Are Webinars Interactive? (3 Important Factors)

Webinars are all the rage nowadays and everyone seems to somehow have webinars set-up in their business.

In this post you’ll learn a bit more about webinars and their interactiveness.

Let’s go!

Are Webinars Interactive?

Yes. From both ends of the webinar, people can definitely interact with the Webinar regardless if it’s live or prerecorded. The audience can watch the webinar while also having access to a Live Chat that they can interact with other viewers & the host on. The host can see the live-chat aswell as communicate through it while presenting the webinar. Apart from that, some webinar platforms allow the audience to “react” to the webinar with Emojis or Thumbs Ups similar to Social Media Apps.

Live or Prerecorded?

There is one important difference that might impact the level of inter-activeness of a webinar.

Generally live webinars are way more interactive obviously because the other people that are also interacting with the webinar are organic and talking in real-time.

You can see their messages instantly, you can understand what other people are thinking of the webinar & you can see the live reactions of people to what is being presented.

This can be really helpful or really persuasive when it comes to your perception of the webinar.

Social Proof is one of the elements that humans generally intuitively seem to agree is an important factor when it comes to making decisions.

If the audience is interacting with a webinar fairly positively, you’re way more inclined to keep watching till the end and stick around as opposed to if the audience was hostile and saying this is a “waste of times” or “trashy” comments that obviously showcase a negative perception of the webinar.

This is where the main difference really matters though.

Some webinar platforms allow the host to create fake livechat messages to push people into thinking that way.

In live webinars, this is rarely the case as you can’t pre-write text for this but when it comes to prerecorded videos since it’s a video you definitely can.

Webinar Platforms like EverWebinar allow you to not only add random comments to live-chats but also say at what TIME in the recording the message is sent and by who.

You can literally have a message that says “03:55 – Emily Howard: Hahaha you’re so right Martina! I love what you’re doing”.

You can see how powerful and persuasive messages like these could be when timed correctly with:

  • Testimonials
  • Personal Story
  • Valuable Content
  • Product Pitches

Many would argue it’s fairly manipulative and I tend to agree since they’re not actual messages being sent but what can you really do about it?

Knowing this though, you’ll have a way better understanding of pre-recorded webianr live chats and how they can be used to manipulate your perception of the webinar.

With that being said, some messages will definitely be genuine by real viewers but they’re usually pretty question-oriented or speculative or simple messages.

If you see a ton of messages that are constantly pandering and complimenting the host and the webinar and they seem fairly non-genuine, I would definitely not blame you if you were skeptical of them!

If you’re just joining webinars that are intentionally educational or in a classroom setting like Zoom or something, this is definitely very rarely the case.

The main interactive webinars that you should definitely be skeptical of are the one that try their best to make it seem that they’re “live” when they’re probably pre-recorded AND if you think that they might be pushing you towards buying some sort of expensive product by the end of the delivery of the webinar.

What You Need To Host Webinars?

However, if you’re on the other end of the platform and want to make webinars with social proof to sell your products… I gotchu covered aswell 😉

There are tens of viable webinar hosting platforms that many people seem to like and use a ton however most of them are just pushed by, ironically, a false perception of value and social proof.

With that being said, I love writing & presenting webinars so it’s been my CALLING to constantly be ahead of the game.

I try my best to stay up-to-date when trying to find the best webinar host provider that I can rely on.

When it comes to webinars, I really value these 6 Important Elements:

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Design
  • Ease of Use
  • Support
  • Reviews

I have an Updated Comparison Sheet that you can check to find my up-to-date opinion but at the time of posting this EverWebinar is by far the best option for recorded/evergreen webinars and WebinarJam is the best option for live webinars.

I have found them to be fairly dependable to use and they have really amazing features with pretty amazing design for people looking to host webinars.

With that being said, there are some other alternatives that many webinar hosts tend to lean toward for one reason or another.

The main three alternatives that are commonly cited are WebinarNinja, Livestorm & Easywebinar.

Best Webinar Training For Effective Webinars

Most webinars that are created never really catch on and see any success monetarily.

This is mostly because the host hasn’t written an effective webinar script that they can predictably follow to achieve end goal that they’re hoping to get.

I would recommend that you check out the Perfect Webinar Script by Russel Brunson.

Russel Brunson generated multiple 9-Figures just from webinars so I think he’s definitely one of the best people to learn from when it comes to effective webinars haha.

If you don’t care into turning your webinar into a profitable hands-off part of you business that you can rely on that’s totally fine but if you do, I definitely recommend that you atleast check out some of Russel Brunson’s free online teachings regarding webinars.

Learning from people that have done it before you is one of the cornerstones of education and this definitely also applies when it comes to learning how to market your business digitally through webinars.