Best Email Marketing Sequence – Turn Visitors Into Lifelong Customers

Your email list is easily the most important part of your business.

Nowadays, most online businesses understand how seemingly random algorithm changes are in the modern social media world.

These changes directly impact your business’s reach and ability to communicate with your audience effectively.

With this realisation, we needed to start looking at a more consistent method to communicate with our customers.

That’s where email marketing comes in!

The main asset of our business that will never:

  • Get “destroyed” by the algorithm
  • Disappear randomly
  • Lose popularity of us

The issue with email marketing is that nowadays almost all successful businesses use it – hence, endless competition in our customers’ inbox.

It has become even more necessary to learn how to effectively communicate with our audience, build rapport, show authority & effectively pre-frame our products.

In this blog post, you’ll learn exactly the best email marketing sequence model that you can apply to any business to turn your email list from a waste of time to a key factor of your business’s success.

Let’s jump right into it!

Best Email Marketing Software For You

The first step when starting email marketing is the choice you need to make from the hundreds of email marketing softwares available right now.

After seeing this problem pop up over and over in the online marketing community, I decided to try the 50 most popular successful email marketing softwares and find what the best 5 email marketing softwares are as of 21st January 2022.

I compared all these email marketing softwares based on:

  • Deliverability
  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Design & Features
  • Customer Reviews

Here are the best email marketing softwares compared based on that criteria that you should use!

Next up, before we learn about the best email marketing sequence to use in your business, we need to learn the best methods to generate leads for your email list.

Best Methods To Generate Leads For Your Email List

There are a seemingly infinite amount of methods to generate leads to your email list.

Some of them are super popular and sometimes seen as “go-to” methods.

Some of them are obscure secret methods but effective in their own right.

The generally common way of generating leads are:

  • Posting to Forums, Question Boards & Facebook Groups with valuable information so the readers are motivated to check out who “this smart person is” and then click on your link that you have on your profile.
  • Write articles and rank for particular keywords in your niche and create a lead magnet on your website that people in your niche will fill out.
  • Paid ads on Facebook, Youtube & other social media providing a free gift in exchange for their email targeting people in your specific niche.

Some other techniques that people use are generally associated with popular social medias like Snapchat, Twitter, Reddit & many more!

How To Turn New Email List Members Into Customers

After someone takes you up on your free offer and enters your email list, we need to make sure that they are effectively “indoctrinated”.

Here is where the Best Email Marketing Sequence starts.

The main goal with the first 5 emails that you send out should be to build authority & rapport while giving value to your audience.

If you gave away a free Keto meal plan, give them 5 emails that talk about:

  • Your journey with weight loss
  • Effective methods to find the right workout for your goals
  • How to stay consistent on your weight loss journey
  • Talk about all the issues that they’re probably facing and talk about how you went through them
  • Pre-frame the upcoming product pitch and hype it up as something necessary to help them on their journey

After the initial indoctrination email sequence, your new lead should know, like & trust you when it comes to your specific niche.

Many people just go ahead and start pitching without doing this but then you’re no better than someone throwing stuff at a wall hoping something sticks.

Now, turning those leads into customers is INFINITELY easier & they’re way more likely to convert.

Next up, making sales.

Here you need to keep in mind that the goal of the email is not to SELL the product.

The goal of the email is to PREFRAME and HYPE UP a product – the sales page does the SELLING.

Talk about all the benefits that a product provides.

Talk about the emotions that the product will make them feel.

Talk about the future based goal that the product can help them with.

Mention the scarcity & urgency that should act with to get your product.

Don’t talk about prices and give logical justifications for why they should get the product in the email.

How To Effectively Sell To Your Email List For Years To Come

Now that your audience likes you and you have effectively promote your products to them, your goal is to escalate that to the next level & keep doing this forever!

I wouldn’t recommend just pitching products in every single email because that will taint your reputation as “that person”.

I recommend at least giving 2-5 value emails for every product pitch sequence you add to your sequence.

When it comes to pitching products, obviously don’t promote conflicting products like two different diet plans but more-so complementary products like a diet plan and a workout program!

That’s all you need to have for the best email marketing sequence! 

Now that you know the best email marketing software to have, the best methods to generate leads online for your best email marketing sequence, how to turn new email list members into cutomsters & how to do this long term…

What To Do Next

I would recommend doing three things now that you went through the article.

  1. Choose The Best Email Marketing Software for your specific needs (compared on 21st January 2022)
  1. Watch The Free Training by Russel Brunson that teaches you a way more in-depth step by step guide of how to effectively use email marketing and funnels to grow a 7-Figure Per Year training.
  1. Take action & grow your business to your dream goal as fast as possible! 

Keep working hard and never give up till you get to where you want to be.