Email Marketing: 25 Things You Need To Know

Email marketing is a necessary part of any online marketing endeavour that any business can partake in.

The power that email marketing has is unbeatable.

Most other marketing efforts that you’ll be using in your business will require either a ton of time or capital to consistently communicate with your ideal audience members and sell your products.

Email Marketing allows you to build value and sell your products for completely free while also create an asset of emails that you own.

Here are 25 things that you need to know when it comes to email marketing:

Opt-In Email Marketing Best Practices

Make sure that your opt-in page is fairly simplistic.

Don’t overcomplicate things just to potentially increase your conversion rates by 0.01%.

Have your title, email input field and sign-up button.

You can add that proof pop up that shows when someone signed-up as a form of social proof but don’t add a ton of things that distract from the main goal of the page.

Does Cold Email Marketing Work?

Nowadays with the new GDPR regulations, cold email marketing is seen as illegal in many countries. 

This does not apply to all forms of email as cold-email outreach is definitely fine but the explicit addition of someone’s email to an email list without their consent and sending them emails is definitely not considered as legal.

Is Email Marketing The Best?

Email Marketing is definitely the best thing that you can add to your traditional or online business. The ability to build an audience that  you own and be able to send them emails that strengthen your relationship, build your perceived value and offer your products for completely FREE is unbeatable.

Why is Email Marketing So Important?

Email Marketing is definitely crucial in any modern day business. As mentioned in the question above, the upsides that email marketing provides to any business are immeasurable.

Email Marketing is not only important… but ESSENTIAL to succeed in today’s business world.

Check out our blog post on how to do email marketing with no email list.

Who is Email Marketing Guru?

There are a ton of email marketing “gurus” that teach email & online marketing to people who are interested in this digital space.

Unfortunately, most of these gurus and untrustworthy and don’t have the experience they claim to have and they’re only teaching their techniques to eventually sell you on a $997 course.

With that being said, there are a ton of credible email marketers that definitely walk the road you’re trying to learn.

One that comes to mind is Russel Brunson and he has 3 amazing FREE books that I think every email & online marketer need to read to even have a chance in this industry.

What is Email Marketing Do?

Email Marketing allows businesses to send emails on a consistent basis to an audience they build and own through their online marketing efforts.

Generally business aim to build trust and value with their email marketing audience and then promote their products!

Is Email Marketing Inbound or Outbound?

Email Marketing is considered Inbound Marketing. This is because the act of people opting into your email list is definitely a gain for you and generally the person that signs-up is the one landing on your site and becoming part of your audience.

With that being said, there are a couple of outbound traffic strategies that might lead people to becoming a part of your email list however the act of email marketing is definitely inbound.

How to Get Email Marketing Lists?

Don’t buy them. The main way to grow an email marketing list is by:

  1. Choose one of the Best Email Marketing Autoresponders
  1. Create an opt-in page that allows the visitors to trade their own email for something of value to them (preferably pertaining to your business)
  1. Promote that opt-in page on your social media channels or through social media advertising and you’ll gradually start getting new email list members
  1. Optimize this process by looking at your cost per acquisition, opt-in rates and other important KPIs and tweaking them.

Is Email Marketing Illegal?

No, it’s definitely legal.

An Illegal behavior that some email marketers take part in is the sending of unsolicited emails to people that haven’t intentionally signed up to their email list at scale however most email marketers don’t fall under this umbrella.

Are Email Campaigns Successful?

Email Marketing campaigns are only as successful as you make them out to be.

If you write persuasive copy, attention grabbing headlines and clear call to actions that resonate with your audience – you’re on the right track!

How To Find Email Marketing Clients?

Get in front of people looking for email marketers, showcase your results & expertise… get hired!

There is seriously no easier way to get email marketing clients by searching on online job board (preferably Digital Marketing oriented) and apply.

If you consistently apply to the hundreds of jobs posted every week on these job boards, you’re bound to land a couple of clients!

We also wrote another blog post on How To Get SEO Clients – but this also applies to email marketing clients.

How To Calculate Email Marketing ROI?

It’s really hard to see what clicks are driving sales and how many clicks you’re getting but the best email marketing autoresponders allow you to easily see and calculate your email marketing ROI.

We tried 50+ of the most popular email autoresponders and compared them based on:

  • Deliverability
  • Features
  • Design
  • Customer Reviews

… and much more!

Here is our Comparison List Of The Best Email Marketing Autoresponders (as of 22nd January 2022).

How To Learn Email Marketing For Free?

The best way to learn email marketing and online marketing in general is from these two free resources that have already helped thousands of entrepreneurs grow their successful businesses online.

  1. Get these 3 FREE Online Marketing Books that will teach you how to start your own business, how to write persuasive email marketing copy & how to turn your visitors into raving customers.
  1. Watch this FREE WebClass that I think every entrepreneur looking to succeed in business needs to watch.

Does Email Marketing Really Work?

It definitely does! The only reason that it might not not be working for you is because your copy doesn’t intrigue your audience to click,  build value & rapport , persuade them about your products or have a clear call to action.

How Can Email Marketing Help My Business?

It can help you build an asset of people that you own and effectively take your audience through a journey that you decide.

The most common journey that online marketers have found success with is the journey that initially aims at building rapport & authority with their audience and then promote their products with added urgency/scarcity.

What Are Email Marketing Metrics?

Email Marketing Metrics are important metrics to keep in mind when sending out emails. These metrics are generally surrounding the behavior of your email list to the emails you’re sending out.

These metrics are about what % of people are reading your emails, how many of them are clicking on your email headlines and how many of them actually click through to your business link from your emails.

Most businesses look at these metrics and try to understand why the numbers are so low or so high and use their numbers to influence their email marketing going forward.

How Email Marketing Make Money?

Email Marketing allows you to communicate with your target audience for completely free (apart from the affordable email autoresponder cost) so the ROI is pretty high once you get a good understanding on how to effectively communicate through email marketing.

I recommend that you read (or listen to) this FREE book that goes way more in-depth on how to effectively write copy that persuades people even through email marketing.

The main idea is that once your audience members join your email list you over-deliver with the valuable information and content that you provide so that they perceive you as likeable and as an authority and then sell them products!

Is Email Marketing Owned Media?

The act of email marketing is not owned media but your email list is definitely owned media. 

This means that you can take your email list to any other email autoresponder that you might use in the future unlike your social media audience. Social Media followings are not owned media but more-like distributed media.

How Much Email Marketing Cost?

There is only one cost that you need to consider when doing email marketing… and that’s the email autoresponder.

There are hundreds of options out there and most of them are super expensive but here are the 5 Best Email Marketing Softwares compared on affordability, features, deliverability & other important features.

Generally the pricing is under $100 per month if you have a fairly small email list but the amount keeps scaling depending on how many people you have on your list.

Is Email Marketing Free?

Sending out emails is definitely free!

The only cost generally associated with email marketing is the email autoresponder that generally charges a fee every month depending on how big your email list is.

Is Email Marketing Worth It?

If you think that growing an email list that you own and having the ability to contact your ideal customer for completely free without having to be worried that your message might not be delivered or that you have to pay crazy advertising budgets to contact them, then it’s definitely worth it!

Do Email Marketing Right?

There is no real “right way” to do email marketing.

However, most successful digital marketing business tend to follow the popular model of “Jab, Jab, Right Hook”.

This model implies that you send one two value based emails that build rapport & provide value to your audience without really asking for anything in return and in the third email you pitch them something associated with the emails you just sent.

Repeat this forever!

This is not a set-in-stone method and should definitely be altered depending on your industry and business model. You can add more value emails per promotional email that you send out.

What is Email Marketing Job?

An email marketing job is a job centered about email marketing… duh!

This means that the employee is in charge of creating emails consistently, creating opt-in pages for email marketing campaigns and handling all the email marketing optimizations necessary.

Why Email Campaigns Are Important?

Email Campaigns are the best way to effectively communicate with your target audience for completely free and strengthen your relationship with all your audience members.

This will lead to way higher churn rates on your recurring products and way more sales.

Are You Using Email Marketing?

If you are, props!

If you’re not, you need to start using email marketing in your business. Most online businesses directly equate most of their success & profitability to their email marketing efforts.

If you don’t care about growth or profits or impact at all then feel free to not incorporate email marketing in your business but as your older sister I suggest that you either start doing it right now or look more into email marketing – you won’t regret it!

If you want to start with email marketing I recommend checking the Final Thoughts section below.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know way more about email marketing, here are a couple of helpful resources that I think you should definitely check out!

  1. Make a more informed decision and check out our Best Email Marketing Autoresponders compared on deliverability, features, design, pricing and much more.
  1. Get the Best FREE Online Marketing Books that every Entrepreneur needs to read.
  1. Take the Funnel Challenge that will hand-hold you through the entire process and help you build a profitable business from scratch.