Email Marketing: 25 Things You Should Know

Email Marketing is the most important addition to the digital marketing world in the past decade.

The ability to connect with your audience and help build rapport, build authority & sell your products for completely free is almost unbeatable.

With that being said, before starting the email marketing journey you need to choose the best email marketing autoresponder.

This choice impacts the amount of features an autoresponder has, the deliverability of your emails and pricing compared to competitors. Check out our in-depth analysis of the Best Email Marketing Autoresponders

Here are 25 things you need to know about Email Marketing:

How to Create Email Marketing on Shopify?

You need to download an email marketing plugin/app from the shopify app marketplace. After comparing all the features, design & ease of use I definitely recommend you use these email marketing softwares for your shopify store.

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Why Is Email Marketing So Important?

Email Marketing is not important… it’s necessary.

Email Marketing is the best way to talk to your target audience that already positively interacted with your business that you can contact for completely free – forever.

Having the ability to build rapport, authority and sell your products without having to pay ad spend or any recurring fee like most other methods that provide the same useful traits. 

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Is  Email Marketing Paid Media?

No, it’s essentially free. You do need to pay for an email marketing autoresponder and an email marketer (if you choose to hire/outsource) but that’s the extent of it’s “paid media” costs.

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How To Do Email Marketing Research?

I would definitely recommend signing up to all your competitors email lists and look at what type of emails they’re sending. 

Make sure you also look deeper! 

What kind of emails are you opening?

Why are you opening them?

What’s making you open these emails?

Does the email content captivate you?

How can they improve the emails?

How can you incorporate these tips into your business?

Answer these questions and apply them to your business!

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Why Email Marketing Plan?

You need an email marketing plan that you can execute on and create a customer journey that will lead your email list to your targeted end goal.

Generally the plan is based on nurturing the relationship with your email list by providing value & building authority and THEN promote your products to the pre-framed list.

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Does Email Marketing Work?

Yes, it definitely does. 

Even though the open rates and click-through-rates are lower because of competition, it’s still one of the best ROI marketing efforts since it’s free and requires little time to maintain and grow.

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What is Email Marketing Strategy?

An email marketing strategy is a pre-planned sequence of emails that will put your customer on a customer journey. This journey is generally intended to build a stronger relationship with your email list and eventually promote your products and solutions.

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What is Email Marketing Channel?

Email Marketing Channel is a software that you use as a main autoresponder to build and nurture your email list. There are hundreds of email marketing channel providers so we decided to compare the most popular email marketing autoresponders based on features, design, pricing & other important factors.

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How To Start Email Marketing Business?

We get this question so much that we decided to write a full FREE blog post that goes over the exact step-by-step method on “How To Email Marketing with No Email List” & a Full Tutorial on Affiliate Email Marketing.

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What is Email Marketing List?

An email marketing list is a list of people that have signed up to the list intentionally by filling in a sign-up form on a landing page or pop-up created by the email list owner.

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Is Email Marketing a Good Career?


Digital Marketing in-general is a really good career path since it’s so in-demand and is likely to still be consistently growing in-demand since more and more businesses are going online.

With that being said, it’s also a good career because of its lack of “automation-ability”. It’s one of these industries where you still need a heavy human element to it.

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Creating an Email Marketing Strategy

Creating an email marketing strategy is not that hard. However, it’s really hard to give a general approach since every business & their audience is different.

The general email marketing strategy to follow is generally based around these three steps:

  1. Give something valuable for free that will make your ideal audience want to “trade” their email
  1. Nurture your new email members with value building content & rapport building stories
  1. Promote your products sparsely by pre-framing your audience to your sales pages
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How Email Marketing Can Help SEO?

Email Marketing can help your SEO by sending targeted traffic to your blog posts and increase the average-time a user spends on the website.

Since they’re your audience, they’re more likely to be accustomed to your branding & business and they’ll help you rank for some keywords since gmail generally value when people spend long durations on someone’s blog as it seems authoritative. 

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How To Setup Email Marketing on Shopify?

It’s pretty easy! Most of these Shopify Email Marketing softwares are super simple to integrate with 1-5 click setups and then all you have to do is set-up your email sequences for different behaviors of your shopify users.

This can be cart abandonment email sequences, successful sales email sequences and promotional holiday email sequences.

Check out the Best Email Marketing Autoresponders on Shopify!

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Is Email Digital Marketing?

Yes, Email Marketing is an element of Digital Marketing.

Obviously, it’s not the ENTIRETY of digital marketing but it’s one of the most beneficial elements that most online businesses should incorporate in their digital marketing strategy.

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What Are Email Marketing Tools?

Email Marketing Tools are generally created to help you send out emails at-scale to your personal email list.

These email marketing tools generally have very different features, designs & elements that make them fairly “unique”.

With that being said, the main important factor of email marketing tools is their deliverability.

This is how likely they are to actually deliver your emails you send out to your list to their main emails (or other tabs).

Check out the best email marketing tools here!

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Buying an Email Marketing List?



Doesn’t Work.


Just build an email list by following some of the best methods taught in these free books.

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How to Write Email Marketing Content?

You always need to have a goal in mind when creating email content.

Is this value-building?

Is this rapport building?

Is this authority-proving?

Is this product pre-framing?

Those are the main four “attacks” you can have on a particular email. Generally, the earlier you are in the email sequence with NEW members you need to answer the first 3 questions more frequently.

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Is Email Marketing E-Commerce? 

Email Marketing is definitely a very important aspect of ecommerce. 

Many successful ecommerce stores credit 30% of their sales to their email marketing efforts.

Apart from that, the margins on doing email marketing for repeat customers compared to other methods is generally way higher since your costs are so low. The only cost is generally the software investment.

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How Email Marketing Software Works?

Email Marketing softwares help you build email lists effectively, communicate with your email list & segment them into different audiences based on behaviours associated with the emails.

Those are the basic elements of an email marketing software. However, most of the Top 5 Email Marketing Softwares have way more features and deliver way better ROI. 

Some of them even allow you to build landing pages and other things so they save you money on other software you might need in your business.

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Is Email Marketing Still Effective?

Yes! The rates are significantly lower than 10 years ago when there were only 5 people doing email marketing however it’s still the best FREE method to build relationships with your audience and turn one-time customers into repeat clients.

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How To Buy Email Marketing Lists?


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Why Email Marketing is Important For Your Business?

Email Marketing is the best method to get repeat customers and build a stronger connection with your email list for completely free.

If you wanted to achieve the same results on an equal scale you’d need to pay thousands of dollars just in ad-spend & tens of thousands of dollars on labor costs for other digital marketing efforts.

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Is Email Marketing Cheap?

Well, compared to other digital marketing endeavours… yes!

The only cost you have is the email marketing autoresponder you need to get. With that being said, most autoresponder on our recommended email marketing autoresponder list are fairly affordable.

Some people also decide to build their email list with paid advertising and then can get fairly expensive if you’re not constantly optimizing your ads for lower costs.

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How to Measure Email Marketing Success?

Most email marketing softwares that you use give you pretty in-depth analytical data.

The main 3 numbers you need to look at are:

  • Open Rate. This is the rate at which people are opening your email list. Generally, the main factor is the title that should be pretty intriguing and want to make people open the email.
  • Click-Through Rate. This is the rate at which people click on your links after they open the email. The main factors that affect this number are the content inside the email and the Call to Action associated with the link you want them to click to. 
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Final Thoughts

Now that you know way more about the importance of email marketing and how you can use it in your business, I recommend checking out a couple of resources that will definitely help you on your email marketing journey! These resources are:

  1. Check out our Email Marketing AutoResponder Comparison List to help you make a better-informed decision when choosing the email autoresponder with the best deliverability, features, design, pricing etc.
  1. Get these 3 FREE Necessary Online Marketing Books that will help you predictably create a profitable digital marketing strategy, drive profitable traffic to your pages, turn those visitors into customers and scale to your target goal as efficiently as possible.
  1. Check out this FREE Training that I think every Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing & Marketing Agency needs to watch.

Main Writer & Editor at BHMR. Lover of digital marketing & huge fan of complex software. 

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