Are Webinars Dead? (Honest Answer)

Your webinars suck at converting your viewers into buyers – but are they dead or do we just need to do better?

In this post we’ll explore whether or not webinars are actually dead and what you can do about it!

Let’s go.

Are Webinars Dead?

No. The two reasons why people think webinars are dead are 1) because they’re horrible at writing persuasive copy and creating profitable webinar funnels and 2) because gurus are selling marketing methods that are different than “making money through webinars” and hence they throw rocks at opposing marketing methods.

Why Most Webinars Fail

Why do most people suck at, well, anything?

The answer could be as simple as “they don’t try hard enough” or “they didn’t follow the right teacher” and those are pretty viable answers but it’s deeper than that.

I think the main reasons that webinars webinars fail are because:

  • Lack of Customer To Product Connection

Many webinar marketing gurus tell you to target broad audiences in your niche and “eventually the algorithm will do it’s magic”.

Well, the main issue with that is that most people don’t have an endless marketing budget that they can invest in their webinar with the hopes that it becomes profitable in the long-run.

Your main goal when driving this type of traffic is to always write webinars that appeal to the widest audience in your niche, be beginner friendly and create your own blue ocean that you can own in the long-run.

It’s way harder to sell a course about “making money online through webinars” than to sell a course on “how to write persuasive copy for your next webinar”.

The first one is way too competitive and there are people like Russel Brunson that pretty much own that market but if you take a different angle to promoting the same course, you can hit a different audience while also differentiating yourself enough that you can’t just be outspent by bigger marketers.

When getting traffic, you should always try your best to pin-point target the audience that you think will be most interested in watching your webinar the most initially and then create Look-A-Like Audiences based on the people that watched your webinars the longest or even purchased your products in the past.

This will lead to way higher conversions and way better viewer retention on your webinars.

  • Not The Best Copywriting Skills

Copywriting is a necessary component for any online business to have success.

However, copywriting is only as good as the writer is for the particular vertical that they’re writing for.

A copywriter can be an amazing email copywriter and drive crazy CTRs and even possibly purchases through email but maybe they’re not equipt enough to write 2 hour webinars that are way more longform.

Not all copywriters are built the same.

Thankfully there are really good Webinar Blueprint that you can follow nowadays to predictably write profitable webinars for your business but you still need to have a social understanding of how to write a really good webinar.

I recommend that you learn from webinar gurus that have created hundreds of webinars in various different industries and know how to effectively communicate their knowledge to their students instead of charlatans that are only selling courses on how to create webinars.

  • Lack of Successful Follow Up

Now that you have a good webinar-customer connection and your webinar is actually decently converting, you need to make sure that you have a decent follow-up funnel so that you up your numbers.

Many people overlook this step but it can be really important especially if you nail it correctly.

Most successful webinars have this in place and it’s easy to see what it works so well.

The goal here is to keep pushing people up the staircase of the webinar until they’re convinced enough to buy.

After your webinar funnel is in place, you’re going to start sending traffic to your landing page right?

You need to create re-targeting ads for people that landed on the page but didn’t sign up re-asking them to signup since they already shown interest.

You need to create re-targeting ads for people that did sign up but didn’t show up asking them why they didn’t show up and remind them of all the benefits.

You need to create re-targeting ads that did show up but didn’t buy with answers to common objections they might have and overwhelm them with social proof and benefits.

How You Can Succeed With Webinars

This is where most people fail and it’s easy to see why.

Most people just watch a couple of webinars and start writing based on what they think would work in a similar way to the webinars they have watched.

This is generally a pretty dumb idea because you don’t really understand everything that’s going on.

You don’t know exactly why they’re using that slide.

You don’t know why they’re saying their story in that manner.

You don’t funnel understand the reasoning behind why they’re pitching their product that way.

All these nuanced things will definitely impact your webinar’s performance and they do add up – that’s why you need to hear from the horse’s mouth.

I recommend that you invest $7 in Russel Brunson’s Perfect Webinar Script so that you have everything that you’ll ever need when it comes to creating successful webinars.

Russel Brunson has made hundreds of webinars and generated multiple 9 figures just through webinars so he’ll definitely be a better example to follow and learn from than I’ll ever be, honestly.

Best Webinar Hosting Platform

After you get your perfect webinar done and dusted, you need a platform to host this webinar on.

There are 10s of really viable webinar hosting platforms honestly however there are two that really take the cherry.

I personally really tend to value these 6 factors when it comes to choosing the right webinar platform for me:

  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Design
  • Customer Reviews

Based on those 6 elements, I definitely think that EverWebinar is the best option for Evergreen/Automated Webinars and WebinarJam is the best for Live Webinars.

However if you want to check out my most updated overview of the best webinar hosting platform, click here.