopefully you still got some amazing value on your online marketing experience.

If you choose the second option, I have a couple recommendations as to what you should do next.

Now, we did go over how to write an effective webinar, what is the best webinar platform to choose and how to create a webinar marketing plan BUT I found (or created) some crazy helpful resources that will definitely increase the likelihood of your success in this journey 10x.

The first thing I recommend is that you pick up two informational products by Russel Brunson that will essentially guarantee higher success if you go through these and implement them based on his information.

He has made close to 10 figures primarily through webinars (and his software) and he’s a good teacher so I’m sure that he’s one of the best sources of knowledge when it comes to webinars.

  1. Check out his 3 FREE books that go over:
  • How to convert your online visitors and turn them into lifelong customers
  • How to master the science behind profitable funnel building
  • How to optimally drive traffic to your website or funnel
  1. Check out his $7 Perfect Webinar Training that shares the exact Simple, Proven Webinar Framework that has turned hundreds of Entrepreneurs into 7 Figure Marketer.
  1. Check out our FREE in-depth analysis of all the Best Webinar Hosting Softwares available as of 6th December 2021 and see what are the best 5 options depending on your needs. These webinar reviews are based on features, pricing, ease of use, customer support, design & customer reviews.