How To Effectively Grow Your Business’ Online Presence

Here is exactly How To Effectively Grow Your Business Online Presence.

Growing your online presence has become an even more important goal of any business into today’s ever-evolving world.

Customers nowadays don’t buy anything without checking out your business’ social media pages, your reviews & your social proof so it has become way more key to nail down your online social media strategy

1. The first step in any business is to identify who your target audience is.

Is it 40 year old men? Is it teens? 

After you find that out, you need to make sure you get in front of their eyes. Where do they hang out? 

40 year old men aren’t generally on Tiktok but they’re definitely in Facebook Groups that are based around their hobbies and have YouTube channels they binge watch.

However, teens are barely on facebook and they’re mostly watching content creators do weird dances on Tiktok & “Teen-based” Youtubers.

The main takeaway is that you don’t need to be on every single platform but you NEED TO BE on the platforms that 90%+ of your audience is on.

2. When starting at the bottom of Mount Everest, it definitely seems overwhelming and seemingly impossible to get to the top.

However, step after step, you’ll eventually get to the top.

You need a marketing strategy that you can consistently implement & measure the effectiveness of.

There are endless guides out there about how you can grow your online presence however putting out consistent messages that will make your target audience turn into prospects and eventually become customers is the goal.

If you’re a restaurant, tell a story that would resonate with people in your city that will make them want to check you out & then let the food do the talking.

If you’re a content creator, talk about your personal struggles in life that people can relate to and how you got out of them so you build a stronger bond with your audience!

Just Think “What Would My Perfect Customer Think Of This Post?”

3. Affordability without lack of Quality is the name of the game with the pandemic going on.

It has never been easier to build a bond with potential clients since we’re all in this problem together but it is also getting harder for people to buy products since most people’s disposable income was hit.

Addressing both these aspects is crucial in the current marketing era of quarantine thoughts.

4. It has been already said a million times but Everything is Going Digital (or has already gone, I suppose).

I think nowadays way more people realize how reliable we are on our electronic gadgets and how slight issues in our internet connections affect our mood for the rest of the day.

Every big Social Media app saw a spike in usage but even crazier than that… the spike didn’t drop back down.

With more and more people online, more and more competitors are getting online since Brick & Mortar businesses were hit the most with this pandemic.

With that believe, I still think that even if you’re a new business you can definitely grow if you carve out your lane and have a unique angle that people haven’t seen a million times before.

How To Effectively Grow Your Business Online Presence

5. Maybe I’m slightly biased in this but offline marketing is just dumb. 

Thousands of dollars to get on a billboard that people barely bat an eye for. 

No tangible track able ROI that you can see from offline advertising that makes growth really inconsistent & un-trackable.

From my experience, it’s just way too expensive when you can easily advertise your business online and have:

– Trackable Data

– Direct Response Return On Investment

– Ability To Increase Spend Or Delete A Campaign In 2 Seconds

– Help Grow Your Business’ Visibility 10 Fold

I think there are some slight upsides for branding reasons to be “omnipresent” on billboards and magazines but for most businesses, online advertising is infinitely better.

Main Writer & Editor at BHMR. Lover of digital marketing & huge fan of complex software. 

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