Are Webinars Still Effective? (Honest Answer)

Webinars have been one of the most profitable online marketing techniques of the past decade – but are they still effective today?

In this post we’ll explore whether or not they’re still effective and how you can predictably create profitable webinars for your business.

Let’s go!

Are Webinars Still Effective?

Most definitely. The effectiveness of the webinar 100% relies on your offer, your copywriting ability, your target audience & your follow-up strategies. If you have a compelling offer, create persuasive copy, choose your target audience properly & have an amazing follow-up strategy you’re good to go!

Most Common Webinar Mistakes

Many people that say that webinars are dead or are worried that webinars aren’t effective anymore are in one of two groups.

  • They’re Trying To Sell You Something

Throwing rocks at your opponent is one of the most common strategies that people in EVERY market use – and this also definitely applies to online marketing.

You’re way more likely to be open to trying out VSLs again if you’re persuaded to think that webinars aren’t good anymore.

Even more than that, you’re way more likely to buy someone’s VSL course or products if you think it’s the best way to market your business.

Generally, most online marketing techniques have different levels of effectiveness based on the four things mentioned above and this is especially true when it comes to webinars.

Just keep in mind WHO is saying that webinars are dead.

I have seen a ton of people say this but they conveniently sell courses about sales calls, Facebook advertising, social media growth and other techniques.

  • Horrible At Writing Webinars

Someone had to say it.

It’s like when you hear say that Football is really hard and is a horrible sport but then you find out that that person has tried it in the past multiple times for several years while repeating the same mistakes over and over again and have come to that conclusion.

Although you can sympathize and understand with that point of view, you should definitely not take that to hard and let it impact your perception of Football (or Webinars in this case).

Unfortunately, this is even more often than not the case ESPECIALLY in digital marketing.

Many people get into digital marketing through the “Make Money Online” corner of the internet that, as you already probably know, isn’t really the best way to get introduced to new hobbies.

Many people in that space are constantly looking for the “new best methods” or “best tricks to make money” and stuff and they tend to try particular methods for a handful of times with no understanding of how to effectively improve at doing those tasks and then move onto another make money method that seems “better” or “shinier”.

These people generally tend to actually try their best and follow the teachings but then as the excitement starts to dwindle, reality starts to set in and obstacles start getting in the way… they tend to move away.

How To Write Better Webinars

Writing webinars can be really hard for most people and I definitely understand that.

For crying out loud, you’re trying to building a relationship with your audience, provide value, agitate problems and provide solutions in a span of two hours while also having to invest a ton of money into software and advertising just to get started without having no real understanding of the potential ROI that you might be getting.

However, nowadays there is ENDLESS information that can help you create a “Perfect Webinar” especially for people just trying to create a 7-figure webinar.

I recommend that you learn from people that you know that they have achieved crazy success in the field that they’re talking about AND that they know how to effectively teach people how to accomplish the same thing.

Generally you tend to find people that have one of these two traits and try to fake the other one but I think people like Russel Brunson are definitely not one of them when it comes to webinars.

Russel Brunson has built a 9-figure company mainly by utilizing the power of webinars to grow his business to this level.

I can go on-and-on again talking about how to write amazing introductions that captivate your listener and make them stick till the end.

I can talk about how to create content that provides value to your listeners and help them while also make them LONG for your solutions.

I can tell you how to effectively pitch your stacked product at the end and turn it into a no-brainer for the listeners.

However, I think that for your own sake you should definitely listen from someone that has written hundreds of webinars in a ton of different industries and generated multiple 9-figures through just webinars.

And you can learn all that stuff for just $7 – crazy!

Best Webinar Hosting Platform For Effective Webinars

After you learn how to craft the perfect webinar and effectively communicate your message and sell products through webinars… you need a webinar hosting platform!

Now, there are 10s of actually viable options in the space.

I generally try to keep an eye on all the prominent ones so that I can keep Updating My Comparison List of The Best Webinar Platforms consistently.

With that being said, I do recommend that when looking at these webinar platforms that you look at these 6 Factors:

  • Features
  • Design
  • Ease Of Use
  • Support
  • Reviews
  • Pricing

These are the 6 I really value the most personally but your values might be different. Based on those 6, I currently think that EverWebinar is the best option for Evergreen/Automated webinars and WebinarJam is the best option for Live Webinars.

You can even try them out for just $1 – it’s a no-brainer really.

If you don’t like those options though, there are a couple alternatives that are pretty cool aswell like WebinarNinja, Livestorm & Easywebinar.

You might prioritize some different things than the 6 I mentioned above and that’s completely fine but then you should do your own research so your choice fits your preferences more directly.