Why Email Marketing Is Better Than Social Media? (Important Factors)

Email Marketing is a necessary element of every profitable online business nowadays and social media is a danger to society.

A bit hyperbolic but in this article I’ll be sharing with you why email marketing is an element in your business that you should definitely prioritize over social media.

Let’s go!

Why Email Marketing Is Better Than Social Media?

Email Marketing will help you grow your own audience and you have full control on your messaging and delivery. With Social Media, you’re just attracting an audience that is interested in what you have to say but you have no control on your reach, your message delivery & you don’t own your following or audience.

Why Social Media Sucks For Marketing

You’re betting on consistently knowing every single element of the algorithm and keeping up with the changes they make to it WEEKLY.

Social Media can definitely be very useful for advertising but when it comes to organic reach – nah.

Most popular social medias nowadays are very Pay-To-Play.

You get way more attention to your posts when you invest in your posts even if you have a really large following.

There are a ton of constantly changing elements that make this really hard to contorl.

Facebook in particular really diminishes your reach with regular posts if you don’t post regularly, have high engagement on your posts & can remove any of your posts in a split second if they get a handful of reports (even from competitors).

Even Facebook Groups have their reach diminished!

Similar to Youtube, Facebook is trying to keep you on their Social Media as long as possible since that’s how they make the most amount of money through advertising.

This means that you won’t necessary get ALL the content from people or businesses that you have shown interest in in the past but you’ll be shown things that the Social Media thinks will keep you interested and engaged on the platform.

That’s why Facebook is a minefield of emotionally agitating posts be-it political or morally loaded.

Because it works.

As you can see, this is not the best environment to cultivate an amazing audience that you have a certain level of “control” over.

They won’t see all your posts.

They won’t even see your Brand Name if you don’t comply with what the NEW ALGORITHM wants from you.

The only real upside to social media when it comes to business is the ability to target your ideal audience through advertising.

You can target people based on Geo-location, past experiences, age, hobbies… EVERYTHING.

It has never been easier to put your business or even your offers in-front of people that are directly resembling your current customer pool.

Your main goal is to obviously turn the attention and clicks that you get through social media advertising into your own OWNED MEDIA.

These are mainly things like email lists and phone lists that easily allow you to contact people that you know like and trust your business to a level where they wanted to share some of their personal contact information.

But why should we even bother with Email Marketing?

How To Effectively Use Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the best methods to grow any business in any niche out there that has products to sell or value relationship building in their business.

As mentioned earlier, your email list is a group of people that intentional join your business’s audience because they already have a level of trust and rapport build with you.

After they join your list, THEY ARE YOURS FOREVER MUAHAHAHA

No but seriously…

There is no algorithm stopping you from messaging them.

There is no price you have to pay (except for the the email marketing software).

There is no limit on what you can see.

There is no limit on how frequent you can send them messages.

You can do whatever you want pretty much! (with some legal limitations obviously…)

The first step you need to take is create something to incentive people to actually join your email list.

You don’t want ANY people to join your email list to “grow a bigger number”… you want the RIGHT PEOPLE TO JOIN.

You want to put out a FREE bait out there that directly applies to what your business is about.

If you put out a Free CheatSheet on “How To Lose Weight With Keto”, people that aren’t into Keto or don’t even know it exists probably won’t sign up.

However, people that know about keto and how it might help you, will definitely be attracted to it and join your audience.

After they join your list, your goal is to build up value and authority with your newly found email list member.

Give as much value as you can and make them happy that they joined!

You want them to smile when they see your name (or business) in their inbox.

You want them to associate your email with positive emotions and not become “another business that just emails promotional stuff”.

Build so much value that it’s hard to not like you and what you stand for.

After you build that level of connection (generally even achievable after just the first week), you can start providing your solution.

The only thing that you need to make sure of is that the products you’re promoting here align with your past messaging and perception of your business.

Don’t sell some random vegan diet after you got them onto your list with a free cheatsheet about keto AND your last 7 emails were about keto.

That’s practically it!

  1. Use the right bait to attract the right fish
  2. Build a strong relationship with them through valuable information & authority
  3. Promote products semi-regularly to increase your bottom line and make a profit!

Best Email Marketing Software To Use

Now that you know how to do email marketing and why it’s infinitely superior to social media marketing, you need an email marketing software.

There are tens of really good options out there when it comes to Email Marketing Autoresponders.

I recommend that when choosing an email marketing software, you evaluate them on these 6 Important Factors:

  • Deliverability
  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Design & Features
  • Customer Reviews

I try comparing all the top email marketing softwares on these 6 factors pretty regularly as I always want to be on the cutting edge of things.

Here is my recently Updated Comparison List Of The Best Email Marketing Autoresponders!

TL;DR – GetResponse is miles ahead of most other Softwares but Aweber & SendX are really good alternatives to consider as well.