Where To Use Landing Pages? (5 Popular Uses)

Landing pages are everywhere nowdays and have become a necessity for most online businesses that are succeeding on line.

You’ll learn where to use landing pages and what are some tips for effective landing pages.

Let’s go!

Where To Use Landing Pages?

Landing Pages are best used when you’re trying to showcase what you have to offer. Landing pages are mostly used to share the benefits of what a business is offer, the importance of having that product and it might also showcase some social proof or urgency to get visitors to take action.

Best Tips For Effective Landing Pages

Landing Pages are a pretty difficult monster to hold back.

They can be the goldmine you’ve been looking for in your business or they could become pages on the internet that take up an unhealthy amount of time away from your life just to increase your bottom line.

When it comes to creating effective landing pages, it first really depends on what your goal is.

If your goal is to just provide something for free and trade it for someone’s contact information, this is one of the simpler landing pages that you can create.

All you need is an attractive headline that entices your ideal client to click & get engaged.

Then you need a field for them to input their email…

And finally you need a call to action that they can’t help but click!

I would recommend that you don’t use generic CTAs on your landing pages like “Sign Up” or “Click”.

Use CTAs that motivate people and put them in a positive frame of mind.

Use CTAs like “Yes I Want This Amazing Tool” or “Send Me This Free Tool Right Now!

Apart from that, you can add some elements to your page to add some character or add some social proof or urgency.

I have seen a ton of landing pages use countdown timers although I’m not a big fan of them when it comes to opt-in pages.

I have also seen a ton of other successful landing page creators push social proof on this landing page.

These could be elements like pop-ups in the bottom right showcasing that other people are just signing up for this free thing as well or you can have some testimonials on your products or services so people become more trusting of you.

That’s only if you have a simple task that you want your visitors to complete.

Landing Pages could also be used to sell products and this generally requires way more copy and persuasion added to your landing pages.

Many people have grown accustomed to trading their email for valuable information but parting ways with their hard earned money is a way harder task.

These type of Landing Page Sales Pages need way more copy and an entirely different approach.

Your main goal initially is to point out the target audience that you’re targeting.

They you will won’t to point out a problem that they might be facing.

After agitating the problem a little bit and all the hindrances that come with it, you’ll need to showcase your product as the best solution.

This is generally showcased by either showing it in-use (if it’s a physical product) and talking about how the user can BENEFIT from it.

Don’t talk about all the technical nonsense and elements that the product gives since only the product creators really care about that stuff.

Your goal is to persuade people that them having your product is more valuable than holding onto the amount of money that they would need to invest to get access to it.

Apart from just showing and saying how good your product is, you need to help them verify it.

Most people that purchase stuff start off by think about it through their emotions and then justifying it with their logical side of their brain.

This is why you need things like an FAQ that answers all the questions they might have at the lower end of your landing page.

You need to destroy any potential reason for them to say “no” to your offer if you truly think that your product can help your ideal client.

Apart from that, testimonials and social proof DEFINITELY boost people’s trust in a product and will lead to more sales.

Having a diversity of testimonials from people around the world can also help you appeal to a wide audience and help people “relate more” to specific stories.

Finally, I recommend giving people a reason to buy right now.

This could be either some time-restraint with a countdown timer.

This can also be “limited supply” or “limited spots available approach”.

Just make sure that you incentivize people to get it right now.

Many people that go away to “think about it” usually end up getting preoccupied with other things and the product loses the perceived value that you have build up over time with them 😀

That’s essentially it!

Those are really the main two use-cases of landing pages that most successful businesses use – Opt-in Pages & Sales Pages.

With that being said, there are definitely a ton of tweaks that you can keep doing to increase the effectiveness of your landing page over time.

I definitely recommend that you try split-testing a couple variations of your landing pages to see what works best for your particular nice and products.

Now that you know all this amazing information, it’s time to not ruin your entire business by choosing the wrong landing page builder!

Best Landing Page Builders For You

There are tens of amazing landing page builders available nowadays.

Most of them are pretty expensive.

Some of them have crazy features.

A handful of them are perfect for most people though!

I have a ton of active subscriptions to different landing page software because I like testing and keeping up with the improvements that they’re doing.

I also try my best to keep my Best Landing Page Software Comparison List Updated pretty regularly so I sorta have to do this haha


With that being said, there are 6 main things to consider when choosing what landing page software you’re gonna go with:

  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Design
  • Customer Reviews

Currently, I really love using Convertri since I think it LAPS the competition on those 6 features however Simvoly, Landingi & Fast Pages are good alternatives to look into.