Digital Marketing: 22 Things You Should Know

Digital Marketing is not just the future…

It’s the present.

Digital Marketing is a key factor in every single business that wants to effectively grow their business and stay relevant in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Digital Marketing can be super hard to understand or super simple depending on if you have sufficient training from reliable experienced sources.

The best way to learn digital marketing is by reading these 3 Free Online Marketing Books that will teach you exactly how to build a successful digital marketing business in today’s world.

With that being said, here are 22 things that you should know regarding digital marketing

Are Digital Marketing Bootcamps Worth It?

No. Most of them aren’t taught by credible teachers and most of them are super overpriced.

These 3 Free Digital Marketing Books literally share more valuable information than these $20,000 bootcamps.

With that being said, if you want a more hand-held approach to learning digital marketing, I recommend taking this $100 Funnel Challenge.

How Digital Marketing Agencies Make Money?

They provide services in the digital marketing space for a certain agreed-upon payment. The main services provided are generally SEO, Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads & similar services.

Some of these digital marketing agencies don’t even provide the service and use white-label services like DashClicks where they just outsource the service-providing without telling the clients.

What is Digital Marketing Funnel?

A digital marketing funnel is built to take a consumer on a journey with the intent to lead the consumer to buy one of the business’s products.

If you’re new to this whole sales funnel concept, I recommend checking out this FREE Training by Russel Brunson the 9-Figure Marketer.

How Digital Marketing Boost Sales?

Digital Marketing will help you boost your sales by creating online campaigns that target your ideal customers and take them through a journey that builds rapport & authority.

After your audience is aware of your brand or product, you can boost sales by pre-framing your product through your digital marketing efforts and sending them to pre-build landing pages and sales funnels that convert these visitors into customers.

Is Digital Marketing Passive Income?

No. The only passive element of it is that once a particular system is built, it stays there forever! 

If you created facebook ads, they’ll keep running passively till you pause them.

If you create sales pages, they’ll stay up and get traffic until you delete the sales pages.

What Are Online Marketing Platforms?

Online Marketing platforms are platforms that allow you to market your business & products on them. 

Most online marketing platforms are generally social media channels like Facebook, Youtube & Twitter. 

Other Online marketing Platforms are softwares that help businesses grow their personal audience & sales. These are platforms like email marketing autoresponders, webinar platforms or landing page softwares.

Why Digital Marketing Works?

This is because it’s affordable and effective. 

Having the ability to target your ideal customers, provide them with reasons why they should buy your product AND a step-by-step method they can follow to easily buy your products is a super effective marketing strategy that is easily doable with digital marketing.

Is Digital Marketing Course Useful?

There are hundreds of digital marketing courses out there and most of them suck.

With that being said there are some amazingly useful digital marketing courses that are from credible teachers that have had success in the digital marketing space and courses that have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs grow their dream 7 figures business.

After taking tens of digital marketing courses, I do think that this $100 Funnel Challenge is the best digital marketing course for fairly new online marketers that will teach you everything you need to know and hand-hold you through the entire process.

If you want some FREE alternatives, I definitely recommend that you check out the 3 FREE Online Marketing books that go in-depth teaching you how to start a business, drive traffic and turn visitors into customers.

Is Digital Marketing Important?

Digital Marketing is not important.

Digital marketing is NECESSARY in the modern online business landscape.

Even for traditional business you need a formidable digital marketing strategy to help take you to where you want to be.

Read these 3 Free books to get a better understanding of digital marketing.

Is Digital Marketing Freelancing Good?

It’s decent money to provide digital marketing services for businesses. Generally people pay $1,500+ per month for SEO, Facebook Ads and similar services PER CUSTOMER.

You can scale this to multiple clients per month and scale this to a six figure job effectively.

With that being said, most freelancers usually end up starting a digital marketing business where they sell products and services.

Watch this FREE Training that already helped a ton of entrepreneurs and online marketers grow a profitable business!

Is Digital Marketing Lucrative?

It’s honestly one of the most lucrative careers that will most likely not get hit with this “automation” wave since most jobs in the digital marketing space need a human element.

You can make as little as $70,000 per year when starting out and scale that to multiple six figures per year on a wage.

With that being said, most digital marketing people tend to eventually start their own business and become millionaires or multi-millionaires.

Is Digital Marketing Saturated?

Digital marketing will forever keep growing in demand as long as businesses sell products to customers.

How Digital Marketing Earn Money?

There are multiple ways digital marketers earn money.

  1. Work for a company. This is generally the lowest paying method since you’re capped on a wage.
  1. Provide services to businesses. This is a better alternative since you don’t really have any limit apart from how many clients you can handle on taking. You can also scale this into a real business as I shared in this blog post right here.
  1. Sell digital marketing products or SaaS. This is the eventual point most digital marketing people end it. This is also the most lucrative since it mostly depends on what offer you’re selling and what tactics you’re using to sell this product. Most people that do this tend to follow expert digital marketers that have experience in the field. I recommend starting off with these 3 Free Books if you want to learn more from a 9-Figure Marketer.

Is Digital Marketing Hard To Get Into?

Nah – it’s as simple as reading these 3 books, writing notes from them & start applying that information in your own digital marketing business.

Why Digital Marketing Course is Important?

Most digital marketing courses are NOT important.

However, most successful entrepreneurs credit their success to one entrepreneur – Russel Brunson.

Russel Brunson is a 9-figure marketer that has been in the game for 20+ years and has taught millions of people how to do digital marketing effectively.

Check out his free webclass here or look into his $100 funnel challenge where he holds your hand on this digital marketing journey.

What are Digital Marketing Skills?

Digital Marketing skills are any skill that helps increase the brand awareness of a business, help increase the sales of a business or help grow a business in any other way.

Typically, these skills are:

  • SEO
  • Social Media Posting
  • Sales Funnels
  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Page Creation & Optimization
  • Facebook / Instagram / Youtube Ads

If you’re completely new to digital marketing, I recommend checking out these 3 Free Books.

Can Digital Marketing Be Automated?

No. Most digital marketing services need a human touch and have a fair amount of creativity to them.

Will Digital Marketing Be Automated?

No. Most digital marketing services need a human touch and have a fair amount of creativity to them.

Is Digital Marketing A Business?

Digital Marketing is the skill that helps businesses grow their brand, effectively communicate with their ideal audience and sell products on a large scale online.

Is Digital Marketing Dead?


Digital Marketing will only die when customers stop buying things they want and things they need.

If Communism somehow becomes popular around the world, then maybe digital marketing might be on the brink of dying!

Is Digital Marketing In Demand?

Digital Marketing will forever be in-demand unless somehow the internet disappears or people stop buying stuff online but currently it definitely seems like the trend is going in the opposite direction.

Is Digital Marketing Same as Internet Marketing?

Yes, Internet Marketing is the same as Digital Marketing.

Final Thoughts

Digital Marketing is ESSENTIAL for all businesses in today’s climate.

Now that you know more about Digital Marketing, I can’t wait to read your success story in this industry!

Hopefully you got some amazing value from this post 🙂

With that being said, I do have some recommendations for any digital marketer that wants to learn more about effective digital marketing from some of the best teachers:

  1. Check out these 3 FREE Online Marketing books that will teach you exactly how to build a profitable sales funnel from scratch, drive profitable traffic to this sales funnel & predictably scale to your target goal.
  1. Take the Funnel Challenge where 9-Figure Marketer holds you by the hand and will help you launch your first successful funnel and help you grow your business!