Make Money Online With Facebook – Best Method To Make Money Online

Facebook is home to millions of people that constantly login and check-up on their friends  & family.

With millions of people on Facebook, there are millions of opportunities to make money online with Facebook.

Apart from connecting with family members & friends, social media is a perfect place for people to find amazing products and solutions for their problems.

With millions of people looking for products and solutions, all you really have to do to make money online with facebook is put those products and solutions in front of the perfect customers’ eyes.

With that being said, let’s jump into the best method to make money online with Facebook.

Introduction to Make Money Online With Facebook

The main idea is pretty simple.

  1. Choose a niche that people are interested in.
  2. Find amazing products and solutions in that niche that have an affiliate program.
  3. Create a FREE Bait for the people in your niche.
  4. Build an email list filled with people from Facebook in that niche.
  5. Build rapport and authority with your new email audience.
  6. Promote the products to your email list!

You don’t need to overcomplicate the process that has proven to work again and again.

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Full Training to Make Money Online With Facebook

Starting off, when choosing your niche, I would recommend something that is part of the BIG 3.

The big three are finances, health & relationships.

Now, you don’t need to encapsulate every single corner of the big niche that you choose.

You need to niche down two more level. 

If you choose health, you need to niche down to “losing weight” and then you niche even deeper to “losing weight diets”.

If you choose finances, you need to niche down to “making money online” and then niche even deeper to “make money online with Facebook”.

After niching down, you need to find products that you believe in that you want to promote.

You can also promote horrible products but I recommend doing your due diligence and do fairly in-depth research on the product owner and product reviews.

You can find these products by simply google searching “niche affiliate programs” or “niche affiliate products”.

Apart from that, you can use “affiliate product hosts” websites like Clickbank & JVZoo to find products in a variety of niches – the big 3 included.

When it comes to choosing your products, you need to make sure that they sorta “align” with each other and aren’t contradictory to one another.

Keep in mind that you’ll be promoting all these products to the same people who are interested in that topic and you would want your products to align with that approach.

After you find these products, you need to have a bait.

These are generally pretty simple to create but the main goal is that you need to create something for free in-exchange for the people in your niche’s emails. 

This is how you’re going to initially build your list.

You’re going to need an email marketing software that allows you to build an email list while also giving you the ability so send emails to those people.

I compared the best 100 email marketing softwares as of 4th June 2021, and evaluated them on:

  • Deliverability
  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Design / Features
  • Customer Reviews

After comparing all of them, we chose the best 5 email marketing softwares that you should consider when choosing one for your make money online with facebook journey.

After you choose an email marketing software, you are going to need a simple landing page that you’re going to be sending people to to capture their email and provide them with the free thing you created.

The landing page will be fairly simplistic and it will have a title with the free offer, an entry box for them to input their email and a button so they can submit their email.

When it comes to creating your landing page, I recommend checking out our comparison of the best landing page software you should use depending on your needs.

The easiest thing that you can do when coming up with a free thing to give away is by giving away a PLR product of a product in your niche. You can find amazing free options here.

PLR products are public products that you can sell and use for whatever reason you want and some of them also allow you to “re-brand” in your own name.

After you find your niche & find a good amount of products that you can promote in that niche, it’s time to go on Facebook!

Create a new facebook account. You can use your current one but you’re going to tweak it a ton so your friends and family might start looking at your weird.

Add a banner to your facebook profile that showcases that you’re giving away a free guide with the headline and an arrow pointing to the bottom left.

On the bottom left, in the about section of your facebook profile, write down the headline & add your hyperlink to the landing page.

I recommend having the url look fairly professional and concise.

Add a clean profile image of your face – doesn’t need to be super professional.

Add some informational posts regarding the niche as well if you want to go even further!

The next step you need to do is join a ton of facebook groups that are aligned with your niche.

You can easily type keywords that are used in your niche in the Facebook search bar and you’ll likely find groups about it.

Your goal after finding a ton of these groups is to search for questions inside these groups that are about the free thing you’re offering. 

Answer all these questions with a ton of valuable information that will help them.

When people receive valuable answers, they tend to want to click on your profile and learn more about you. 

After people click on your profile, they’re welcomed with an authoritative profile that they can trust regarding the niche.

This will lead these people that you helped to want to click on your links and sign up to your email list!

You don’t need to answer 100 questions immediately however I do recommend that you answer questions fairly consistently.

After you keep doing this, now your goal is to build an effective email sequence.

What will they get?

The first email they get should obviously contain the free gift they signed up for.

The couple of emails after that should be super valuable and contain a ton of informative content.

Apart from that, feel free to talk about personal emotional rapport-building stories of yourself that you went through on your journey throughout the niche.

With the first couple of emails, your main goal is not to sell.

It’s to build rapport & authority in the eyes of your new email list members.

After these emails, you can start promoting your affiliate products and start making some really good money.

Now that your audience loves you, trusts you and sees you as an authority they’re way more receptive to the products you’re going to be promoting!

This is the entire method of how to make money online with Facebook!

Now it’s your turn to take action and start making money with this simple yet effective technique!

With that being said, I do recommend you check out one free training that will help you Make Money Online With Facebook with this tactic and tactics you try in the future!

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What To Do Next

Now that you learnt how to Make Money Online With Facebook, what should you do next?

Well, I recommend taking these 3 steps:

  1. Choose the Best Email Marketing Software that has the best deliverability, features and most affordable based on our comparison list. 
  1. Choose the Best Landing Page Software that has the best design, features and most affordable based on our comparison list. 
  1. Watch The Best FREE Online Marketing Training that every single online marketer should watch that will show you how to build a 7-Figure Business.

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