Digital Marketing: 25 Things You Need To Know

Digital Marketing is traditional marketing’s bigger and better brother.

The need for digital marketers in a business is constantly knowledge and so has the level of knowledge that digital marketers wield. 

Here are 25 things that you need to know what it comes to digital marketing:

How Digital Marketing Can Boost Your Business?

Digital Marketing is infinitely superior to traditional marketing.

  • It’s way more affordable
  • You can easily track ROI on every cent that you invest
  • Ability to reach new audiences that are impossible to reach through traditional methods
  • You can literally target your perfect clients or people that look-alike to your current customer list

There are many ways that digital marketing can boost your business. The main methods that online businesses use are generally surrounding social media posting and social media advertising.

These posts & ads are created to build your brand awareness and then lead the readers to your website that will convert them into buyers.

Are Online Marketing Jobs Legit?

Depends on where you find them but if they’re on a trustworthy job board like UpWord, Indeed or Cult of Copy Job Board then you’re good to go!

However keep in mind that if it seems too good to be through… look into it further 😉

How Digital Marketing Companies Make Money?

Digital Marketing Companies make money by providing digital marketing services. They reach out to businesses, learn more about their wants and needs and then come up with a solution that they can help with.

They generally provide services like SEO, Social Media Posting, Website Optimization, Social Media Advertising and much more.

There are other digital marketing companies that mainly work on finding and getting clients and then outsource the service providing part of the business model to a white-label service like DashClicks that provides these services on their behalf. This is generally either done to scale the digital marketing company faster or because they offer better ROI and Results for the customers.

Is Digital Marketing Branding?

Branding and how consumers perceive your brand is definitely one of the more integral aspects of digital marketing that make businesses aim at perfecting.

What Are Digital Marketing Content?

Digital Marketing Content is content that is hosted somewhere online that generally has a goal in mind.

This content is either created to provide value in the industry, rank for particular keywords on search engines, lead readers through a customer journey or promote a particular product.

Why Digital Marketing Is Important?

Digital Marketing is important because it allows a business to reach a way wider audience, grow their business’s brand awareness, build value and likability with their target audience and sell more products through their digital marketing efforts.

Is Digital Marketing Difficult?

The only difficult parts of digital marketing are:

  1. Finding the right digital marketing mentor to follow. There are a ton of charlatans in the space that sell different “opportunities” or “approaches” to digital marketing but most of these people are mainly doing that to eventually sell you a $997 course. Make sure that you look into the guru/teacher before listening to his advice. I recommend getting these 3 FREE Books that I think every entrepreneur needs to read.
  1. Digital Marketing can be really mentally draining. The uncertainty that comes with launching products, the constantly evolving space that you need to keep up with and all the work you need to put in. With that being said, I love digital marketing and those downsides make the upsides even better for me and apart from that… every job has it’s downsides!

How To Do Digital Marketing Yourself?

Inorder to do digital marketing yourself, you need to learn how to effectively incorporate digital marketing in your business strategy from someone that has done is successfully throughout the past decade.

Check out this Free Webclass that will teach you how to effectively do digital marketing yourself for your own business or for clients.

How Can Digital Marketing Increase Sales?

Digital Marketing will help you build authority, provide value and showcase your expertise to your target audience.

Apart from that, you will also garner way more brand awareness & get in front of the eyes of people worldwide.

All of these benefits will lead to more people liking and trusting your business and hence increasing your sales.

Apart from that you can also directly create sales pages that allow you to more-effectively sell products online on one of these Best Landing Page Softwares that will give you a 24/7 ability of selling your products.

Is Digital Marketing Stressful?

It definitely can be. 

The uncertain times of not knowing how to make a living from digital marketing and the inconsistent rollercoaster ride of successes and failures and definitely take a toll on people.

With that being said, if you push through all the rough times, you’re likely to land on your feet if you manage to find people that will guide you that have your best interest in heart and a circle of like-minded individuals around you that empower you through the journey.

What is Online Marketing Plan?

An online marketing plan is a strategy that you create so that you have a guiding idea of what you should do next or what the customer will experience throughout the journey.

The main idea of an online marketing plan is to have an effective way of predictably turning your new visitors into eventually clients of your business and turn those one time clients into raving customers.

Why Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing?

Digital Marketing is infinitely better because:

  • Ability to market to people around the world instead of your 10km radius
  • Ability to analyze the data & analytics of your marketing efforts more effectively
  • Ability to build your brand awareness and sales organically through posts that people share and posts that keep garnering traffic for years to come

Do I have to keep going?

Please incorporate digital marketing in your business… for your own sake!

If you haven’t read, please read (or listen to) these 3 FREE Online Marketing Books that every entrepreneur needs to read.

How Digital Marketing is Important?

Digital Marketing is the best and most effective way to market your business in today’s world. 

The ability to reach people around the world, target ideal clients with your messaging and grow your business has never been so easy.

In the past you had to invest $1,000s in billboard or magazine advertising or rely on word of mouth but today you can invest $5 a day on social media advertising and get an even better result.

Is Digital Marketing Effective?

It definitely is effective and people who aren’t incorporating digital marketing in their business will either wish they had implemented it 5 years ago or stare at their competitors as they overtake them in every aspect.

How Digital Marketing Helps in Increasing Sales?

Digital Marketing leads to way more sales because it can be utilized to provide value to your audience, build rapport/trust and even increase your brand awareness through simple digital marketing efforts.

Can Digital Marketing Be Done From Home?

It definitely can! 

All you generally need to create an effective digital marketing campaign is a computer & an internet connection.

Is Digital Marketing A Good Career?

If you like working from home in an industry that is constantly growing while also giving really good incentive-based pay then it’s definitely a good career to consider!

I recommend you look further into what digital marketing really is as generally most digital marketers either end up starting their own business or work in a subsection of digital marketing.

This means they either become email marketers, sales page creators, copyrights, media buyers or other types of digital marketers.

Can Digital Marketing Replace Traditional Marketing?

I think digital marketing is definitely better than traditional marketing, as mentioned earlier, however I do think that there will forever be businesses that just don’t know any better and keep paying these crazy prices for billboards, television ads & other traditional advertising methods.

How Digital Marketing is Adding Value to Business?

Digital Marketing helps build a way stronger relationship with your audience through rapport building posts, authority building behavior and social proof. These generally lead to the audience being more receptive to your messaging and hence leading to more raving customers.

Is Digital Marketing Tough?

It’s only tough if you don’t know who to follow and where you get your education from.

I recommend that you look into who you’re learning digital marketing from as there are a ton of charlatans selling snake oil in the space.

However, I also recommend checking out Russel Brunson’s Free Trainings as they offer truly amazing information coming from a marketer that has made well over 9-Figures in the Digital Marketing space and has also helped thousands of people build 7-figure empire for themselves.

He also has 3 Great FREE Books you can check out.

Why Digital Marketing Services?

You can either learn how to do every single digital marketing service yourself or you can outsource these digital marketing services to people that have done them successfully for hundreds of people & have studied digital marketing for the past 5-10 years.

Check out DashClicks for the best affordable Digital Marketing Services.

Are Digital Marketing Jobs in Demand?

I don’t see how digital marketing can really drop in demand. Any business or business owner with a brain knows that digital marketing is the future and they’re constantly looking for people who know how to effectively grow online businesses through digital marketing efforts like copywriting, email marketing, social media marketing and much more.

What is Online Marketing Research?

Online Marketing Research is when you do research on successful businesses and their online marketing efforts. This research will generally lead to important and helpful insight that you might want to incorporate into your own business strategy and help you more effectively build stronger relationships with your audience and sell more products.

How Can Digital Marketing Help Your Business?

Digital Marketing can help your business grow by increasing your brand awareness on social media platforms, strengthen the relationships with your audience members by building rapport/authority and sell your products more effectively with email marketing autoresponders and landing page softwares.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know way more about digital marketing, here are a couple of helpful resources that I think you should definitely check out!

  1. Check out these 3 FREE Online Marketing Books that every Entrepreneur needs to read.
  1. Take the Funnel Challenge. This will hand-hold you through the entire process from the creation of a business idea till you eventually build that successful online business that will help you through your life!