Landing Pages: 25 Things You Should Know

Landing Pages are a necessary part of any successful Digital Marketing business nowadays. 

With the ever-increasing competitive landscape of the digital marketing industry, it is even more important nowadays to create specific pages that lead your visitors with specific goals without any hindrances to performance or distractions menus & side-links.

Check out this quick comparison of the best landing pages softwares compared on features, design, pricing, customer reviews and other important factors.

Here are 25 things you need to know about Landing Pages:

Are Landing Pages Effective?

Yes! Landing Pages are regular pages without the baggage and without the elements that contribute to lower conversion rates and distractions

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How Many Landing Pages Should A Website Have?

Depends on your goals & business model but you can have as many landing pages as you want and need!

There are hundreds of landing page softwares nowadays and most of them limit the amount of landing pages you can create but the Best 5 Landing Page Softwares gives you the ability to have unlimited landing pages and funnels.

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At What Level Can Landing Pages Be Set?

Landing Pages are generally created for specific purposes. Some Landing Pages are set to target new audiences that never heard of your business with a valuable free offer and some Landing Pages are set to target your current email list with a bunch of products.

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Are Landing Pages Good For SEO?

Depending on how your landing page software but generally no. This isn’t because of the software you’re using but mainly because the Landing Page content isn’t intentionally created to rank and doesn’t consider factors like keyword targeting, header tags & a variable of other factors.

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What Should Landing Pages Contain?

This really depends on the goal of the landings page.

If they’re a simple signup page to get new email list members, then you generally need a fairly simplistic page with 4-5 elements. These being:

  • The Title
  • The Email Input Field
  • The Signup Button
  • Social Proof

If they’re sales pages, you generally need to add way more elements to help persuade more people to become customers.

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How Many Landing Pages Per AD Group?

Generally you would want to segment your AD Groups and name them appropriately.

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What Makes Landing Pages Effective?

The main reasons why Regular Webinar Pages aren’t as effective as Landing Pages:

  • Way too much clutter on pages
  • Un-optimized for conversions
  • A ton of distractions like menus, side links etc.
  • Slower to load (generally)
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Are Landing Pages Important?

If you want to effectively sell your products or build your email list, then landing pages are important.

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Why Landing Pages are Important?

Landing pages are necessary to sell products efficiently and give your customers an easy journey to go through that leads them to your desired end-goal.

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How Much Do Landing Pages Cost?

Single landing pages don’t cost anything.

The only price you need to pay is for the landing page software you’re using to build them. Most of these landing page softwares are super expensive but we made a comprehensive list of the Best 5 Landing Pages Softwares you should consider based on features, pricing, design & other factors.

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What Are Landing Pages For?

Landing Pages are intentionally created with a purpose in mind. The main goal is generally either selling a product or providing something of value.

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How To Optimized Landing Pages for Lead Generation?

Make your landing pages simpler and easier for the visitor to go through. Remove the unnecessary steps and hurdles they need to go through to enter your email list.

Just have a simple landing page with a title, entry field & sign-up button.

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How Important are Landing Pages?

If you want to effectively sell your products or build your email list, then landing pages are important.

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How to Make New Landing Pages?

You need to choose the best landing page software for your specific needs and then follow their simple instructions to build your own landing pages.

Most of these offer simple drag-and-drop builders with easily-tweakable fields that you can optimize for your own needs.

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How To Rank Landing Pages?

You can’t unless you write it specifically for SEO purposes. I recommend you don’t go after rankings while also going for lead generation + sales since your copy will be diluted instead of intentionally built with one goal in mind.

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What is Landing Pages Templates?

Landing Page Templates are proven templates that Landing Page Softwares have that you can use and tweak for your own specific business model.

Generally, they have tens of different templates that can be filtered by “highest converting” or “most popular”.

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How Many Landing Pages can a Website Have?

There is generally no limit on the amount of landing pages you can have on your website BUT most landing page softwares have caps on the amount of landing page funnels that you can build.

With that being said, here are the best 5 Landing Page Builders that offer unlimited landing pages.

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At What Level Can Landing Pages Be Managed?

At any level depending on what is your Role on a given Landing Page Software account. If you’re the creator of the Landing Page Software Account, you should be able to manage any level. You also have the ability to give different people/emails different permissions.

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Are Mailchimp Landing Pages Good?

They’re decent but you should definitely go with a software that is specifically built for landing pages. 

Mailchimp Landing Pages lack the design & features that most of the Top 5 Landing Page Builders have.

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How do you do Landing Pages?

You choose a Landing Page Software, sign-up for their free trial & you can start creating landing pages as fast as you want!

After you create an account with one of these softwares, you can follow a simple step-by-step instructional guide that they build for you.

These generally vary depending on the software but most 3-year old babies can follow these steps.

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How to Use Landing Pages for your Business?

If you have a product or service you want to drive people to, you need landing pages.

Here is a simple step by step you can follow:

  • Choose a landing page software and them choose the right landing page template for your specific goal
  • Add your business’ branding to the templates & tweak the text to be more accustomed to your particular product (I recommend only having one product per landing page)
  • Fill out the entire funnel after the first landing page. These are generally upsell pages, thank you pages & checkout pages.
  • Drive traffic to these landing pages either from your current audience or get traffic from these 20+ virtually unknown methods.
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How to Understand Landing Pages?

Landing Pages are pretty simple to understand.

They’re usually seen as Regular Website Pages without all the distractions.

They’re created with a purpose in mind and the visitors usually only have 2 options – buy/signup or LEAVE.

On most websites visitors have a ton of options. They can buy/signup, leave, check out the menu, read the next blog post, click to your homepage, check your social media links on the page and much more.

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What are Landing Pages and why are they Important?

Landing Pages are intentionally created with a purpose in mind. 

The main goal is generally either selling a product or providing something of value.

If you sell products or services online, it’s IMPORTANT that you use landing pages and not “regular pages”.

I recommend choosing one of these landing page softwares that are the best 5 when it comes to features, design, ease of use & pricing.

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How Much Does Landing Pages Cost?

Most landing page softwares cost like $100 per month or something in that ballpark (even some of the Best Landing Page Softwares are priced in that area).

With that being said, there are options like Simvoly that are only like $13 per month and offer a fairly similar experience with really good design & features.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know way more about the importance of landing pages and how you can use them in your business, I recommend checking out a couple of resources that will definitely help you on your digital marketing journey! These resources are:

  1. Our Landing Page Software Comparison List. This will help you make a better informed decision on which landing page software is the BEST for your specific needs based on design, features, ease of use & pricing.
  1. Check out this FREE Training to help turn your landing page-oriented business into a fully fledged profitable 7-figure business. Russel shares everything from how to drive profitable traffic to your pages, turning those visitors into customers and scaling to your dream goal predictably.

Main Writer & Editor at BHMR. Lover of digital marketing & huge fan of complex software. 

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