Email Marketing: 13 Things You Should Know

Email Marketing is the best way for businesses to consistently be able to talk to their clients and provide their products/services without having to pay for advertising.

Here are 13 things that you need to know about Email Marketing:

Does Mass Email Marketing Work?

Depends what you mean with mass email marketing but if you mean ethically grow an email list and send them emails consistently about your specific products and services at scale then definitely yes!

If you mean buying an email list and spamming them with emails about random stuff they might be interested… then no.

How Do You Automate Email Marketing?

Most of the Best Email Marketing Softwares allow you to set up email sequence. 

These email sequences are, as the name suggests, sequences of emails that are prompted by certain triggers.

These emails are sent automatically whenever a trigger is “complete”.

Generally the triggers are surrounding time delays or actions taken.

For example, you send an email and then after 1 day the next email is sent.

What is Email Marketing Apps?

Email Marketing Apps are softwares that are intentionally built for email marketers and digital businesses to allow them to build email lists of people interested in their brand/products & give them the ability to send that email list… emails.

How Much is Email Marketing Service?

Generally it depends on who is the email marketer or business providing it.

Some newer email marketers charge $50 or $100 per email depending on length, goals etc.

Some email marketers only work on retainers and those can vary from $2,000/Month up to $20,000/Month.

What Does Email Marketing Include?

Email Marketing includes 2 main elements.

  1. The Capturing of Email. These are generally enticed by the email list owner by giving away some of free that people perceive as to be valuable. In return, the email marketer gets the audience member’s email in-exchange for the item.
  1. Sending Emails. Now that the audience member is added to the list, the email list owner can send them as many emails as humanly possible. The general goal for most email marketers is to initially nurture the email list by building trust, rapport & authority and then lead the email list into buying some of their products.

Is Email Marketing Cost Effective?

Email Marketing is the most cost effective method of digital marketing. 

There are almost no costs apart from the email marketing software (some of which are super affordable) and the price generally scales up depending on the size of your email list.

There are a ton of businesses that pay for social media advertising to garner a faster & more consistent flow of leads into the email list but then the ROI is entirely on a case-by-case basis.

If you’re paying $2 per lead but lead will give you an average ROI of 2x then it’s worth scaling as fast as possible!

Why Email Marketing Doesn’t Work?

Email Marketing only doesn’t work because 1 of 2 things.

  1. Your Copy Sucks. If you don’t know how to write concise emails with a goal in-mind and get people to open your emails, you’re starting off on a wrong foot. You need to clearly identify what the goal of a particular email is and then write an email & subject line directly on that topic.
  1. Your Email Autoresponder Sucks. There are 100s of autoresponders nowadays so it can be hard to find the best one. Most of them have horrible deliveraiblity so your emails aren’t even getting delivered to the inbox of your email list members. Here are the Best Email Marketing Autoresponder with the best deliverability, features and pricing.

Is Email Marketing Content Marketing?

Yes email marketing is definitely a form of content marketing.

What is Email Marketing ROI?

Email Marketing ROI is how much return you get on the investment you put into your email marketing efforts.

Email Marketing ROI is generally super high since your only real cost is the affordable email marketing autoresponder that you pick.

You can choose to pay for a copywriter as well & paid ads to drive traffic to your email capture page but generally email marketing is one of the venues with the best ROI in digital marketing.

How To Improve Your Email Marketing?

Write thought provoking & captivating subject lines that grab attention.

Write short sentences that will make your reader want to keep reading.

Make clear calls to actions in your emails for actions you want them to take.

Add a “P.S.” at the end of the email for the scrollers and give a quick recap.

How To Grow Your Email Marketing List?

Drive traffic to your email capture page using either free traffic, paid traffic or one of these 20 virtually unknown methods and consistently put it in front of your target audience!

How Is Email Marketing Done?

Email Marketing is basically when a business trades something of value for free for a consumer’s email.

This could be many things like free infographics, free courses, free videos etc…

Then once the consumer is on the email list, the business can contact them with value building  emails & product pitch emails as often as they want (unless the consumer unsubscribes from the list).

Final Thoughts

Now that you know way more about email marketing, here are a couple of helpful resources that I think you should definitely check out!

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