Email Marketing For Hotels – Best Email Marketing Secrets For Hotels To Maximize Profits

It’s no secret that hotels rely on their reputation and customer reviews.

Although it has been hit with it’s fair share of problematic issues, the Hotel Industry is consistently ever-growing.

With the crazy expensive barrier of entry, successful hotel owners are constantly incentivized to nurture their reputation and look at different methods (or techniques) to optimize their ROI to help them expand into different locations or sectors.

One of the easiest ways to turn your newest clients into loyal long-term clients is by email marketing.

Email Marketing for Hotels is easily the best way to accomplish this goal without having to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Downsides of Email Marketing For Hotels

There are only two costs associated with email marketing for hotels:

  • Labour. 

You should definitely look into hiring an email marketing or copywriting expert to help increase the ROI of your campaigns and have someone constantly be on the look out for new email angles they can take to build rapport with your customers, effectively promote the services you provide at your hotel & showcase WHY people should choose you instead of the hotel nextdoor for their next retreat.

  • Email Marketing Software

This investment of this one generally scales depending on the amount of people on your list. With that being said, it’s fairly easy to get overwhelmed with the hundreds (or maybe thousands?) of available softwares that you can choose from.

We decided to take the lead and compare these hundreds of available softwares and find the only 5 options you should even consider. We decided to review these softwares based on 6 critical reasons:

  • Deliverability (likelihood of an email actually being delivered to your list’s inbox)
  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Design & Features
  • Customer Reviews

New Competitors always keep emerging, softwares are constantly updated and some softwares just can’t keep up so we make sure to update this review every single week.

Our most recent update to the list was made on 21st January 2022 but the #1 option has been #1 for months now.

Make sure to check it out right here!

Why You Need Email Marketing For Your Hotel Business

If I were to list every single upside of email marketing, I’d probably run out of space on this page.

With that being said, there are definitely a couple of key upsides especially for hotel businesses that might influence your decision whether or not you would want to implement email marketing in your hotel marketing approach. Here are the main 2 points:

  1. It’s the highest ROI Marketing Venue for Hotels

Most hotels live and die on reputation and word of mouth.

When it comes to growth, many hotel businesses either just rely on those two elements or try their hand at running advertising on a local level.

This is generally the best way to attain NEW CLIENTS however most of the profits as a hotel is made from repeat-customers.

Now, you can run endless retargeting campaigns to people that have been to your website but that ends up being super expensive – especially as a hotel where you rely on hitting customers at the right time & the right emotional space.

The upside with email marketing is you can be in-front of your customers every single day showcasing the emotions they feel at your hotel, the experiences, reviews etc without having to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This way not only are you consistently in front of your customers’ eyes but you’re building rapport & authority for completely free.

  1. Ability to Segment Based On Behavior

This is crazy useful.

One of the main ways that hotels are marketing themselves nowadays is sort of like a mall of services.

You have your spas, your restaurants, your gyms etc.

You can segment people based on their behaviour or choices and then promote specific services to them.

You can send them an email with a questionnaire that helps you segment your audience better and tag them as “Gym Goer” or “Skin Care” etc…

Now, you’ll have the ability to send emails to your ENTIRE list aswell with your general emails but targeted emails that are for people who specifically love a certain service tend to do way better and help drive clients back to your hotel even though they might not book nights – they’ll end up being recurring clients of specific shops your have in your hotel.

Best Email Marketing Software For Hotels

This would be the hardest part of this blog post for most people to follow since you have to try and test hundreds of email marketing softwares – but we’ve done that for you.

We analyzed all viable options based on deliverability, pricing, easy of use, customer support, design & customer reviews and decided to pick the best 5 options.

Here are the best email marketing softwares for hotels as of 21st January 2022.

How To Turn Potential Clients Into Long Term Happy Hotel Go-ers

The main way to utilize email marketing as a hotel is definitely by showcasing EXPERIENCES and EMOTIONS they feel in your environment.

The first step has to be getting them on your email list.

Now obviously the easiest way to get emails is by asking people that enter your hotel and book/buy something for the email and add them manually to your list but there is a way better scalable method.

I recommend giving away something for free in-exchange for the person’s email.

This could be just a free dinner or some % off a night from a hotel room.

I would promote that free offer locally to people currently in the radius of your hotel (you can go as wide as 50km but I’d recommend starting at a shorter distance) and run ads to the offer.

Once you get people on your list and take advantage of your offer, your goal is to become the #1 Go-To Hotel in their head.

You do this by creating a so-called “Indoctornation Sequence”.

You share with them rapport building stories, videos of other people going through experiences at your hotel & showing the emotional experiences of couples and friends going through your shops & rooms.

This will not only increase the likelihood of them going through with the free thing you gave them but it will put you in a very positive light in the eyes of your potential customers.

The goal here is to make them:

  • IMAGINE them already in the hotel
  • Make them WANT to have experiences they can tell their friends after they go 
  • Associate your hotel with POSITIVE FEELINGS that make them WANT to come and feel

After this indoctrination sequence, I’d recommend creating the survey & segmenting/tagging your audience based on “preferred services”, “relationship status”, “hobbies” etc…

What To Do Next?

Now that you know how necessary email marketing is for your hotel & how to do Email Marketing for Hotels, here are a couple of steps I recommend taking.

  1. Choose the Best Email Marketing Software based on our in-depth comparison analysis from the hundreds of options available out right now. (Last Updated 21st January 2022)
  1. Get a way more in-depth FREE training that you can teach one of your employees at the hotel from the 9-Figure Marketer Russel Brunson that will help you become even way more effective on your online marketing venture with your hotel business.