Are Landing Pages Free? (3 Different Options)

Landing pages are a key factor in your online marketing venture’s success but can you use them for free?

In this post we’ll explore all the landing page that you have and whether or not there are free options

Let’s go!

Are Landing Pages Free?

Creating the landing pages is completely free but you do have to pay for the landing page software that you use to create the landing pages. There are a ton of affordable options for most people but generally most popular landing page softwares hover around $100 per month.

How Landing Page Software Pricing Works

Landing pages are one of the key components that most online business rely on.

You use them for your simple opt-in pages.

You use them for your sales pages.

You use them for the rest of your pages in your funnels!

Most people understand they’re a necessary component but you can’t really have a successful business with just landing page softwares.

You’ll need entire funnels created around these landing pages for them to actually work effectively.

If you create a “landing page” for your Free CheatSheet opt-in page, you’ll need the rest of the funnel. That includes at least a confirmation page and a thank you page.

If you create a “landing page” for your E-Com product, you’ll need the rest of the funnel as well. This is a more complex funnel and hence would need like 5-6 extra pages like cart pages, checkout pages, upsell pages & downsell pages to complete the funnel.

With that in mind, most landing page softwares decided that it would be mutually beneficial to only charge per month and barely limit the amount of funnel steps and landing pages that you can create.

This essentially allow you to create landing pages “for free”… if you have a subscription active.

Like most other online software business models, they generally have a monthly and yearly subscription with the yearly subscription helping you “save money” by essentially paying for 10/11 months upfront instead of 12.

I’m not a huge fan of this since you’re really betting that no better landing page softwares come out, no stagnation happens in your choice’s company and that they never fall behind the competition.

Apart from that, a ton of these software companies also sometime have different levels of subscriptions.

Similar to email marketing companies, they tend to charge for “higher numbers” depending on the amount of visitors your funnels might be getting or the number of contacts you might be adding.

Some of them do charge you for the number of funnels or landing pages that you create with them however the “cap” on these is generally super high.

They’ll allow you to make 25-100 funnels with their lower pricing plans when people generally only have like 1-5 funnels in their business.

How To Find Landing Page Softwares That Fit Your Budget

When it comes to finding affordable landing page softwares, this can be really hard.

Most big landing page companies out there really are just hovering around the $100 per month benchmark.

My personal favorite landing page software when it comes to features, design, support & reviews has to be Convertri.

However if you really don’t want to pay $100 and you’re okay with a bit less quality and some more restrictions on number of funnels etc, Simvoly is a really good option aswell.

If you just HATE monthly subscriptions and want a decent option that you pay once and that’s it, Fast Pages is perfect for you.

Landing Pages are one of the verticals that generally have a TON of innovation going on (compared to email marketing, webinars etc.) so I definitely really prioritize features and design.

I constantly keep an eye out to what’s going on in the space and try to always be on the cutting edge and use the best option for my and my clients’ businesses.

That’s why I constantly keep updating my Updated Comparison List Of The Best Landing Page Softwares.

As mentioned earlier however, I primarily try and focus on these 6 elements when comparing landing page softwares:

  • Features. Really important for me personally since I think it’s one of the main things that sets most landing page softwares apart.
  • Pricing. Landing pages are a pretty decent investment for most businesses starting out so I always make sure that I’m getting the best bang for my buck.
  • Ease of Use. I don’t prioritize this as much since most top landing page builders are pretty simple and fast but some of them are… ugh…
  • Customer Support. If you don’t value your customers’ time and respond to inquiries after 7 days instead of 24 hours (or less) then I’m out.
  • Design. This might be just a me thing but I love the cosmetic appeal of not only how the software looks but also the design capabilities of it.
  • Customer Reviews. Social Proof is not just a marketing technique used by marketers to get clients but also a decent element that should impact your opinion.

If those 6 traits aren’t your main priorities and you value other things higher instead, that’s totally fine!

I’m just sharing what I value most and why I think so.

Best Landing Page Software For Entrepreneurs

If you’re just looking for a TL;DR for the best landing page software, I got your back!

My overall favorite landing page software that I have been using for a long while now and the one that I see constantly outperforming the rest is Convertri.

It has a 14 day free trial (at the time of posting) so you really don’t have anything to lose!

If you want a more affordable option at $35/month instead of $100/month, Simvoly is a really decent option even though you get for what you pay for.

If you really don’t want to add another monthly subscription to your catalog of softwares in your business for email marketing, webinars, hosting etc… then Fast Pages is a good option as well with a higher one-time-payment model.

I definitely recommend that you check out my Updated Comparison List of the Best Landing Page Softwares for an updated overview of what is the best one at the time.