Digital Marketing: 18 Things You Should Know

Digital Marketing has become a key factor in a business’s success.

Without it, you have to rely on old traditional marketing methods that are fairly antiquated and inefficient.

Here’s 18 things that you need to know about digital marketing:

Is Digital Marketing a Course?

Digital Marketing is a skill like any other.

There are hundreds of digital marketing courses but if you’re a complete beginner I recommend checking out these 3 Free Online Marketing Books or this $100 Funnel Challenge that is more hands-on taught by 9-Figure Digital Marketer Russel Brunson.

How Digital Marketing Agency Works?

Digital Marketing Agencies have a pretty simple step-by-step process that they generally follow.

  • Prospect a list of businesses that they think they can help
  • Outreach to them and try to get in contact with a decision maker
  • Hop on a call with the decision maker to see if they’d be a good fit together
  • Come to an agreement on what they think the business needs and how they can provide it for them
  • Provide the service till the end of the contract’s duration
  • Rinse and Repeat

Check out my in-depth blog post on how to start a profitable digital marketing agency!

How Digital Marketing is Done?

Generally digital marketing is done with a specific goal in mind. This is usually brand awareness or sales.

Digital Marketing process really varies depending on what marketing platform you’re looking to use and which audience you’re trying to target.

If you’re doing digital marketing on social media platforms you need an entirely different strategy than if you’re doing digital marketing via email marketing.

Apart from that, you need to understand what audience you’re targeting. 

If you’re talking to an audience that has never heard of you, you’re going to approach that differently rather than an audience that knows about what you provide.

With those two in mind, now you can more effectively come up with a digital marketing plan.

How Digital Marketing Adding Value to Business?

Digital Marketing helps driving more website clicks, brand awareness and sales to a business. The level of value that a certain business gets mostly depends on how effective the digital marketing attempts are and how well they’re received by the audience members.

I recommend that you read (or listen to) these 3 FREE Online Marketing Books that I think every online marketer should read.

Is Digital Marketing Job Stressful?

It really depends on what type of job you’re doing. 

If you’re the sole person in the business that does digital marketing and all the business’s growth and stability relies on you then… yes.

If you’re just a junior digital marketer that is doing simplistic email marketing and social media tasks for a business then it’s not as stressful.

Why Digital Marketing for Business?

Everything is digital nowadays and if you don’t keep up with the times, your business is going to fall into obscurity unfortunately.

Every customer checks a business’s online presence before buying for them to see how credible and authoritative they are on a subject matter.

Apart from that, they can also find out if a particular business has good reviews and a good response from other people!

Is Digital Marketing Worth It?

Digital Marketing is not just worth it… it’s NECESSARY in today’s extremely competitive business climate.

If you don’t even have a simple bare-bones social media presence, your customers won’t be able to find you online and see what you stand for, what you provide and what customers are saying about you.

This type of information is crucial in a customer’s buying process nowadays.

How Digital Marketing is Useful?

Digital Marketing allows a business to expand their reach way faster than any other type of marketing effort that they can partake in.

Digital Marketing also helps a business increase the amount of sales and customers that a business has by sharing their story and products online to that wider audience.

Why Digital Marketing Course is Important?

Taking a digital marketing course from a credible source that has done the work for you and went all the trials and tribulations will definitely help increase the likelihood that you succeed in this digital marketing journey.

With that being said, there are a ton of digital marketing courses that are just made to make a quick buck of you and sell you a $997 course just to profit off you.

One of the Digital Marketing gurus that is widely respected, Russel Brunson, has helped thousands of entrepreneurs grow profitable businesses and even hit ⅞ figures!

Check out some of his amazing FREE Online Marketing Books, Free Webclass & $100 Hand-Held Business Challenge.

What are Digital Marketing Objectives?

Digital Marketing Objectives are goals that a business is trying to achieve with their digital marketing efforts. These are usually measure on what the Return on Investment is.

Is Digital Marketing Expensive?

It’s not really that expensive to learn since there are a ton of free amazing books that can teach you everything you need to know.

When it comes to implementing digital marketing into your business, it can get really expensive depending on what softwares you choose to use and how much advertising budget you allocate and how effective it is.

With that being said I do recommend that you check out our most affordable Landing Page / Sales Funnel Software Recommendations and Email Marketing Autoresponder Recommendations.

Is Digital Marketing Competitive?

It definitely is! Every single business that even wants to have a chance at succeeding needs to have digital presence unless they want to forever rely on word of mouth or expensive traditional marketing.

Is Digital Marketing For Me?

That really depends on  what your character type is but I definitely think most people can find a spot that fits them well in the digital marketing space.

If you’re an extrovert, you can definitely be a salesperson or the person on camera that builds value, shows character & sells products.

If you’re an introvert, you can definitely be the “person in the back” doing all the email marketing, sales page creation & analytic analysis.

Why Digital Marketing Training?

You need training and education for any skill you want to learn.

Digital Marketing is no different.

The only difference is that since Digital Marketing is generally compared to “Make Money Online”, there are a ton of charlatans wanting to sell you snake oil with a ton of bad information that won’t help you.

It’s paramount to do your research on people that are giving you this Digital Marketing Training since some of them don’t have your best intentions in mind.

Why Digital Marketing is the Future?

Everything is moving digital!

Traditional Marketing has been a go-to method of advertising your business for a while now but given the results that well-executed digital marketing campaigns are providing, it’s definitely seen as the better & more-profitable option for most businesses.

Is Digital Marketing the Next Big Thing?

It already is the biggest thing in the world since sliced bread!

Is Digital Marketing Useful?

Digital Marketing is not only useful but necessary for any business to have any form of success or longevity in today’s business world.

Is Digital Marketing Course Easy?

There are a ton of digital marketing courses that are NOT easy and should not be taken or even considered by most beginner digital marketers.

The only Digital Marketing Course that is easy that you should consider is the:

One Funnel Away Challenge. This course will hand-hold you through building your first digital marketing business from completely scratch. The teacher of this course is Russel Brunson. This guy is a legend in the digital marketing space and has sold 9-Figures worth of product through his digital marketing efforts and has also helped hundreds of his students create 7-Figure Businesses.

How Digital Marketing Grow Your Business?

Digital Marketing can help grow your business by:

  • Increasing your business’s awareness throughout your target market
  • Outreach to your ideal prospective client with value-building information
  • Promote your products effectively to people who are interested in what you have to offer

Those are the main 3 reasons that most people implement digital marketing into their business’s digital marketing plan.

Here are 3 FREE Digital Marketing Books that will teach you everything you need to know.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know way more about digital marketing, I recommend that you check out these handful of resources that will make your journey with digital marketing way easier and more profitable!

  1. Get these 3 FREE Online Marketing Books that will go over how to create a lucrative business, how to drive profitable traffic to your website and how to scale to your target goal effectively.
  1. Take the $100 Funnel Challenge that will hand-hold you through your entire business-building journey and help your launch your first or next profitable funnel!