Email Marketing: 14 Things You Should Know

Email Marketing is a necessary component to all online businesses in today’s rapidly growing digital marketing world.

With all the available email marketing tips and tricks out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with email marketing.

There are also hundreds of email marketing softwares out there but there are only 5 Best Email Marketing Softwares that have the infinitely better deliverability, features, design and other elements.

Here’s what you need to know about email marketing:

Why is Email Marketing So Effective?

Email Marketing is so effective because you’re sending emails with a clear call to action to your own audience in a particular niche.

Your audience WILLINGLY joins your email list by trading their email for something that is more of value to them and consenting to receiving more emails from you.

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What is Email Marketing Templates?

Email Marketing Templates are pre-designed structured emails that users can use for their own email marketing business.

These templates are generally either more aesthetically appealing, offer more value to the reader or have had high open & conversion rates in the past.

Usually, most popular email marketing autoresponders provide you with amazing email marketing templates that you can use for your email marketing business.

With that being said, simplistic text-only email tends to perform way better than most of these aesthetic emails with a ton of images & designs.

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Why Email Marketing is Bad?

Email Marketing is only bad if you don’t know how to create effective email marketing sequences for your own business.

The main approach you should follow when doing email marketing is:

  • Offer something amazing of value that your audience would NEED to get so they trade their email
  • Indoctrinate your new members of your email list by building rapport, authority & sharing your personal stories
  • Agitate problems in your industry and provide solutions through your products/services after the indoctrination phase
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How To Do Email Marketing Using GMail?

You can’t, unfortunately.

Gmail is not built for email marketing and you can’t possibly set up an email list and send emails at scale consistently to a set amount of people without getting spam warning & blocked.

You’ll need an email autoresponder software that has high deliverability, appropriate features and in-built CRM.

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Can I Do Email Marketing Without A Website?

Yes! All you need is a landing page software to collect people’s emails and an email autoresponder that you can use to send emails with.

Here is a short guide going over how to do email marketing with no email list!

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How is Email Marketing Typically Performed?

The main method that most email marketers follow is this:

  • Create a valuable Free offer for people in your niche
  • Create a landing page that you can put your free offer on that allows people to trade their email for it
  • Send valuable traffic to that landing page of people that are interested in that specific topic
  • Consistently send emails to that email with valuable emails and promotional emails
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Is Email Marketing Automation?

Email Marketing can be automated or it can be “Live”.

Email Marketing automation is done when you set-up a drip sequence that your email list goes through. This is generally pre-planned and gives the new user in your email list a set of emails that they’ll get with certain triggers.

The most common trigger is date/time. This generally prompts the email autoresponder to send an email, wait a set amount of time (1day, 2 days etc) and then send the next one.

This can go on FOREVER and can be tweaked and added-on in the future.

Most email autoresponders allow email marketing automation but these are the best email autoresponders that provide this feature.

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How To Improve Email Marketing Open Rate?

Open Rate most relies on IF your email list sees your email and how they react to your email’s title.

To ensure that your email is seen , you need to have the best email marketing software with amazing deliverability.

However, after they see it, you need to make sure your title is enticing enough that will make your ideal audience feel the need to click on the email.

This can be achieved but writing:

  • Curiosity Based Titles
  • Extreme Claims
  • Scarcity / Urgency
  • Shocking Titles
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What Is Email Marketing Funnel?

An email marketing funnel is a sequence of emails that generally has a particular end-goal.

It’s generally oriented around pre-framing someone to a certain product of yours.

This could be achieved by providing:

  • Testimonials
  • Benefits of Product
  • Agitating Problems Your Products Solve
  • Urgency / Scarcity

The best email autoresponder to cheat email marketing funnels with is GetResponse.

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Why Email Marketing Is Important?

In a world with an ever increasing amount of online businesses and growing competition, it’s become even more important to have an email marketing list that you can rely on.

Unlike other social media platforms that most online marketing businesses are on, you OWN your email list and nothing can change that.

Not the algorithm.

Not the email marketing software.

Not your social media perceptions.

Even more than that, email marketing is important because it’s the easiest way to contact your perfect audience while also giving you an easy way to build rapport, build authority & promote your products.

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Is Email Marketing Growing?

As of 3rd June 2021, email marketing is still a growing industry and don’t see a world where it will “die out” since Email Marketing is such a KEY and IMPORTANT factor in every online marketing business in today’s climate.

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What Email Marketing Service is Best?

When it comes to choosing the best email marketing services, it really comes down to analyzing them on the 6 most important factors. These 6 factors are:

  • Deliverability
  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Design & Features
  • Customer Reviews

There are 100s of email marketing services out there but after trying out more than 50 of them, I can safely say that these 5 are the Best Email Marketing Softwares compared on the factors mentioned above.

This list was last updated on 3rd June 2021.

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What is Email Marketing Used For?

Email Marketing is used for:

  • Building an Email List based around your specific Niche or Products
  • Nurturing your audience with rapport & authority building emails
  • Promoting your own products as effectively as you can through many marketing tactics
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Does Email Marketing Increase Sales?

It definitely does!

It’s arguable the best way to increase sales since you’re landing in their “safe place” and doing that for essentially free.

Other methods that increase sales generally require some ad spend, extra labor costs or outside agency pricing.

The only cost you have when doing email marketing is the email marketing software of choice.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully now you got a better understanding of Email Marketing and why you should incorporate it into your strategy!

Email Marketing is a NECESSITY in your digital marketing efforts in today’s world.

With that being said, I do think that you should look into these two resources that will help you on your email marketing goals:

  1. Choose the RIGHT Email Marketing Autoresponder for you and your business based on features, deliverability, ease of use, pricing & other important factors.
  1. Get these 3 Free Online Marketing Books that will help you through your email marketing journey. You’ll learn how to get the perfect visitors effortlessly, how to turn those visitors into paying customers and how to scale to your target goal as fast as possible.

Main Writer & Editor at BHMR. Lover of digital marketing & huge fan of complex software. 

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