Email Marketing: 18 Things You Should Know

Email Marketing is by far one of the best marketing methods that any business could implement.

The hardest part of email marketing is choosing the right email marketing autoresponder to go with since there are 100s of options with different features, design, customer feedback and deliverability scores. We made a short updated comparison list of the Best Email Marketing Autoresponders for you.

Here are 18 things that you need to know about Email Marketing:

What is Email Marketing Automation?

Email Marketing Automation is the skill of building email marketing sequences that lead members of your email list to a specific goal. 

Email Marketing Automation is generally effective because most of the Email Marketing Autoresponders allow you to set “triggers” that help you send our emails consistently based on your email list’s behaviour.

There are a multitude of different triggers but the most common one are based around how much time passed or a certain action that an audience member does.

How To Improve Email Marketing Performance?

I would recommend looking at how you interact with your own inbox.

What makes you click an email?

What got your attention?

Why did that happen?

What makes you want to click-through to an email and then click on the link?

Apart from that, I recommend reading our free blog post on Email Marketing Optimization.

How Often Should Email Marketing Be Sent?

Depends on what kind of emails you send out and accustomed your audience is to your emails.

The general go-to schedules are either daily, bi-weekly or weekly.

What is Email Marketing Online?

Email Marketing Online is the skill of sending emails to a particular audience that was cultivated through some marketing efforts with the goal of leading that audience towards a particular goal.

The goal is generally either sales or building brand awareness.

How Long has Email Marketing Been Around?

I would say that it exploded in popularity & profitability in the past 8 years but the skill of turning readers into buyers through email marketing has definitely been around since email was created.

Is Email Marketing Profitable?

Yes! Most people that fail with email marketing generally fail on 2 aspects:

  1. They choose horrible Email Marketing Softwares to send their emails through. You need to make sure you choose the right one that has amazing deliverability, best useful features and simple easy to use design. That’s why we wrote our update comparison list of the Best Email Marketing Softwares for you to consider!
  1. Education. Most email marketers either get horrible email marketing information from not-so-credible sources or fail to effectively implement the information given. Although I can’t really help how you implement the information, I definitely recommend taking this $100 Funnel Challenge that will cover everything you need to know about building a profitable online business including crucial information when it comes to email marketing.

What is Email Marketing and its Benefits?

Email Marketing is the skill of sending emails to an audience that signed-up to become part of your email list and effectively communicate with the email list to increase brand likeability & sales.

The main upside of email marketing is that it’s essentially free to communicate with your email list (apart from the email autoresponder cost) and they have already proven to be interested in what you have to offer enough to share their email with you.

How to Clean Email Marketing List?

Most email marketing autoresponders give you the ability to remove members on your email list based on how they have interacted with your email marketing in the past. Generally you’d want to remove people after 30+ days of no opens and autoresponders like GetResponse, Aweber & SendX allow this.

What is Email Marketing Business?

An email marketing business is a business that mainly relies on selling products through their email marketing efforts based on the rapport & authority they built with their email list.

Click here to check out our free blog post on how to do this!

Why Email Marketing is the Best?

It’s free to communicate with the people that have already shown interest in your business/brand.

It’s amazing to build value in the eyes of your customer since you’re constantly in their “safe space” inbox.

It’s by far the fastest way to contact thousands of people (depending on email list size) with just 3 clicks.

How Can Email Marketing Fuel Your Overall Inbound Strategy?

Email Marketing can help you increase your overall sales by building effective email marketing sequences that are intentionally created with a goal in mind.

You need to create a sequence that initially aims at building VALUE in the eyes of your reader/list and eventually pre-frames your products/solutions effectively to get them to click over to your sales pages.

Why Email Marketing Matters?

Every single successful business needs email marketing, unless they hate profit & growth.

If you hate profit & growth, email marketing shouldn’t matter.

If you’re not part of that group, email marketing matters because it’s the most effective way to talk to your audience for completely free without being at the foot of a social media algorithm and it’s also the best way to promote your products since you can target your segmented lists based on what wording/approach you think will work most effectively with them.

How Drip Email Marketing Works?

Drip Email Marketing works so well because the drip sequence is generally created with an intent in mind. 

Email after Email in the drip sequence, you’re pushing your email list toward a particular end.

This is generally done by providing value in the initially emails in the drip campaigns without asking for anything in return and eventually lead up to the “climax” of pitching your products.

How Long Should Email Marketing Be?


Honestly, why would you stop your email marketing efforts?

The only reasons why you should question how long your email marketing efforts should be is because you might think that your time is more valuable elsewhere or your price of sending out emails is too expensive.

When it comes to sending emails, all of the best email marketing autoresponders don’t charge based on the amount of emails sent but based on the amount of CONTACTS you have on your list – so that shouldn’t be a concern.

When it comes to allocating your time to the “most valuable thing”, I definitely think that allocating time to writing emails is definitely a priority.

With that being said, I’m not saying create an email sequence that goes on for 1,000 days on your first week of email marketing.

I recommend you create a fairly long email sequence that makes sense and has some intent behind it (as mentioned in the question above this) that you add-to fairly regularly.

Apart from that you can also commit to writing 2-7 emails per week and send them out as Live Emails for new products or things you want to promo.

How Email Marketing Helps Your Business?

Email Marketing helps you build an email list that you OWN (unlike social media channels) that you can send emails to with different intents like building value, agitating issues in the industry & selling your products.

What is Email Marketing Testing?

Email Marketing Testing is regularly known as Split Testing. 

This is where you test a ton of different email marketing techniques and approaches to your emails and tweak based on the analytics.

If a certain type of email yields a better open rate than the rest, you’ll have successfully tested and found out a “winner”. Now the goal is understand what made it a winner

This applies to all other metrics like Click-Through Rate, Readability Score and many more.

How Email Marketing is Effective?

It’s free to communicate with the people that have already shown interest in your business/brand.

It’s amazing to build value in the eyes of your customer since you’re constantly in their “safe space” inbox.

It’s by far the fastest way to contact thousands of people (depending on email list size) with just 3 clicks.

What is Email Marketing Disadvantages?

There are two disadvantages of email marketing.

  1. The first one is Regret. When you start doing email marketing and start seeing results from your efforts, you feel regret that you didn’t start it sooner.
  1. The second disadvantage is the price of the email autoresponder that you choose to use. This is a fairly small disadvantage given all the upsides but many people seem to hate investing in monthly subscriptions (even if they help their business). I do recommend that you check out our Best Email Marketing Autoresponder List that will help you see what is the most affordable option however.

How To Write Email Marketing Copy?

  • Grab Attention.
  • Short Sentences.
  • Make It Easy To Ready.
  • Invoke Emotion From Reader.
  • Pre-Frame Your Products… Don’t Sell On Email.
  • Give Clear Call To Actions.
  • Add A P.S. At The End For Scrollers.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know way more about email marketing, I recommend that you check out these handful of resources that will make your journey with email marketing way easier and more profitable!

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