Digital Marketing: 13 Things You Should Know

Digital Marketing is the best way for businesses to predictably grow and achieve a way wider audience.

Traditional Marketing does have its fair share of benefits but for most businesses, Digital Marketing is a NECESSITY in today’s world.

Here are 13 things you need to know about Digital Marketing:

Is Digital Marketing Ethical?

There are unethical people in every industry but digital marketing is generally pretty ethical.

With that being said, a ton of people that know digital marketing have the skills available to them to persuade people into buying things that they maybe shouldn’t

Is Digital Marketing ECommerce?

E-Commerce stores are definitely one of the main beneficiaries of digital marketing.

Why Digital Marketing Wins Over Traditional Marketing?

  • It’s more affordable
  • Easiest to start with
  • Better ROI
  • Trackable ROI
  • Easier to target the audience you want
  • Lower barrier to entry ($5 ads instead of $1,000+ ads)

How To Get Digital Marketing Job?

Search on online job boards after you make an attractive profile/CV on the particular job board you’re submitting on.

Is Digital Marketing Real?

Yes, of course it is!

Is Digital Marketing Course Worth It?

Most digital marketing courses are definitely a scam and shouldn’t even be considered.

You need to make sure you look into the teacher of the course prior to paying for or signing up for a course.

Throughout my 10+ year journey in this digital marketing space, I can definitely say that Russel Brunson is probably one of the best digital marketing gurus to follow.

His FREE Online Marketing Books provide way more value than more digital marketing courses but his $100 Funnel Challenge is the best hand-held course that I’ve ever taken – and it’s only $100 not $997+!

Is Digital Marketing The Same As Graphic Design?

Graphic Design can be an element of a ton of digital marketing services that you provide but it’s not the ENTIRETY of digital marketing.

Graphic Design is like the lettuce in a full burger.

Is Digital Marketing The Same As Online Marketing?

Yes – synonyms.

Is Digital Marketing Dying?

Nope – Digital Marketing is here to stay for as long as businesses want to grow their business and sell more products.

Digital Marketing will probably die if communism garners way more popularity or something like that.

How Digital Marketing Can Help Your Business?

Digital Marketing can definitely help your business predictably grow and give you way more brand awareness and increase in sales than any traditional marketing effort can.

If you’re starting out I recommend reading (or listening to) these 3 FREE Online Marketing books and watching this in-depth FREE Webclass that every entrepreneur needs to watch.

How Digital Marketing Business Works?

It’s hard to accurately describe how a digital marketing business work since any business that does digital marketing can qualify to be a “Digital Marketing Business”.

This really depends on the goals and procedure of a particular business and what the general business model is but the main idea as to why most businesses do digital marketing is to grow their business’s brand awareness and sales.

Is Digital Marketing Future?

Digital Marketing is not just the future but it’s currently present. Every business that wants to grow and scale their business to their target goal needs to do digital marketing.

What Are Digital Marketing Tools?

Digital Marketing tools are tools that help businesses more effectively create and implement their particular digital marketing strategy.

There are a ton of different tools that online businesses use but the most common digital marketing tools are Landing Page Builders, Email Autoresponders, Webinar Softwares & Web Hosting.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know way more about digital marketing, here are a couple of helpful resources that I think you should definitely check out!

  1. Check out these 3 FREE Online Marketing Books that every Entrepreneur needs to read.
  1. Take the Funnel Challenge. This will hand-hold you through the entire process from the creation of a business idea till you eventually build that successful online business that will help you through your life!