How To Get SEO Clients – Easiest Full Business Model

In this post, you’re going to learn exactly How To Get SEO Clients and predictably scale your business to your target goal.

Getting SEO Clients has never been harder especially with all the gurus teaching people “how to get SEO Clients.

Seo Consulting Businesses haven’t been the most popular businesses in the past but they have been the best businesses that have proven to have longevity.

Even though SEO seems to be forever changing with constant algorithm changes, most successful SEOs have been in the SEO game for 10+ years now.

The only issue is that nowadays everyone is reaching out to businesses and trying to sell services so the main question you should be asking is –

How can you stand out in the bloody red ocean?

Well, in this article you’re gonna learn a pretty unique yet genius method to get your foot through the door & have them pay you thousands of dollars for outsourced services! 

In this post, you’ll learn exactly How To Get SEO Clients and scale to your dream goal as effectively as possible.

This post was last updated on – 21st January 2022.

Here is what we’re going to cover:

How To Get SEO Clients Groundwork

You heard the regurgitated methods of cold calling receptionists, cold emailing, door knocking and so on.

You learned how to provide the same services as other agencies from your guru of choice.

You learned how to scale with referrals bla bla bla….

This is gonna be different.

The initial step you need to take when setting up your SEO Service is that you need a unique approach to your business angel.

Most agencies just reach out to businesses and offer their $2,000 per month services and at best give out a free trial.

We need a way to put our foot through the door with an irresistible offer.

Give a free donut?


Give them a Water bottle?


What about a free website?

Now we’re talking!

Secrets Free Website Method

What if we reach out to our potential clients and tell them that we have created an amazing website for them for completely free?

Now you might be thinking – “but Mart, I don’t want to offer an entire week of work to build the website for free right?”

And that’s totally right!

That’s why we’re gonna create it in 1 minute with 5 clicks for completely free.

All we have to do is follow this step by step technique:

  1. Create a free DashClicks Account Here.

This is the best free whitelabel service that most SEO agencies are using nowadays.

  1. Create a free “InstaSite” for the businesses you’re reaching out too.

This is pretty easy to do.

  1. Click Agency Tools at the top.
  1. Select InstaSites.
  1. Click Single InstaSites Builder.
  1. Fill In The Data Necessary Of The Business You’re Reaching Out To
  1. Choose The Template Depending On The Niche You’re In (There Are 100s of Amazing Templates)
  1. Wait 1 minute for the site to be created in the Queued section.
  1. Click on the “Prospect” tab & Preview it.

And the website is done!

Feel free to check it out but I can confidently say that these templates are 9x better than most sites out there.

With that being said, you can always reach out to businesses with no sites or people with horrible sites.

(You can now see that this method of How To Get SEO Clients is way more effective)

Now your goal is to get this site in front of your potential client’s eyes.

I’d recommend cold calling or cold emailing something like:

“Hey X, I just created a free full functional 50 page website for your business – was wondering if I can send you the link and let me know what you think?”

Who in their right mind would not respond to that?

After they respond, you ask them to hop on call to get the site up and running.

Here is where you ask him if he likes the site and wants it.

If he agrees you give it to him for completely free – all he has to do is cover the “server & maintenance costs” for the website.

This is essentially the price Dashclicks charges for a website which is just $97 for the installation and $25 per month for upkeep.

I generally charge $197 and $45 per month and most people will happily take that since most web companies charge $2,000+ and $100 per month for upkeep and maintenance.

Not to mention they always get an SSL, drag and drop builder they can use & ability to have immediate online presence.

Now that you know exactly How To Get SEO Clients, let’s cover how to continue and scale that SEO Business into a six figure or even seven figure business.

How To Get SEO Clients & Make Six Figures From Each Client

Now you might be thinking “That is a crazy simple approach that makes sense since you’re saving local businesses thousands on their website… but how is this an SEO Service?”

And I don’t blame you for thinking that!

The goal here is to create a value ladder and not immediately “go for the kill” with the $2,000 per month SEO service most agencies charge.

Now that you have a happy customer with a website, what are we gonna do with them?


The amazing procedure to get more from your initial buyers and turn them into hard cash.

Call the business owner after a week and ask him “how’s the website going?” “are you loving it?”.

Be pretty chill & friendly etc.

After the small talk, it’s time to promote the next step on the ladder!

The good thing about this is that you can also outsource it to Dashclicks from the wide range of services they provide.

You might be skeptical of their ability to run these but their track record of whitelabel servicing for thousands of agencies successfully with high churn rate begs to differ!

Click fulfillment from the top menu.

As you can see from the popular services, their whitelablling is pretty affordable and you can charge a pretty high margin and make a really good return without having to do any of the work!

But hold your horses!

Although on that call you can tell them “hey now that you have a website, why not let me help you drive some traffic to it and grow your business to your target goal faster”…

I definitely recommend promoting cheaper offers yet and eventually pushing the higher-end $1,500+ services.

If so, click on the side bar and choose Social Media Posting or Content Marketing.

These are pretty easy services to sell since most people see the value in them but not necessarily SEO intrinsically.

The amazing thing about this approach is way more people are open to your services now that they have a really positive paid experience with your service and want to work with you!

The margins for these are generally pretty lucrative as well as you can charge $300+ per month and you make $200+ per month profit.

If he doesn’t take you up on the offer, no worries!

Try repeatedly following up after two weeks or even bi-weekly with different offers!

Don’t get too annoying obviously.

Always be nice.

Always ask about how he’s liking the website so he remembers the positive impact you had in their life.

I’d recommend keeping a spreadsheet of all your businesses so you don’t end up following up with the same message to the same person.

Keep in mind in what position a particular business is.

Business A might be looking for SEO but Business B already denied your SEO offer.

Scaling To Your Target Financial Goals $$$

Now that you understand the power of this approach and how quickly things can scale up, you need to be prepared for when you start onboarding clients and want to scale to higher levels faster without losing efficiency.

Well, the first thing you need to do is upgrade your account on Dashclicks to be able to create way more InstaSites so you can reach out to way more businesses.

As you can see, you can get your first 3 clients for completely free but for the next 100 clients you’d need to pay $97 per month.

You know what the good thing about that is?

One client can cover the cost of 100 websites.

I’m not sure how they keep it so remarkably affordable for people but I’m thankful for it everyday although I pay for the Premium $297/month version.

Apart from scaling your number of websites, I also recommend going on UpWork and either hiring a call center or a cold-email guy to help you with your outreach.

And finally I’d recommend hiring a closer for the website closing & following-up model I mentioned below. This person will essentially be a duplicate of you so you don’t need to live inside the business but more-so take a managerial approach of leading a successful agency.

And finally?

Scale to the moon!

What To Do Next?

Now it’s on you.

Are you going to take action and give this a shot?

I truly believe that anyone with the willingness to succeed and an open-minded approach to new tactics can definitely be successful with this model.

Apart from that, there are thousands of agencies using DashClicks that you can talk to and help each-other get to your target goals together!

Even more than that, they also have extensive educational content that you can check out and delve even deeper in these crazy profitable tactics!

Hopefully you got some amazing value from this training & looking forward to your success story from trying this How To Get SEO Clients method To Local Businesses Method!