Webinars: 14 Things You Should Know

Webinars are a popular method that businesses use to turn new visitors to customers.

They’re also used for simple video conferences in particular businesses & consultations.

Here are some of the most popular webinar softwares compared on the most important features.

Here’s what you need to know about webinars.

What is Webinar Presentation?

A Webinar Presentation is an online video conference where there is one (or multiple) hosts with an unlimited amount of viewers. 

Webinars can be either live or recorded. For the most part, webinars are used to build a relationship with the viewer and sell a product at the end of the presentation.

With that being said Webinar Presentation, can also be used for Online Classrooms or Communication between multiple people in the same business.

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How The Webinar Works?

There are two types of webinars – live and pre-recorded.

Live Webinars work like this.

  1. The host creates the webinar script.
  2. The host chooses date/time of when the webinar will be held.
  3. The host promotes the webinar so that their audience knows when the webinar is and why they should tune in.
  4. On that date & time, the viewers sign in to the chosen webinar hosting platform (this could be either online or a downloaded app).
  5. The host goes live and the webinar is up and running! Now the viewers can watch the webinar without needing to turn on their camera or microphone.

When it comes to pre-recorded webinars, the process is fairly similar but instead of going live the webinar host uploads the recording on one of the best webinar hosting platforms and then the host can send their audience to a link where the webinar is hosted.

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What is Webinar Room?

Webinar Room is either the room (webpage) where the webinar is gonna be live on OR the room where the pre-recorded webinar is hosted.

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Why Webinar Hosting Platforms?

You need to use a Webinar Hosting Platform for multiple reasons. Here are some:

  • Tons of Features That Will Help You Deliver More Effective Webinars
  • Higher Quality 30 FPS Videos & Audio Broadcasting
  • Allow You To Host Auto-Webinars
  • Gorgeous Effective Simple Landing Pages & Funnels
  • Most Of These Webinar Hosting Platforms Don’t Need Downloads
  • Give You The Ability To Have An Ingrained Live Chat
  • Give You The Ability To Integrate With Some Of Your Favorite Platforms
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Webinar How To Use?

The main reason why you should have a webinar in your marketing plan is because it’s one of the best highest converting tactics that can efficiently turn new visitors into raving customers.

I’d suggest that you get this Perfect Webinar Framework for just $7 that shares exactly how to turn new visitors into paying customers.

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What Is Webinar Program?

Webinar Program is a software that is used to host webinars that can either be live or pre-recorded. A Webinar Program is necessary to have to hold webinars for your audience.

There are tens of different Webinar Programs. When choosing one make sure to evaluate them on 6 important factors:

  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Design
  • Customer Reviews

As of 4th June 2021, the best webinar program for evergreen webinars to use is EverWebinar and the best webinar program for live webinars is WebinarJam.

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How To Create Webinar Video?

The easiest way to create a webinar video is by using a webinar hosting platform. These platforms have everything you’ll ever need to create a webinar video on the technical side of things.

If by “How To Create Webinar Video” you mean how to build a profitable webinar for your business, check out the Perfect Webinar Framework or this FREE Book about building profitable webinars.

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Can Webinar Be A Marketing Strategy?

Yes! It’s actually the best marketing strategy for most businesses.

If you can create an offer that can be priced more than $497, you need webinars as part of your marketing strategy.

If you’re a consultant, course seller, ecommerce store, brick and mortar, entrepreneur or online marketer… you need a webinar in your marketing strategy.

When I say “you need” I more-so mean that it’s the best option for you.

Sure you can have a regular VSL Sales page, short copy or survey funnel… but a webinar will always convert higher if implemented by following a working framework.

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What Is Webinar On Demand?

Webinar on Demand is a webinar that you can start watching IMMEDIATELY after you sign-up for it. It’s an evergreen webinar funnel that has zero time-restrictions.

Most evergreen webinar happen either every 15, 30 or 60 minutes but with Webinars on Demand… it’s every second!

These types of webinars are generally advertised as recorded and people know that they’re recorded trainings.

If you’re looking to host a Webinar On Demand, I recommend checking out the best webinar hosting platforms here and a free book going over how to turn visitors into customers with webinars.

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Can You Join A Webinar Late?

Yes, you can join a webinar late! 

This depends on the model of the webinar you’re joining but you generally can. 

If you’re joining a live webinar late, you can start watching in the middle of it. 

Most webinar hosts generally tend to save a replay or schedule a 2nd live event for people that couldn’t make it.

If you’re joining an evergreen or on-demand webinar, you can join in the middle of them and watch till the end as well!

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Is Webinar Legit?

Depends what you mean by legit but generally yes! 

A ton of webinars intentionally make the webinars seem like they’re live but they’re actually recorded. This is generally because live webinars tend to convert better so people try to mimic that for their evergreen webinars.

Apart from that some people that do webinars, aren’t legit.

They sell a product with fake reviews & generic information for $997 but some of them are actually valuable to watch! This mostly relies on you to do your due diligence and look at the reviews, look at the host’s history & see how valuable their information is.

If you want a legit webinar, I recommend watching this FREE evergreen webinar by Russel Brunson that hundreds of entrepreneurs have taken and built 7-figure businesses from.

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Webinar How To Conduct?

The best way to conduct a webinar is by following this step-by-step model.

  1. Write the Webinar Script based on the Perfect Webinar Framework
  2. Choose the Right Webinar Hosting Platform for your Webinar
  3. Drive Traffic to your webinar from these 20+ Virtually Unknown Secrets
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Why Host A Webinar?

Webinars are the most profitable marketing method from the past 10 years.

If you don’t have a webinar in your marketing strategy, you’re willingly leaving the most profitable marketing method for your business behind.

Sure you can use VSLs, Cold Outreach and other different tactics to get clients but no other marketing method as the ability to:

  • Build Rapport with Visitors
  • Build Authority Rapidly
  • Agitate Problems in your industry
  • Provide Solution for the main issues in your industry
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What is Webinar Software?

A Webinar Software is a software that allows you to host your webinars. These webinar softwares generally have a ton of other different useful feature that will help facilitate webinar hosts & creators and help increase the conversion rate of your webinar funnels.

There are 100s of Webinar Softwares available but as of 4th June 2021, the best webinar software for evergreen webinars is EverWebinar and the best webinar software for live webinars is WebinarJam.

Check out our in-depth review of all these webinar softwares and WHY we think some of these webinar softwares are way better.

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Final Thoughts

Webinars are an amazing useful tool for businesses in 100s of different industries.

I personally don’t think it’s a “fad” and will definitely keep increasing in popularity AND people will keep optimizing their webinar to achieve currently unattainable levels of success.

If you’re interested in doing webinars, I recommend checking out these 3 useful resources:

  1. Check out our Updated Comparison List of the Best Webinar Hosting Platforms.
  1. Check out the Perfect Webinar Framework that will show you a simple, proven webinar framework that has turned hundreds of entrepreneurs into 7-Figure Business Owners
  1. Check out the 3 Best Online Marketing Books that will show you how to perfect your webinars, get profitable traffic and scare your business.

Main Writer & Editor at BHMR. Lover of digital marketing & huge fan of complex software. 

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