B2B Email Marketing Best Practices – Increase Open & Response Rates

Talking with other businesses is an entirely different beast.

All the roadblocks set in place.

The potential monetary conflict of interest that commonly takes place.

The annoying ladder you have to climb to get to the person you want to talk to.

Setting up important conversations with decision makers taking weeks to organize.

If you’re new to this world, I wish you the best of luck.

If you’re already pretty experienced, I can empathize as to why you ended up on this article.

After doing this for 10+ years, I  got a handful of necessary practices that you need to implement in your business that will increase your rates 10 fold depending on your industry.

Why Use Email Marketing For B2B Clients

Email marketing is infinitely more powerful than any other channel of contact.

The issue with all other channels that you might consider is that you leave the power of your audience in the hands of the channel itself.

If you suddenly got banned from facebook, you can’t do anything – however, you will always “own” your email list.

With that being said, there are more upsides to using email marking for your B2B marketing efforts.

Email is one of the online places where people feel way more “open” and “home-like” since it’s sorta your personal space hence people are way more likely to react positively in private rather than social media messages.

B2B Email Marketing Best Practices List

  1. Stay Organized

When prospecting for potential clients that would fit you business, make sure you stay organized and not just jot down their phone number down on a word pad (like some businesses actually do).

Create a new spreadsheet or pipe with multiple columns containing their information and which level of communication you’re currently at with the prospect.

  1. Segment Effectively

The next step you should take is effective segmentation of that list.

Split the sheet into stages of communication so you can easily differentiation between new potential clients, clients you have outreached to, clients that are contracted with you and other different types of split audiences.

  1. Remember They’re Humans

This might sound weird but if you don’t already do this, you definitely need to start thinking this way.

Obviously, you need to be pretty professional when talking to important people in a business. However, don’t treat them like they’re actually a brick and mortar business.

Building rapport, sharing stories, identifying relatable or similar traits & talking like you would talk to a friend are definitely things you need to apply to your messaging to business owners.

What To Do Now

Now that you can more effectively communicate with other businesses, I would suggest that you watch this in-depth training made by the almost 10-figure marketer Russel Brunson that shares important helpful information that will definitely help your pursuits in the B2B space even further.

Hopefully you got some value from this quick post and can’t wait to hear your insane upcoming success story in the B2B world!