Are Landing Pages Good For SEO? (Real Answer)

Landing pages are a necessary part of any online business nowadays – but do they impact your SEO negatively?

In this post you’ll learn if landing pages are good for SEO and if you should remove them ENTIRELY from your website.

Let’s go!

Are Landing Pages Good For SEO?

Landing pages won’t negatively impact your website’s authority or ratings when it comes to SEO but landing pages are definitely way harder to rank for specific keywords that regular articles & blog posts.

Why Are Landing Pages Harder To Rank For?

The main two reasons for this are:

  • Landing Page Builders
  • Unoptimized Copy

Landing page builders are built very differently than editors like WordPress.

They are intentionally created to build out sales pages and opt-in pages (or funnels) for business to send traffic to with an intention or goal in mind.

Apart from that, landing pages don’t give you the ability to effectively play with or tweak SEO met data, post titles & effective tagging of the posts in a manner that will actually impact your domain and website.

Most landing page builders allow you to change this data but it’s only to a point where it appears differently on the search engines but not for the website itself if that makes sense.

The other reason as to why Landing Pages regularly don’t rank for SEO is because your writing isn’t optimized for ranking – as you should.

Your goal with most landing pages is to get the visitor to complete a particular action be-it signing up to an email list or buying some product.

Your main goal should not be to write a 1,000+ word article to inform people about a particular topic.

You shouldn’t count how many times a particular keyword is mentioned in the post.

You shouldn’t emphasize the impact of backlinks attached to the landing page.

With that being said, that doesn’t mean landing pages CAN’T rank or hurt your SEO.

Many landing pages will definitely rank highly for your branded keywords that are part (or all of) your domain name or what you’re known for.

Do Landing Pages Hurt SEO?

There are tons of things that generally hurt your ability to rank on search engines and having a couple of landing pages on your website… isn’t one of them.

Unethical back-linking will hurt your SEO.

Blackhat SEO tactics will probably hurt your SEO in the long run.

Keyword spamming and other weird “Loophole” tactics will probably hurt your SEO.

With that being said, the likelihood of landing pages ranking, as mentioned earlier, isn’t as high as an optimized blog post or article that is intentionally written to rank for a long-tail keyword or phrase that you’re intentionally going after.

How To Create Amazing Landing Pages?

Even though they’re not always #1 on Google, landing pages are definitely a key component that most online businesses should strive to learn and get better at.

The persuasiveness of your landing pages and sales pages is one of the main important factors that WILL impact your bottom line and how profitably you’re investing your time in your business.

When it comes to landing pages, the first thing you need to understand is what you’re trying to accomplish with the landing page you’re building.

If your goal is to just get opt-ins, your landing pages should look way different than as if you were trying to sell a $50 product.

The second thing you need to understand is what type of audience will probably see these landing pages.

Your approach to your copy should always be optimized for what people you think you’ll be talking to.

This will lead to way more people converting and actually taking action on your offers.

If they’re technicians and you’re selling them a tool kit, there are certain things that you can say that will help them understand how your product can help them more on their journey.

After you look at your target audience and your product, you can now apply this information and tweak your copy to apply to this group of people.

Make sure that you tweak the following:

  • Call To Action. Different groups of people have unique lingo and references that they use. Make sure to utilize these.
  • Epiphany Stories. Tell stories that you think would apply to these people and that they can relate with.
  • Persuasion Techniques. You can use lingo that you know is way more likely to work with them since they’re X type of people
  • Custom Benefits. Make sure that you point out how your offer will help them on their journey wheter it will help them do their job better or life easier.

Those are just some of the things that you can do to impact your conversion rates more positively but there are a ton of other things that you should consider doing depending on your niche and offer.

Best Landing Page Software For You

Now that you know that landing pages are the best thing ever even though they won’t rank you #1 for short tail keywords, you should definitely look into finding the best landing page software out there that you can use to boost your business to the top.

There are tens of viable landing page softwares out there however there are a couple that just blow the competition out in my opinion.

When it comes to landing pages, I really value these 6 Factors:

  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Design
  • Support
  • Reviews

Based on those 6 elements, I definitely think that Convertri is the best option currently (based on my Updated Comparison List of Landing Page Builders) but Simvoly, Landingi & Fast Pages are pretty good alternatives that you might want to consider.

If you just want the most affordable option, Fast Pages is your go-to.

I don’t think that the popular “Clickfunnels” is really what it’s promise to be and most people that promote it is because they have really good affiliate levels and they have CRAZY re-targeting campaigns that make people that promote Clickfunnels a ton of money compared to these better alternatives.