Email Marketing: 20 Things You Should Know

Email Marketing is a necessary element in every online business.

The ability to build rapport, build authority and sell your products for completely free to your audience is crazy.

The main thing you need to consider is what email marketing software you choose to use.

Most of these have horrible features, bad design, bad deliverability and too expensive.

After trying more than 50 email marketing autoresponders, I have 5 Best Email Marketing Softwares that I recommend depending on what your needs are.

Here are 20 things you need to know about email marketing:

Why Email Marketing is Effective?

Email Marketing is so effective because it’s the best free digital marketing method available to consistently contact your ideal audience with messages that will help increase your sales or brand awareness.

How Much is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is free for the most part.

The only thing you have to consider are the email marketing software costs.

There are hundreds of options out there but these 5 are the Best Email Marketing Autoresponders compared on Deliverability, Features, Pricing, Ease of Use and other important factors.

What is Email Marketing for Real Estate?

Email Marketing can help Realtors have direct contact with people that are buyers and sellers of property.

Ideally realtors should segment their email list based on many different things like income, location & contact information.

Is Email Marketing Organic?

It’s organic in  the sense that the people signing up to an email list are intentionally joining it for a particular reason without being paid to do so.

However, most of the time, businesses tend to pay for paid ads to drive targeted traffic to lead pages that can gather that audience’s emails.

What is Email Marketing Course?

An Email Marketing Course is a course that goes in-depth on email marketing strategies that will help turn you from a beginner into an expert email marketing copywriter.

With that being said, most email marketing courses are just regurgitated and sold to make money off you and aren’t worth your time.

The only Email Marketing & Digital Marketing Course that I recommend is the Funnel Challenge that will help take you from zero to a fully-fledged business throughout the process.

Is Email Marketing Effective?

Yes. It’s only as effective as the marketer writing the email copy & creating the email marketing funnel is.

How To Make Email Marketing?

First you need an email marketing software that is perfect for you.

Then you’ll need to create a landing page to capture people’s emails.

These landing pages can either be created with some of these email marketing software or specific landing page and sales funnel builders that are specifically built for this purpose.

Finally, you need to drive traffic to these landing pages and capture your target audience’s email.

I recommend checking out our free blog post that goes more in-depth on this method.

Why Email Marketing is Not Effective?

The only reason email marketing is not effective for you is because you haven’t built enough value, authority & rapport with your audience.

People buy stuff from businesses that they like and trust (generally) so if they don’t, they won’t buy.

What is Email Marketing Checklist?

An email marketing checklist is a checklist that you create yourself that you can follow every time you create a new email or email campaign.

The main goal of this checklist is that you don’t miss ANYTHING that helped you successfully create an email campaign in the past.

Why Email Marketing is Important For Small Business?

Email Marketing is not only important… but NECESSARY for small businesses.

The ability to contact your target audience and past customers for completely free while increasing your brand awareness and increasing your sales is amazing.

However, if you don’t want to grow your small business or want to stay as the “store around the corner” then that’s completely fine!

Is Email Marketing Hard?

No. You just need to learn from credible teachers that have done email marketing and copywriting for decades and have successfully generated 7, 8 or even 9 figures through their online marketing journey – like Russel Brunson!

Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?

Yes? Hello?

Please if you’re even asking this question, go create a free account with one of these email marketing autoresponders and start getting leads.

You’ll thank me for telling you this in the future but I definitely think that you NEED email marketing in your business and you’re leaving alot of money and growth on the table if you don’t.

How To Do Email Marketing For Clients?

Here is a short blog post going over the best way of getting SEO Clients that you can also apply to email marketing!

Read the blog post here.

How Email Marketing Helps Business?

Email Marketing will help your business by giving you the ability to build an audience that loves and trusts you through emails that build rapport & authority while also promoting your products for completely free instead of having to pay thousands of dollars in ad spend and marketing costs.

How To Grow Email Marketing List?

Here is a completely free blog post of how you can grow your own email marketing list from complete scratch.

Why is Email Marketing Use?

Email Marketing is used to nurture new people that enter your business’s world, turn them into loyal fans and eventually convert them into raving customers through  strategic email sequences.

What is Email Marketing Manager?

An Email Marketing Manager is generally someone in a company with more than 50+ employees that overlooks email marketers in the business below him.

He gives them what kinds of emails to write, how to segment email lists, analyzes the copy of the emails they write and helps them optimize their open rates & click-through rates through thorough analysis.

What Email Marketing Should I Use?

I recommend that you choose one of these 5 Email Marketing Autoresponders.

There are hundreds of email marketing softwares out there but these 5 are the best autoresponders when it comes to:

  • Deliverability
  • Features
  • Design
  • Customer Support
  • Pricing
  • Customer Reviews

This list was last updated on 6th December 2021.

Is Shopify Email Marketing Good?

Yes most E-Commerce stores say that 30-40% of their sales come through their email marketing efforts so you definitely need email marketing in your Shopify store.

This can be fairly simplistic email marketing sequences like Cart Abandonment Email Sequences, Holiday Promotion Email Sequences, Sales Indoctornation Email Sequences & Brand Relatability Email Sequences

What are Email Marketing Platforms?

Email Marketing Platforms are online softwares or autoresponders that let businesses communicate with their personal email list as often as they want with emails that they construct.

Check out the Best 5 Email Marketing Platforms here!

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how CRUCIAL email marketing could be to your business, here are a couple of necessary resources that I recommend to every online marketer that wants to excel with email marketing.

  1. Check out our Best Email Marketing Autoresponder Comparison List to find the best software for you based on deliverability, ease of use, pricing, design & features.
  1. Check out this FREE Webclass that will teach you a Weird funnel secret that is currently being used by an underground group of entrepreneurs to sell almost anything.