Digital Marketing: 20 Things You Should Know

Digital Marketing is an important element in any modern business that is trying to grow.

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Here are 20 things you need to know about Digital Marketing.

Why Digital Marketing Strategy?

You need a structured Digital Marketing Strategy that will help your business get more brand awareness and increase your online sales.

Digital Marketing is infinitely superior to Traditional Marketing because:

  • It’s much more affordable
  • Easier to track ROI
  • Don’t need to invest $1,000s upfront
  • Ability to tweak campaigns as needed

Is Digital Marketing High Paying?

It definitely is!

It is also an industry that is forever growing and will keep growing until the day comes where people just randomly stop wanting to sell more products to their target audience.

The pay is super diverse depending on what sector of Digital Marketing you’re in and if you eventually start your own business and put your digital marketing skills to the TRUE test but you can expect to start at 60,000 per year that can scale to multiple 6 figures per year.

Why Digital Marketing Fails?

The only reason digital marketing fails is because of the implementation done.

It’s usually on a case-by-case basis but its usually one of these reasons:

  • You haven’t correctly analyzed your target audience
  • Your copy doesn’t align well with your brand or your audience
  • Your product sucks
  • Your copy doesn’t invoke any emotion or effectively push people to taking certain actions

Is Digital Marketing Powerful?

Digital Marketing is only as powerful as the digital marketer is able to utilize it.

If it’s a new digital marketing that doesn’t know how to create an effective marketing plan and how to execute on it then it won’t be super powerful.

If a talented digital marketer creates an in-depth marketing plan, executes on it and continues to optimize it throughout the years then it’s definitely powerful!

What Are Digital Marketing Services?

Digital Marketing services are services which are usually based on building an online business’s amount of sales & brand awareness through digital efforts.

These digital marketing services are usually SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Post, Social Media Advertising and other similar services.

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Is Digital Marketing Legit?


Is Digital Marketing Job Easy?

No job is truly “easy” in my opinion however digital marketing is a fairly creative-centric industry without that many repetitive tasks so it can be a hard job for someone that is used to that type of “daily grind” workflow.

Is Digital Marketing Business Profitable?


Can Digital Marketing Make You Rich?

Yes – all comes down to what gurus you listen to, how you implement on the information you receive and how much perseverance you have throughout your journey.

Is Digital Marketing For Introverts?

I would argue that sales is more for extroverts and digital marketing is for introverts.

You can sit behind your computer writing copy for your social media, SEO & email marketing efforts all day without needing to talk to anyone else in the business (apart maybe the creative director or marketing manager).

The only part of  Digital Marketing where Introverts suck is in front of the camera or on phones but that’s mostly on the salespeople. 

Is Digital Marketing The Future?

Digital Marketing is only the future if businesses want to keep hiring people who are experienced and knowledgeable on how to increase the sales and brand awareness of a business – so, yes.

Is Digital Marketing Hard?

It’s only hard as you make it!

But honestly…

It really depends if you go to college to learn digital marketing or if you learn it online from some digital marketing guru.

If you choose the former, you rely on the school to effectively deliver the information to you in a way where you can process it and apply it in your digital marketing endeavours.

What is Online Marketing About?

Online Marketing is all about using digital marketing tactics to increase a business’s brand awareness and sales.

Is Digital Marketing Boring?

It can get a bit repetitive at times but it’s generally pretty thrilling especially when you eventually start your own business!

Is Digital Marketing Cheaper Than Traditional Marketing?

It’s way more affordable, it doesn’t need $1,000s to get started & give you the ability to more accurately measure the ROI of your marketing efforts.

Why Digital Marketing Grow Your Business?

Digital Marketing is necessary to grow your business in this day and age. 

The ability to increase your sales and brand awareness has never been easier as it is today where you can just create a simple social media posting strategy that will lead to long-term returns.

Is Digital Marketing Taking Over Traditional Marketing?

Digital Marketing is better than Traditional Marketing if you want:

  • A Better & More Affordable Alternative
  • An Alternative That You Can More Effectively Track ROI
  • A Marketing Model That Is Intentionally Built To Help Increase Sales And Brand Awareness

If you don’t want those benefits, then stick with traditional marketing!

Is Digital Marketing Profitable?

That’s the main goal of digital marketing, isn’t it?

Building an online system that brings in more customers and sales that we can predictably grow to our target goal is literally one of the main motivations of digital marketers around the world.

Is Digital Marketing Worth Learning?

Digital Marketing is only worth learning if you want to learn how to grow a business, how to sell products, how to get new customers, and how to scale your business to your target goal efficiently.

How Digital Marketing Affects Consumer Behaviour?

Consumer Behaviour has almost entirely shifted since the internet came along.

Nowadays, consumers don’t buy anything before searching and reading more about a particular business or product online.

Customer Reviews also play a way bigger part nowadays in how consumers behave. The more social proof a business has, the more likely a consumer is to complete a transaction with that business.

Apart from that, digital marketing strategies are usually intentionally built to lead particular consumers towards a target end-goal that is usually a sale or sing-up.

This has never been this easily streamlined in the past but thanks to digital marketing, now it’s super easy!

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how CRUCIAL digital marketing could be to your business, here are a couple of necessary resources that I recommend to every online marketer that wants to excel with digital marketing.

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  1. Take the $100 Funnel Challenge that will hand-hold you through the entire business-creation process. This will literally teach you everything you need to know when creating a profitable online business.