How To Make Money With SEO – Best Methods To Make Money Online

SEO is generally seen as the most consistent way to make money online BUT it’s also seen as the method with the longest “wait-time”.

Learning How to Make Money with SEO isn’t one of those methods where you learn it once and it’s still the same forever.

SEO is one of those spaces that consistently changes based on Google & Youtube algorithms and their constant tweaks and changes.

SEO changes aren’t super regular and there are rules to SEO that have been fairly consistent that I’ll be sharing with you right now.

After doing this digital marketing thing for more than 10 years now, I can safely say that SEO is probably one of the easier methods when it comes to making money online.

The ability to make passive income by following a predictable system that you can implement as consistently as you’re willing to be is empowering to a ton of people.

With that being said, let’s jump into how to make money with SEO in this in-depth tutorial.

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Let’s jump straight into it!

Introduction to SEO

SEO is search engine optimization. 

The people doing SEO are generally referred to SEOs – search engine optimizers. Shocking!

The main goal with SEO is to write and optimize your content to have the highest chance of ranking for one or multiple keywords.

Most Popular Method – How To Make Money With SEO

The process that most SEOs follow when creating a new website is fairly simple and intuitive.

  1. Research Niches

Your goal is to find a niche that you know that you can predictably rank for. Some niches are super competitive mainly because they pay the most hence leading to more people being interested in creating websites for them. Even though these niches like tech and credit cards are super competitive, talented SEOs can eventually start ranking for good keywords in the niche.

The main goal here is to use tools like Ahrefs & SEMRush to find a ton of underused keywords that you can write for (or outsource your writing for).

  1. Select Niche & Create Website

The next step is to commit to a niche. The niche can be fairly wide like finance, business, dogs, cats etc. Nowadays having 1 broad website is better than 5 smaller ones in the same niche since your website authority really relies on how much “link juice” your website has. This means how authoritative your website seems and how many outside websites are linking back to your content.

Creating a website is fairly simple. Choose the best web hosting provider from our comparison list, come up with a short domain name that is niche related that has 2-4 words & you can have a site up and running in like 5 minutes!

  1. Competitor Research

Here is where you analyze who your competitors in the niche are and what types of keywords they’re ranking for. 

Your main goal is not to only get inspired by their branding and implement characteristics of it to your site.

You should also be on the look out for how their menus are set up, where they are getting backlinks from, what colors they’re using and what keywords they’re going after.

  1. Keyword Research

Here is where you pull out the spreadsheet! 

Use apps mentioned earlier like AHRefs and SEMRush that will help you find keywords that have low keyword competition that you can easily rank for. Since your website is fairly new, you need to go after super easy long-tail keywords with GREEN difficulty. After a couple of months of posting and link building you can start going for 20+ keywords that have generally higher search and more competition.

  1. Write Content

The best part about SEO!

Start from the top of the spreadsheet and write 600-3,000+ word articles about the particular keyword, optimize it, publish it!

When writing I recommend using your keyword multiple times in natural sentences, segment your content into smaller chunks that are easier for the reader to go through, link out to other posts and write an intriguing intro!

Obviously, make sure to add a ton of affiliate links so you can start making some decent money!

  1. Build Links

After you have a decent catalog of posts with a good looking website, you can start reaching out for backlinks.

I recommend getting a professional email footer from this simple email signature template generator and a professional email that is not but

The easiest way to generate links is to consistently submit to HARO with helpful information.

That’s it!

Now all you have to do is repeat step 4-6 forever till the end of time.

With that being said, that’s honestly all you need to know!

However, our goal with this post is to give you a go-to place so you’ll know exactly how to make money with SEO with our in-depth analysis.

With the method mentioned earlier in mind, let’s dive deeper into each particular point of how to make money with SEO.

Niche Research For SEO

Your goal here, especially if you’re a beginner, is to find a market that is underserved. Use Ahrefs and start searching for keywords that are fairly crucial in your industry. Most of these will probably be hard to rank for and will have a couple of authority sites that are already ranking for these keywords HOWEVER Ahrefs will suggest you a ton of similar longtail keywords that are way easier to rank for that barely have any competition.

These keywords are generally undervalued and post other SEOs don’t value ranking for them because they have lower search volume – but not you!

Your goal when writing for these keywords is to easily rank for them so that people that find you through SEO will end up linking you in their own authority sites – hence increasing your authority ranking of the site!

This is a consistent flywheel you’ll have to keep chasing throughout your entire journey.

Search For Underserved Keywords > Post Optimized Article > Some People Link It After Finding It From Easy SEO Terms > Rinse & Repeat

Best Web Hosting For SEO Rankings

After doing your niche research, you’ll need a web hosting service that you can rely on.

The main 6 things you should consider when looking for the best web hosting provider are:

  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Server Stability
  • Customer Reviews

There are 100s of website hosting services nowadays so it can get a bit overwhelming to evaluate all of them – so we did it for you!

We went through the best & more popular 50 web hosting services that you can rely on!

Check out our in-depth comparison list of the best website hosting services and the only 4 we picked that you should consider as of 21st January 2022.

After you got your website, you need to do a couple of simple setup steps that most of these providers will guide you through.

They take like 5 minutes.

How To Find Keywords For Your SEO Website

As mentioned earlier, your goal is to build a spreadsheet filled with different sections of keywords based on their difficulty.

Create a spreadsheet with a ton of easily rankable keywords. Most of these keyword apps like Ahrefs show you how hard these terms are to rank for and give you a rank difficulty and they’ll also show you have many backlinks you’ll need to rank for these terms.

I recommend having 4 different sheets – Easy, Medium, Hard, Long – Term

Difficulty is pretty arbitrary but easy generally bean 1-20 backlinks, medium is 21-100 & hard are 101+

Long term are super hard terms to rank for that are sort of “shots in the dark” that you hope you’ll eventually rank for. These generally need 500+ backlinks.

How To Write Articles For SEO

There are a ton of different ideas and guides on how to write articles for seo but the general guidelines are:

  • Keyword in the title
  • Keyword in the SEO description
  • Keyword in your URL/breadcrumb
  • A natural amount of mentions of the keyword in the article but try adding where it seems fit
  • Use plugins like RankMath to help make SEO easier for you to implement
  • Add images with keyword in alt text
  • Keyword in H2 texts 
  • Intriguing introduction that will get your reader to get more engaged and stay longer on the article

That’s it! 

Keep those guidelines in the back of your mind when writing your content and you’ll certainly start seeing some results!

How Long It Takes To Rank

I hate giving answers like this but… it really depends.

Really depends on how old your domain is.

Really depends on how many links you generated.

Really depends on your quality of content.

Really depends on how optimized your content is for SEO.

Really depends on how many posts you have on your website.

Generally, for the first 3-6 months you won’t see any results but then if you keep posting & link building even through that “trial period” you’re likely to start seeing your website rank even for posts you did in the first days of the site.

Promoting & Link Building For Your SEO Website

Link building has been one of the most important things for AGES. 

The main goal is to get other reputable authoritative website owners to link to your website.

Some of the main methods that people use to build links to their sight are fairly questionable but two of the ways that are popular & seen as go-to methods are.

  • Submitting answers to HARO fairly consistently. HARO sends out 3 emails everyday with questions that are related to a variety of niches. If you think you have some good input to give to a particular question, send out a submission with a simple introduction and professional footer! I recommend also linking a headshot and a link to your site near the footer since they’ll most likely use them in the submission you posted.
  • Trading backlinks with other SEO websites in your niche. Contact other website owners in your niche and build a relationship and cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship where you consistently link out to each other.

Now you know exactly how to make money with SEO and it only requires you to start implementing and keep implementing on this information.

The question you’re probably asking right now is “what do I do now?”.

What To Do Next

There are two things that I recommend you should consider doing right now.

  1. Choose a Web Hosting Provider from this Updated Comparison List! Here you can make a more informed decision on what web hosting provider you should be using for your SEO Website.
  1. Apart from learning how to make money with SEO, I recommend you learn a bit more about how to be way more effective with your digital marketing business. The best FREE Training that entrepreneurs & online marketers need to watch to predictably make six or even seven figures every month is this FREE Training by 10-Figure Marketer – Russel Brunson.