Digital Marketing: 25 Things You Should Know

Digital Marketing keeps increasing in popularity and more people start finding out how necessary it is to any modern business model.

Digital Marketing doesn’t need to be hard. You just need a fairly systematic approach that allows you to execute on actions to improve your business’s reach and sales.

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Here are 25 things you need to know about Digital Marketing:

Why Digital Marketing is Important For Business?

Digital Marketing is necessary for your business for a variety of different reasons:

  • Everyone is on the internet nowadays
  • 90% of customers research your business online before ever buying
  • Ability to expand your reach drastically without having to spend thousands on billboard & television ads
  • Adds credibility to your business
  • Ability to build and nurture relationships with your audience and customers through a variety of email marketing channels like social media & email marketing

What Are Digital Marketing Goals?

Digital Marketing Goals are tangible goals that you can aim for and achieve. They are generally targeting a particular amount of leads or sales.

Some other Digital Marketing Goals focus around optimizing your rates across all your marketing efforts.

This means Open Rates, Conversion Rates, Engagement Rates etc…

Why Digital Marketing Metrics?

Digital Marketing Metrics are super important to analyze and keep in mind since you can truly optimize your marketing efforts by looking and understanding these numbers.

If you see that a certain post is performing significantly better than your usual ones, try understanding WHY this might be and HOW you can replicate it.

Where Can Digital Marketing Take You?

Digital Marketing can help you build way stronger relationships with your current audience by building rapport & authority with them on all your Digital Marketing Channels but also has the ability to help you increase your reach on a way wider scale to a wider audience of people.

Digital Marketing is pretty limitless unless you’re a small brick and mortar business that has a certain current “cap” of clients that you can manage.

Can Digital Marketing Make You Millionaire?

Yes but it can also make you Broke. This mainly depends on 3 factors:

  • What Information You Have Regarding Digital Marketing
  • How You Consistently Apply & Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategies
  • How Hard You Work & Optimize Your Systems

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Is Digital Marketing High in Demand?

It is and forever will be. 

I really don’t see how the need for digital marketers in a consistently growing digital space can really dwindle. 

I think that some sectors of the Digital Marketing space like analytics and ad creation might lower in demand in the future due to automation but overall I think Digital Marketing will still keep being necessary in every new-age business.

Is Digital Marketing Fun?

Through the past 10 years of my digital marketing adventure, I can definitely say that I had a ton of fun times. This is not only due to experiences and the level of monetary benefits that I accrued throughout this time but also the education that I got and people that I met.

That being said, there have also been really annoying or disappointing times especially in the early days with thoughts of “quitting” digital marketing since it wasn’t working out as planned initially but I’m thankful that I got through it!

Can Digital Marketing be a Side Hustle?

It can definitely start off as one! It really depends on how efficiently you can allocate your time. If you have a current full-time that you have, you still have 8 hours in the evening to allocate to whatever you want.

Most people tend to throw this at either watching TV or some other sort of “chilling time” like playing video games.

I would recommend starting off by allocating an hour or two while still keeping a majority of the chilling time but as time goes by keep increasing that to 4 hours or so.

I know a ton of gurus say “turn all those hours into your business hours” but you’ll definitely hurt by doing that. 

You’ll be restless, you might go crazy & you need relaxing time everyday.

Is Digital Marketing Easy?

The idea of digital marketing is easy but the learning and implementing of different digital marketing strategies that you have to test & optimize throughout the duration of your career can definitely be challenging and make you question career paths at times.

Is Digital Marketing Legal?

Yes? The only potentially illegal side of digital marketing are some of the claims that digital marketers make that are sometimes super exaggerated and imply a certain result that is usually pretty random and doesn’t really show the entire possibility of the pursuit of a particular goal.

What is Digital Marketing Used For?

It’s mainly used to increase the awareness of a business and help increase sales.

What are Digital Marketing Platforms?

Digital Marketing Platforms are platforms that allow businesses to market themselves.

These include but are not limited to social media channels (like Facebook, Twitter etc…), video hosting channels (like Youtube, Wistia etc…) and email marketing platforms (like Aweber, Convert etc…).

Why Digital Marketing is Important for Small Business?

It’s super important because it’s the most affordable and easy way to get new eyes on your business while also predictably growing your sales to your target goal as effectively as possible.

This question really depends on your type of business but I do think that if you’re ANY business that is breathing in 6th December 2021 – you need to have a digital marketing plan.

Now, the depth of the plan really depends on what SCALE you want to go with your business but even a simple social media posting strategy with a good looking website and a couple of reviews can help you go a long way!

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How Digital Marketing Helps to Grow Your Business?

Digital Marketing helps you grow your business by increasing your brand’s awareness & visibility.

This inturn will lead to more people checking out your stuff, learning more about your movement & eventually buying your products.

There is usually a diminished amount of people the deeper you get into this but your main goal is to generally make the most amount of people aware of your business and then push them down this funnel through your digital marketing efforts.

Why Digital Marketing Matters?

It matters because 94% of consumers buy things online nowadays AND most customers don’t buy before reading more about a particular business online.

If you have no digital marketing presence, you’re literally almost reducing your revenue by up to 94%.

How Digital Marketing Benefits Consumers?

Digital Marketing allows the consumer to:

  • Make a better informed decision
  • Learn more about the business
  • Check out what other people are saying about that business
  • Learn what differentiates the business from their competitors

What is Online Marketing Business?

An Online Marketing Business is a business that is 100% online. It doesn’t have a brick & mortar business and generally is based around selling a product & services ONLY through online marketing channels

Is Digital Marketing Social Media?

Social Media Marketing is definitely one of the many ways that you can market digitally but there are tens of other ways you can do Digital Marketing. 

Email Marketing & Sales Funnels are also 2 very popular methods of how to do digital marketing.

Is Digital Marketing B2B or B2C?


Is Digital Marketing Part of Marketing?

Yes. The fundamentals of Marketing apply to digital marketing as well as it being a sector of Marketing.

Is Digital Marketing OverSaturated?

Nope! Digital Marketing is gonna keep growing till the day that businesses stop wanting to sell more products. That might sound like a joke but if businesses truly want to sell more products and get more customers, you need someone that is fairly proficient in digital marketing on your roster for sure! If not, best of luck on relying on word of mouth!

Can Digital Marketing Save Your Business?

This question is very situational since “save” means very different things to a brick and mortar business that lost 90% of its customers due to the pandemic and an online marketing business that wants to get out of a plateau.

With that being said, I definitely think that a digital marketing plan can be very helpful to your business!

The level of “saving” that a digital marketing plan can do mostly depends on how your marketing plan applies to your business, how great your products are, how you’re marketing your products and how you’re driving traffic with your digital marketing efforts.

Can Digital Marketing Be Done Part Time?

Yes! It can definitely start part time but most people eventually turn it into their full-time hustle since it’s a fairly simple field to get into with a really good pay ceiling. 

How Digital Marketing Agency Find Clients?

There are a ton of ways!

The most popular method is usually centered around using search engines for their target keywords.

For example, if you’re a digital agency that works in Texas, you search for “Texas Plumbers”.

Then, you fill out a spreadsheet with the business’s details.

These details generally include name, business owner’s name, revenu approx., email contact, phone contact and much more!

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Is Digital Marketing Booming?

Digital Marketing is here to say!

With the forever-increasing need for businesses to grow and generate sales, digital marketing is more important than ever. With that being said, I also don’t see how “automation” can really take away jobs in the digital marketing space apart from some analytics oriented jobs that are already pretty automated.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know way more about the importance of digital marketing and how you can use it in your business, I recommend checking out a couple of resources that will definitely help you on your digital marketing journey! Check out:

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  1. Check out this FREE Webclass that goes over the same information mentioned above in a more in-depth & hands-on way.
  1. Take the $100 Funnel Challenge that will hold you by the hand and help you launch your next profitable funnel. The main goal of this challenge is to help guide you to the life you want, the marriage you want & the family that you want being fueled by this business that you build.