Landing Pages: 14 Things You Should Know

Landing Pages are an essential part of all online marketing businesses.

However, most online businesses get some of the important aspects of Landing Pages wrong.

We analyzed the top 50 most popular Landing Page Softwares and came up with the Top 5 Landing Page Softwares for you.

Here are 14 things that you should know about Landing Pages:

How Can Landing Pages Help Your Business?

Landing Pages are sleek simplistic pages with one goal in mind.

Generally they are either built to generate leads or sales.

Your goal is to drive traffic to these landing pages from a targeted audience that is in your industry and persuade them to either become leads or buy your product/solution.

Landing Pages are way better than normal Website Pages since they only have two choices – buy/sign-up or leave. 

Most Website Pages have a ton of menus, links & distractions that make the visitor way less likely to buy.

What Can Landing Pages Be Used For?

Generally there are two goals.

The first goal is Leads.

These landing pages are generally fairly simplistic and have 3-5 elements.

The 3 necessary elements are the title, empty box & sign-up button.

The second goal is Sales.

These landing pages are generally way more in-depth since it’s harder to get people to buy.

These generally have a video, persuasive copy, testimonials, pricing, add to cart button and many other variables depending on the product.

Are Landing Pages Free With MailChimp?

Yes! MainChimp are one of the email marketing autoresponder that offer some of the best landing pages for email signups however I think that GetResponse is a way better alternatives that provides better features, deliverability, ease of use and pricing.

If you’re looking for a free alternative that also provides landing pages, Aweber is a really good option to consider as well!

Check out our in-depth Comparison List of the Best Email Marketing Softwares with in-build Landing Page softwares which was recently updated on21st January 2022.

Why Are Landing Pages Important?

Landing pages are important because it gives the visitor a clear path to the final call-to-action that you want them to follow.

Most website pages actually hurt this path and have way lower conversion rates since you have a ton of distractive menus, links, unnecessary things etc.

Here are the best Landing Page Softwares to help you accomplish this goal.

How To Use Landing Pages To Drive Traffic?

If you want to learn the best 20 Virtually Unknown ways to drive traffic, check out this free book.

Your goal is to drive traffic that is interested in your niche and provide them with something of VALUE for free that they want to trade their emails with. 

After you capture their email on your landing pages, then your goal is to create other landing pages for all your products so people can effortlessly buy and become happy customers!

Where Do Landing Pages Appear?

This really depends on what landing page software you’re using and what you truly mean by where they appear.

Most landing pages won’t appear on google or rank at all. The main goal of your landing pages should always be to drive either free or paid traffic to it and turn that traffic into leads and sales.

Are Landing Pages Bad For SEO?

Landing Pages can’t rank on Google for most keywords regardless of what landing page software you’re using.

With that being said, it is advised to have your landing pages on a seperate domain rather than your main domain so that it does not hinder your main site’s authority in google’s eyes.

What Are Landing Pages On A Website?

Landing Pages on a Website are pages created intentionally with one purpose in mind. The purpose is generally either lead generation or selling a product or even an entire sales funnel of sorts.

Here are the best landing page softwares you should consider for your own business compared on design, features, pricing, quality, reviews etc…

How To Optimize Landing Pages For Conversion?

The simpler the better & cut out all unnecessary fat.

Make sure that every word you have in your copy has a goal.

Generally, you’d want the upper part of your copy to be more emotionally driven and you want the lower part of the copy to have more logical answers.

This is why in the top part you generally see a ton of benefits and stories but in the lower part you see reviews, FAQs and price justification.

How To Create Landing Pages For Affiliate Marketing?

Creating landing pages for affiliate marketing used to be super hard 5 years ago but nowadays all the Best Landing Page Softwares give you amazing templates that are ranked based on their conversion rate.

Just go in their template section, sort by highest conversion & pick the one that fits your niche the most. Then just change the copy & the images and you’re good to go!

Can You Create Landing Pages With MailChimp?

Yes you can! However, if you’re looking for the best landing page softwares you should definitely check out this comparison list and if you’re looking for a better email marketing software with in-built landing page capabilities I’d recommend checking out our email marketing software comparison list!

Do Landing Pages Affect SEO?

Yes – have your landing pages on a separate domain. Most landing page providers instruct this and you’ll only be ranking for simplistic terms that are branded or domain related.

Do Landing Pages Rank On Google?

No – have your landing pages on a separate domain. Most landing page providerstell you that you should not have the landing page software connected to your main domain.

What Are Landing Pages?

Pages… that you land on.

Landing Pages are pages that are intentionally built with one goal in mind without all the other unnecessary junk that most other website builders have like menus, headers, footers and other elements that lower conversions and usually distract the readers away from the goal of the landing page. The goal of landing pages are generally around lead generation or sales.

Here are the Best Landing Page Softwares compared on features, ease of use & pricing.

Final Thoughts

Landing Pages are a necessary part of any online business.

Their level of utility and effectiveness is unprecedented and should definitely be a part of every online marketing business’s software stash.

Now that you’re more familiar with landing page, I recommend that you check out our main recommended landing page software as of 21st January 2022 after comparing the 50 most popular landing page softwares available.

After that, since you’re in the digital marketing space, I recommend that you get these 3 books. These are the Best 3 Online Marketing Books that will help you gain further knowledge when it comes to:

  • Driving Buyer Traffic to your Landing Pages
  • Predictable Turn those Visitors Into Raving Customers
  • Scale To Your Target Goal With Your Online Business As Efficiently As Possible