Email Marketing: 22 Things You Should Know

Email Marketing is an essential part of all online marketing businesses nowadays.

Choosing the right email marketing software is a key decision you need to make that will influence your deliverability & effectiveness of your campaigns.

Here are 22 things that you need to know regarding Email Marketing:

How Email Marketing Works?

There are two aspects of email marketing. 

There is the sign-up and the email list.

The sign-up part relies on the email marketer to create something that helps persuade the ideal audience to join your email list.

This generally relies on giving your ideal audience something that they deem as more valuable than “holding their email”.

These sign-up forms are generally hosted on a select landing page software.

After someone inputs the email on the signup pages, they are added to the email marketer’s email list. 

This means that the email marketer has the free ability to send emails to the audience in the email list with their email marketing software unless the email list member decides to unsubscribe from the email list.

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Why Email Marketing Is Important?

It’s the most important aspect of any digital marketing business because:

  • Email Marketing allows you to build an audience that you “own” unlike social media platforms
  • Give you the ability to contact people that are interested in your brand/products
  • Best way to build rapport/authority since you’re entering their “safe” email box and are more likely to be receptive to your messaging rather than intrusive social media posts
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Does Email Blast Marketing Work?

If by “blast” you menb buying or “obtaining” an email marketing list and constantly bombard them with emails, then no. That is actually against modern GDPR regulations as well.

However, if by blast you mean ethically grow an email list by offering something of value & then sending emails to that audience through your email autoresponder then it definitely does work!

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Is Email Marketing Dead?

No – Bad Email Marketing is dead.

If you know how to build rapport & authority while also writing persuasive copy that preframes people to your brand & products, then you’ll be very successful with your email marketing efforts.

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How To Build Email Marketing List?

The best way to build an email marketing list is by initially creating something of value that you give away for completely free in-exchange for their email. These sign-up pages are generally hosted on landing page softwares that are easy to use, affordable and have amazing useful features.

Then the main goal is to drive profitable traffic to these landing pages. There are tons of ways to drive traffic but from my experience, these 20+ virtually unknown tactics to drive traffic are by far the best.

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Is Email Marketing Dying?

No, however open rates & click-thru rates are seemingly harder to attain.

This is mainly because of the higher amount of email lists our audience is a part of and how they feel about opening our emails.

If we indoctoranted our list to be looking forward to our emails because we’re an authoritative but relatable figure in the space, then our rates will stay pretty high.

However, if we copy most email marketing gurus and just sell products consistently to them without offering value, our audience might get a bit annoyed and end up being less likely to open our emails in the future.

With that being said, most of the email marketing softwares have horrible deliverability rates nowadays so make sure you check out our updated comparison sheet of the best email marketing software for high conversions.

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How To Do Email Marketing Shopify?

When it comes to ecommerce, I definitely recommend that you have multiple email sequences set in place for Shopify.

You need a cart abandonment email sequence that will turn cart abandoners into clients.

You need a post-sale email sequence that will provide your customers with more valuable products that align with their past purchases.

You also need to choose the best email marketing software that is the BEST option for your specific shopify store.

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Is Email Marketing Good or Bad?

It’s definitely good and actually a NECESSITY in every online marketing business in this generation.

The only bad thing about email marketing is the due diligence you have to do when choosing the right email marketing software for your business based on deliverability, features & design – but we got you covered!

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Is Email Marketing Good?

It’s amazing! It’s by far the best thing that every online marketing business should implement in their business. It helps you build rapport with your audience, build authority with your email list & offer your products to your perfect target audience.

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What Is Email Marketing Newsletter?

Email Marketing Newsletter is an email that is sent from an email autoresponder that generally has an end-goal in mind. 

This is usually either to build rapport/authority with the email list or pre-frame a  certain product in your audience’s head.

There are different types of email marketing techniques but the email marketing newsletter is generally an email sent on a fairly consistent schedule. Daily or Weekly.

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How Much Does Email Marketing Cost UK?

Email Marketing Softwares are pretty affordable even for UK companies. 

You really have to consider the deliverability, features, designs & customer reviews of the email marketing software before choosing your particular one but most of them start off pretty cheap and then escalate based on the amount of members you have in your list.

If you’re looking for email marketing employees to hire, then I would recommend checking websites like Indeed or Upwork or even some Facebook Groups like Cult of Copy Job Board.

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How To Email Marketing Free?

There are a ton of email marketing softwares that provide free trials but the best one is by-far Aweber.

If you want to learn more about what the best email marketing autoresponders are, check out this comparison list.

If you want to learn more about email marketing for FREE, check out these 3 FREE Online Marketing books that go over everything you’ll need to know when it comes to creating a successful online business and effective email marketing copy.

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Can I Do Email Marketing With GMail?

No, don’t bother.

You can try to send mass email but you’re super likely to get blocked or even banned if you try doing this for a long period of time. 

Check out some of the best email autoresponders that you can do email marketing with.

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How To Build Your Email Marketing List?

The best way to build your email marketing list is by creating something of value that is completely free and drives traffic to that landing page.

Check out my blog post about how to effectively build an email list for a more in-depth guide.

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Does Email Marketing Work Anymore?

Of Course it does! Many people seen their open rates and click-through rates drop but that’s because of two things:

  • More Competition. Since everyone now knows how important email marketing is, everyone incorporated it into their business. This leads to more competition for consumers’ clicks when they’re searching through their inbox
  • Horrible Copy. If your email copy does not build authority & provide value while also persuading people to click through and buy the products, the issue is not “email marketing”… but YOUR email marketing
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Starting An Email Marketing Business

Starting an email marketing business does not need to be hard. You just need to follow an easily executable model that you can follow day after day.

Check out my blog post going over how to start an email marketing business without an email list.

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What is Email Marketing GetResponse?

GetResponse is one of the best and most popular email marketing autoresponders as of 3rd June 2021. 

GetResponse allows you to do email marketing effectively with their powerful & simplified tool that will help you to send emails, create pages & automate your marketing.

They also allow you to try it out for completely free for 30 days without asking for a CC which is amazing for new business owners!

Read more about GetResponse here!

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What Makes Email Marketing Unique?

Email Marketing is the only marketing channel that allows you to contact and connect with your audience without being hindered with social media algorithms, outside sources while also having total control of your audience.

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What is Email Marketing and How To Do It?

Email Marketing is a hyper-effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to prospects and potential customers.

Effective Email Marketing converts prospects into customers and turn one-time buyers into loyal, raving cutomsters!

The first thing you need to do it is to pick the best email marketing software for your specific needs.

You’ll need to compare 100s of email marketing softwares based on deliverability, design, features, customer reviews and many more elements – but we done the hard work for you!

Check out this list of the Best 5 Email Marketing Softwares Compared! Last updated on 3rd June 2021.

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Is Email Marketing Legal in Canada?

Yes – it definitely is.

Obviously you can’t spam email random people from an email list you bought but if you built your email list through some of the ethical methods of lead acquisition then it’s surely legal!

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Is Email Marketing Important?

Email Marketing is KEY in any successful online and traditional business.

The ability to build an audience that you own, build rapport, build authority, turn visitors into customers and turn one-time customers into raving customers for COMPLETELY FREE is unmatched.

The closest thing to email marketing is Remarketing Ads but those require thousands of dollars and rely on social media algorithmic changes.

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How Can I Email Marketing For Free?

You can definitely do Email Marketing for free.

There are a ton of amazing email marketing autoresponder softwares that give you the ability to do email marketing for free for 30 days or so which is more than enough to build a basic profitable email business.

You can also drive traffic for completely free! Here is a FREE book that shows you the best virtually unknown tactics to get tons of profitable traffic to any of your funnel pages. 

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know how important and useful email marketing is in your marketing plan, I’m looking forward to your eventual success in this online marketing space.

With that being said, I have a few recommendations to help you on your email marketing journey.

  1. Check out our Updated Comparison Sheet of the Best Email Marketing Autoresponders based on features, deliverability, design, ease of use, pricing & other important factors.
  1. Get these 3 FREE Online Marketing Books to help you be a more effective digital marketing. These books go exactly how to build a high-converting funnel, drive profitable traffic to your funnel, turn those visitors into customers and scale to your dream goal as effectively as possible.

Main Writer & Editor at BHMR. Lover of digital marketing & huge fan of complex software. 

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