Why Webinars Are Important? (Honest Webinar Overview)

Everyone is using webinars to explode their business’s profitability – but are they important for YOUR business?

In this post we’ll explore wheter or not webinars are important or not.

Let’s go.

Why Webinars Are Important?

Webinars are one of the most effective ways of turning a cold audience that has never heard of you before into potential buyers that are interested in what your business has to offer them.

How To Write High Converting Webinars Every Time

Webinars are only as crucial in your business as you make them out to be.

If you are effective at writing high converting webinars that attract a lot of positive attention, they should definitely be one of your main priorities in your business.

Most webinars aren’t like that though.

Most webinar hosts write generic horrible webinars without any sense of guidance and end up wasting a ton of time and a ton of money aswell.

When writing webinars, I definitely recommend that you follow the guidance of someone that has done it successful a million times before instead of following your tuition and “giving it your all” after you watched a couple of videos or some articles.

There are a ton of fake webinar gurus though so be wary of who you follow.

In my opinion, Russel Brunson is a pretty reliable person to follow when it comes to webinars.

He has generated multiple 9-figures in profits primarily through webinars and he is also a very effective teacher of how to deliver these webinars.

If you got $7 to spare, I would recommend you check out his Perfect Webinar Script. It’s a life saver for new or even experienced webinar hosts.

Best Webinar Hosting Platform For You

After you write your perfect webinar script you’d need a webinar hosting platform to host it on.

After the popularity of webinars exploded, a ton of big software companies saw an opening to jump in and help provide a solution for webinar hosts that helps us effectively deliver our webinars to our audiences.

When it comes to choosing a good webinar host, it really comes down to your preference although there are a couple that are just way bigger and better than most of the competition.

I personally try and test different webinar platforms pretty consistently to see which one is the best option at the time.

These is a ton of innovation in the space still so it’s nice to always be on the cutting edge.

Based on my research, I have come to the conclusion that for Evergreen & Automated Webinars EverWebinar is the best option & the best option for Live Webinars is WebinarJam.

You can try them for free for 14 Days aswell!

This decision is based on my Updated Comparison List of The Best Webinar Hosting Platforms Right Now.

I Compared all the top webinar platforms on these 6 Important Factors:

  • Features. Amazing features are definitely a necessity when it comes to follow-up, live chat, on boarding, video quality etc.
  • Pricing. Most of these software are pretty similar in price but there are some that are un-justifiably way more expensive.
  • Ease of Use. I’m not the most talented tech girl so I definitely appreciate an intuitive simple design that I can quickly learn.
  • Support. I hate waiting especially when I need something done quickly. Personally, if support is longer than 24 hours – that’s a red flag.
  • Design. This goes hand in hand with “Ease of Use” but I also love webinar platforms that allow amazing customization with their builders.
  • Reviews. Even though we’re marketers, we still value social proof and are still affected with what other people think of the products we’re considering.

I definitely understand if those aren’t the 6 elements that you prioritize the most especially but I think they are definitely really important factors to consider.

If you don’t like EverWebinar of WebinarJam for some reason, Livestorm & EasyWebinar are pretty decent alternatives as well.