Are Webinars Prerecorded? (2 Types Of Webinars)

Webinars have blown up in popularity recently and it’s all thanks to the effectiveness that they provide businesses with.

In this post you’ll learn what type of webinars there are and if webinars are Prerecorded or not.

Are Webinars Prerecorded?

Most of them are definitely prerecorded or “evergreen”. This is mostly because it’s infinitely more efficient and effective to automatically broadcast a 1-2 hour video that you recorded once for X number of times instead of recording that 1-2 hour video EVERY TIME you want to show it in a live format.

2 Different Types of Webinars

There are live webinars and there are prerecorded or evergreen webinars.

  • Live Webinars

Live webinars are… live.

The webinar host generally selects a particular scheduled date/time that they will host the webinar on, create a funnel for the webinar that advertises it as being live on that particular day and then promotes that sign-up page to people that are interested in that topic or even the host’s current following.

Most audience members can generally tell that a webinar is live or not by checking if there is only one or two scheduled times available or if there are endless options with some options being “Instant” or “in 15 minutes”.

With that being said, many modern webinar hosts have learnt the POWER that the perception of the live webinar has.

Live webinars will lead audience members to be way more attentive, more scared of “missing things” and way more likely to stay till the end compared to if the webinar was prerecorded or evergreen.

This obviously pushed way more webinar hosts to make their prerecorded webinars seem more live than they actually are.

Generally they don’t explicitly lie about the webinar being live but they get really close to it.

They interact with fake chat messages that they have created themselves.

They ask things like “where are you from” initially in the webinar to get people engaged but then say random countries and states that come to mind to appear as if they’re interacting with the audience.

They’ll also add fake scarcity like “limited amount of seats” or “limited time to sign up” even though these were intentionally arbitrarily created to create a false perception of the webinar’s liveliness.

With all that being said, there are definitely a ton of webinar hosts who ethically host live webinars pretty consistently and work really hard to provide value.

I’m just saying that if someone is really pushing the “live” aspect of the webinars, you might want to ask if they might have alternative reasons as to why they might be doing that.

  • Prerecorded Webinars

The holy grail of modern webinars.

Prerecorded webinars (also known as automated or evergreen) are one of the best most profitable online marketing inventions of the past decade.

The ability to have a sales man that doesn’t get tired, doesn’t sleep and doesn’t lose effectiveness selling your products every second of every day available is a huge win for most online businesses.

Many people would argue that’s what regular Video Sales Letters also accomplish but with webinars it’s way different.

With webinars, you’re accomplishing way more than VSLs.

With VSLs you can really only:

  • Grab someone’s attention
  • Callout your target audience
  • Showcase authority a bit
  • Point out problems in their industry
  • Agitate these problems
  • Provide product as a solution
  • Urgency & Scarcity to increase sales

That’s cool and all but webinars take all those elements and explode them to the next level.

You have 1-2 hours instead of the typical 10 minutes of a VSL to really enforce those benefits mentioned above.

In the first part of the webinar, you’ll not only showcase authority but you’ll also be relating your personal story back to the visitor in a way where they can empathize and garner respect for you.

Through the problem agitation part, you’re not only telling them WHY the problem is important but also HOW it will impact them.

After they truly understand why the problem is crucial to be dealt with and that you have the ability to teach or help them fix it, you can way more effectively showcase your product as the ONLY SOLUTION for this problem.

Throughout the entire webinar you’ll be building:

  • Time Invested
  • Authority
  • Problem Agitation
  • Perceived Value of Solution
  • Destroy Common Objections
  • Real-Time Urgency & Scarcity

You can now understand the power that an effective automated webinar can provide for most businesses that want to sell high ticket solutions.

The only issue is that most people that try their hand at writing webinars NEVER understand how to write effective webinars that turn new cold prospects into buyers.

That’s why I recommend that most people check out Russel Brunson’s $7 Perfect Webinar Script so they don’t ever have to worry about “how effective this next webinar is going to be”.

Russel Brunson has generated multiple 9 figures just through webinars so he’s definitely someone to learn from in the webinar and digital marketing space!

Many of these webinar gurus barely made 7 figures from webinars and they realised that it’s way easier to sell the HOW instead of actually selling THROUGH webinars.

Best Webinar Platform For Entrepreneurs

If you got your perfect webinar done and recorded, you’ll need a webinar hosting platform that you can rely on.

There are tens of decent viable options but I definitely think that for most people EverWebinar is the best option for recorded/automated webinars and WebinarJam is the best option for live webinars.

My opinion is based on comparing all the popular webinar platforms on these 6 important elements:

  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Design
  • Customer Support
  • Reviews

I think those 6 are the most important things to consider when it comes to choosing most software options in the digital marketing space but if you think differently then you might want to consider some webinar hosting platform alternative that are pretty decent as well like WebinarNinja, Livestorm & EasyWebinar.

When it comes to webinars, you really need a software developer that you can rely on that is on TOP of their game so make sure that the one you pick has the customers’ best in mind instead of being just promoted by affiliates or they’re just trying to maximize profits at all times.