How Much To Charge For Email Marketing

Email Marketing is not just a commodity nowadays – it’s a necessity.

Most businesses realize this and the ones that don’t either end up failing or figuring out way too late.

After doing digital marketing for 10+ years, we can happily say that we’re one of the businesses that always tried to help push people to incorporate Email Marketing in their business as early as 2015.

With that being said, many growing businesses tend to try and effectively outsource this part of this business to someone that is specialized in the field – and smartly so!

Choosing between spending a couple of months learning and optimizing your own email marketing when you can hire someone to do Email Marketing for your business that has years of experience, an amazing portfolio and open to working together with you to grow your business.

Obviously, you can also be on the other end of the relationship!

You can be the person contracted to write emails for the business.

The upside of being an hireable Email Marketer is that this position is generally a contracted “freelance” position.

This means that you can work with multiple businesses in different fields and work with as many clients as you can or want without losing your efficiency or effectiveness of your copy.

The first question hireable Email Marketers ask is generally “how to find clients” but the next obvious question is “how much to charge for Email Marketing?”.

We’re going to explore these questions and hopefully help get you to a position where you can comfortably start your email marketing businesses and scale your email marketing business to your dream goal by knowing how much to charge for email marketing.

With that being said, let’s jump into this article about How Much to Charge For Email Marketing!

Why Provide Email Marketing For Businesses

You probably already know the endless upsides of email marketing AND you’re already aware of the benefits of providing email marketing for businesses as a freelancer or agency.

With that being said, I do think that many people don’t fully grasp the upsides of this business model and hopefully some of these will motivate you even more to a point where you can see how attainable even the higher goals of these business models are. Here are the main 2 takeaways: 

  1. Everything Depends On You

This might seem scary at first but it’s actually quite liberating. Many business models have a ton of variables like emotional impulses, intrinsic product quality, customer behaviour changes, “trends” and other… 

When it comes to this email marketing business model, there really aren’t any impactful things that you don’t have control on.

You control the prospecting.

You control the outreach.

You control your own portfolio.

You control how much you charge (to some extent).

You control how likeable you come across to potential clients.

You control the quality of work you provide to clients.

You control the conversion rates of the email sequences you write.

You control how long you retain a client to keep you around.

You control how many hours you work and how effectively you use those hours.

You control how many clients you bring in.

It’s all in your hands!

  1. Scalability 

Now the main issue that many people see in this Email Marketing business is that you only have 24 hours in a day.

Most people would like to make six or even seven figures a year with outsourcing email marketing for businesses however you also don’t want to:

  • Get super overwhelmed
  • Write emails all-day everyday
  • Lose your quality & focus while writing emails

However, most people don’t understand that you can turn your freelancing email marketing into an agency model and have email marketers under you doing most of the work.

This mainly relies on you doing effective research on email marketers that provide quality work that you can work with and then you can link business owners with your email marketers and you get a cut of the profits!

With these two points in mind, that you might’ve already known, now you’re probably excited to start finding potential clients for your email marketing business.

How To Find Email Marketing Clients

The best place to find fish is in the nearest lake… but not at a music studio.

You need to find where your prospects are and go there.

Most business owners are generally on Linkedin so the first thing I recommend is create an appealing profile on LinkedIn sharing all your wins, achievements, knowledge etc when it comes to email marketing.

Then your next step is to start looking for business owners in the industries you have testimonials in.

If you don’t have any testimonials, I’d recommend creating some template examples of your writing in your portfolio that you can show prospective clients.

Make sure you’re going into an industry that is fairly familiar with online marketing & email marketing even though nowadays most of them implement some of the basic online marketing techniques.

I’d recommend getting the Sales Navigator on linkedin so you can filter down even more into your best prospective clients. Sales Navigator allows you to filter by employee count, industry, location, revenue and way more important factors.

After finding these prospects, I recommend starting a simple conversation and focus on building rapport. 

Then, your main goal is to try and find some pain points in their business and sometimes try sprinkling in that you do email marketing. 

After a while, your main goal is to lead to a scheduled call where you can ask questions and probe what their email marketing leads are.

Start with fairly generic questions and eventually lead into your email marketing. Here your main goal is to make the potential client understand how valuable doing email marketing is, how effective your copywriting skills are in email marketing and pitch him your very own solution.

When it comes to How Much To Charge For Email Marketing, here are some of the general tips you need to keep in mind.

General Tips For Charging For Email Marketing

Flexible but don’t “Yes” to anything.

There are many different models of charging for email marketing.

Many people charge $50 for a short email and double that for a long email.

Many people charge only retainers per month.

Many people also decide to go the commission route and charge less per month but a good commission rate % of what revenue comes from email.

This really depends on what agreement you decide to come to on the call and what the goals/needs are of your client.

Most people aren’t comfortable immediately paying $8,000 – $20,000 per month to an email marketer that reached out to them with a portfolio and an offer.

The most common progression is generally:

  • Test a couple emails with $100 – $500 per email depending on your level of skill, trust, experience, authority & confidence in a certain niche.
  • Come to a re-agreement on monthly retainers with a certain amount of deliverable email amount (might fluctuate on the month since Q4 month generally need more work)
  • Potentially scale to a monthly + commission structure depending on how the business is set up

I recommend you charge $50 – $500 per email depending on what you think your perceived level of experience and authority is from a prospective client’s point of view.

If everything about you seems super “nooby” or new-ish email marketer with maybe some experience trying to do freelance email marketing for a couple of businesses, you should probably charge on the lower end.

If everything about your profile seems to suggest you have loooong experiences with a ton of amazing testimonials from huge businesses, you should lean towards the top end of that spectrum. Some email marketers even charge way more than $500 up to $1,000+ per email.

With that being said, obviously you don’t want to lie about your achievements or quality of work but keep in mind that perception is reality.

When it comes to monthly retainers, most people are aware that digital marketing services are fairly expensive and generally pay low six figures per year. This model also scales and some people even charge up to $60,000 per month since it’s still a super positive ROI for the business owner to charge.

This usually depends on the niche and products that are being sold.

A small businesses that sells ecommerce that already has a tight 20-30% margin on their products will probably not be able to pay $60,000 per month but more likely to be open to a $2,000 – $8,000 contract.

After you come up with a price, you need to choose a email marketing software for your client.

Choosing Email Marketing Software For Your Clients

Now most times, you won’t need to do this step as they already have an email list or have this all set up.

However, some businesses will also tell you that they need to set it up from scratch (that you can charge for or outsource) and you need to choose an email marketing software to use.

Now, as you know, there are hundreds of email marketing software options available right now.

This overwhelming number of options is super annoying to thoroughly analyze – so we decided to do that for you!

We looked at the top 50 email marketing softwares and chose the best 5 email marketing softwares compared based on: 

  • Deliverability
  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Design / Features
  • Customer Reviews

This email marketing software review was last updated on 21st January 2022 and it will show you exactly what the best email marketing software is for your needs.

Check out what is CURRENTLY the best email marketing software you should use (in our opinion).

What To Do Next

Now that you know how to find email marketing clients, how much to charge for email marketing services & how to choose the best email marketing softwares are… it’s your turn!

Make sure to same this post for future reference, take action and I can’t wait to heard your success story with your freelance email marketing (or future email marketing agency!).

Apart from taking effective action towards your goal, I do recommend investing in your future by getting these best online marketing books that will help you on your email marketing journey to success!

As mentioned before, I also recommend checking out our constantly updated best email marketing software comparison so you can have the best deliverability & features for your clients!

Thank you so much for reading and wish you all the best 🙂