Email Marketing: 30 Things You Should Know

Email Marketing is the best free marketing method that online businesses use to predictable grow their business and sell more products.

With that being said, there are a ton of aspects and angles to email marketing that many people seem to misunderstand.

Here are 30 things that you need to know when it comes to email marketing:

What Does Email Marketing Do?

Email Marketing is the skill of building an email list for a business and consistently sending out emails to that list with an intention in mind. Generally the intention is either building value in the eyes of the consumer, increasing your rapport/authority or selling a product.

Is Email Marketing Considered Digital Marketing?

Email Marketing is one of the most popular and profitable forms of digital marketing as it helps create and push a customer on a journey for completely free.

How To Do Email Marketing Step-By-Step?

Here is a full blog post going over how to do email marketing step by step from complete scratch.

Why is Email Marketing Good?

Email Marketing is really good because it’s the best way to talk to your ideal customer for completely free and consistent send out your branding messages that will lead people to like you and your business more and lead to more sales.

How Can I Do Email Marketing?

To do all you need is a landing page to capture emails and an email marketing autoresponder that allows you to send emails to that email list.

Nowadays most email marketing autoresponders provide their own landing page builders but most of them suck.

However, these 5 Best Email Autoresponders have in-built landing page softwares that are actually really good. These email marketing autoresponders are compared based on features, ease of use, pricing, design and other important things to consider.

What Does Email Marketing Look Like?

In Email Marketing there are really two important actions that you need to constantly take:

  1. Creating Opt-In Pages. These are pages that are used to entice people that you want to become customers to join your email list. You usually want to entice these people with free gifts that they can’t really say no to. Make this a no-brainer for them that they have to trade their email to get the gift.
  1. Sending Emails to Email List. Once they’re on the email list, the job of an email marketer is to build a strong bond with the email list through value building emails, rapport building emails and authority showcasing emails. After you built a strong relationship, your goal is to maintain it while also promote your own products.

How Can Marketing Email Help Your Business?

Marketing through email can definitely help your business by helping you nurture a strong relationship on a platform that your audience considers as to be a “personal space!” and then promote your products as solutions.

Is Email Marketing Better Than Social Media?

I think they go hand in hand but email marketing is definitely better.

You don’t own your audience on social media but you own your audience on your email list.

You don’t know if your message will be seen by your entire audience on social media because of algorithms but you know that your entire email list will see your emails (unless you’re blocked).

Is Email Marketing Useful?

Email Marketing is definitely one of the best free methods to increase your business’s overall ROI and Sales without having to pay thousands in advertising and side costs. 

How To Become Email Marketing Specialist?

You need to spend years learning and perfecting your skill. This is done with consistent education, learning from your mistakes, analyzing your email marketing statistics and constantly aiming to optimize your results.

That is what truly separates a specialist from a regular email marketer.

How To Do Email Marketing on Shopify?

There are a ton of email marketing softwares and apps that can be easily implemented into shopify but I recommend you check out these 5 Best Email Marketing Softwares for Shopify.

How To Get Email Marketing Clients?

Getting email marketing clients is fairly easy. 

All you need to do is offer your services for free initially to online businesses that want to give you a shot so you can build up your resume.

Once you build up your CV a bit with some experience and recommendations, feel free to start applying to a ton of different jobs on popular job boards like Cult of Copy Job Board, Upwork & Indeed. 

Most businesses understand that email marketing is usually a contract-based job and they won’t restrict your employment to only working with one business.

If you want a more in depth guide on how to get email marketing clients, I wrote a full blog post on how toa get SEO clients that also applies to email marketing.

Why You Need Email Marketing?

You need Email Marketing because it’s the best free method to increase your business’s bottom like building strong relationships with your email list. 

Before email marketing you had to spend thousands of dollars on traditional & online marketing techniques to get in front of the same eyes.

Why Email Marketing Still Works?

Email Marketing still works because it’s the best and most effective way to communicate with people who are interested in what your business has to offer. You can literally send one message to an email list of 100,000 for completely free every single day. If you did that with any other marketing method, you’d need to pay $10,000+ everyday.

How To Start Building An Email Marketing List

I wrote a full blog post going over how you can start doing email marketing without an email list.

Is Email Marketing Course?

There are a ton of email marketing courses however I recommend taking this $100 Funnel Challenge that will not only teach you how a 9-figure marketer grew his business with email marketing but also goes over how to predictably start a profitable online business.

Can Email Marketing Automation?

Email Marketing can definitely be automated. All you need to do is choose an email marketing autoresponder that allows you to do this and then create email marketing sequences that trigger one after another. This is generally done by adding a 1-day delay (or more) after an email is sent out.

How Does Email Marketing Work?

Email Marketing has two important aspects to it.

The first step is the trade of the email for something of value. The email list owner tries to entice consumers to join his email list by putting out “bait” that entices people interested in that topic to trade their email for that bait.

Once someone gives their email, they’re added to an email marketing list. This means that the email list owner can send as many emails as they want to that person through their email marketing autoresponder!

It’s generally advised to not be spammy and send no more than one email everyday while also writing about topics that the email list expects.

After that, the email list owner starts sending periodic emails that generally have the end-goal of selling products to that email list.

Why Email Marketing is Better Than Social Media?

You own your audience/email list through email marketing but not on social media.

Apart from that, social media is entirely dependant on their particular algorithm and they choose wheter or not they want to promote your posts or not.

Through email marketing, you know that your entire email list will receive your email unless you got blocked.

What is Email Marketing For?

Email Marketing is mainly for businesses that want to have an effective way to communicate with their audience. Through his communication, businesses can strengthen their relationship with their audience and increase their sales.

What is Email Marketing Plan?

An Email Marketing Plan is a “plan of attack” that is strategically created by the business to help more effectively turn their email list members into customers and eventually long-term raving clients.

Create An Email Marketing Template?

Most email marketing templates are not worth your time and will actually put your email in your email list’s promotional tab. It’s generally advised to have a pretty simple email marketing templates with black and white text but if you want the best email marketing templates, I recommend checking out this Comparison List of The Best Email Marketing Autoresponders.

What is Email Marketing Called?

Email Marketing is called… Email Marketing.

What is Email Marketing Autoresponder?

An Email Marketing Autoresponder is an online software that helps businesses easily build up lists of emails and gives businesses the ability to contact these email lists with their promotional messaging.

There are a ton of email marketing autoresponders nowadays and most of them differ when it comes to email deliverability, features, pricing, design, customer reviews and many more important things to consider.

We created a short overview of the Best 5 Email Marketing Autoresponders as of 21st January 2022.

What is Email Marketing All About?

Email Marketing is all about businesses being able to effectively build relationships with their audiences through rapport building emails and send out emails that promote their brand & products.

What is Email Marketing For Small Business?

Email Marketing is the best digital marketing technique for Small Businesses to incorporate. The ability to build a relationship with your target audience & sell your products at scale is unbeatable.

Is Email Direct Marketing?

Yes. You’re literally directly contacting your ideal customers through email.

Can You Make Email Marketing?

Anyone can definitely make email marketing! All you need is an email marketing autoresponder software.

Is Email Marketing Bad?

No, it’s only bad if horrible digital marketers try to do it. If you’re a skilled educated digital marketer, it’s one of the most powerful forms of marketing you can incorporate in any modern day business!

How To Email Digital Marketing?

Email Marketing is fairly simple to do. 

All you need is an email marketing autoresponder and a landing page creator.

Now you need to create a landing page that entices your ideal customer to want to trade their email for the free thing that you’re giving them. This is generally either a free PDF or free guide or something of that sort.

After they trade their email for this free thing, they’re added to your email marketing autoresponder list. Now that they’re on the list, you need to create strategic plan of attack.

You need to create a plan that builds rapport and authority with your audience, provides value and promotes your products.

I recommend only having one goal per email so that readers don’t get overwhelmed and they have a clear call-to-action at the end of the email.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know way more about email marketing, here are a couple of helpful resources that I think you should definitely check out!

  1. Make a more informed decision and check out our Best Email Marketing Autoresponders compared on deliverability, features, design, pricing and much more.
  1. Get the Best FREE Online Marketing Books that every Entrepreneur needs to read.
  1. Take the Funnel Challenge that will hand-hold you through the entire process and help you build a profitable business from scratch.

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