Are Landing Pages Effective? (2 Important Tips)

Everyone knows that landing pages are the key to sales & growing your audience online… but why are they effective?

In this post we’re ll explore if landing pages are actually effective and what we can do to optimize the success of our landing pages.

Let’s go!

Are Landing Pages Effective?

They’re as effective as you make them out to be. If two different copywriters create two different landing pages with the same offer in the same niche, one will probably significantly out-perform the other. There can be a ton of different reasons for this but the effectiveness of a landing page generally is dependent on the skill of the writer that made it.

Increase Landing Page Effectiveness

To increase effectiveness, we must first understand what it means for a landing page to even be considered effective.

The most common analytic that many people associate effectiveness with is conversion rate.

The idea is that if your landing page was created with a GOAL in mind then the page is as effective as the % of people that achieve achieved that goal.

This is definitely the most popular explanation of landing page effectiveness and it’s the one that I agree with aswell.

When it comes to optimizing it, there are hundreds of different elements at play that might be a reason as to why the % number is on that level.

The conversion rates however don’t just depend on the landing page but there is also another important element that we should definitely consider.

Off Page Optimization

There is On Page Optimization & Off Page Optimization.

Off Page optimization can definitely be as important or even more important than what’s on the page.

How are we driving traffic to this landing page?

In what state of mind are the audience generally at when reach them?

The main goal here is to look at what we can optimize that is in our control OFF the landing page.

If we create ads that are over-promising the world and the landing page isn’t congruent to the messaging of the add, that isn’t a really the landing page’s fault but the ad’s fault.

If we create false pretenses or put the visitor into a negative frame of mind prior to them landing on the page, they’re way less likely to react to it in a positive way compared to if we approached it differently.

This is why ads that are generally fairly negative in nature rarely ever work out unless they add a spin to it where it puts the product or service as the solution for those negative things.

Time also really matters when it comes to off page optimization.

If you’re inviting people to come to your webinar at midnight in a weekday and they sign up, they’re way less likely to “convert and buy” instead of if you set your targeting to more regular hours and work with most people’s schedules.

You need to make sure that you off page optimization is:

  • Congruent
  • Concise
  • Pre-Frame Positively
  • Entice Visitors

On Page Optimization

This is where the bulk of your work should be focused on.

The goal here is to try and analyze how you can possibly make the message perfected for your ideal visitors.

Generally there are three types of visitors that you’ll have.

The Obvious Yes, Obvious No & Uncertain.

The “Obvious No” people are generally pretty stingy people that are super hard to persuade into investing into your thing regardless of how affordable or valuable it is.

These are not the type of people that you want to even try to persuade since they’ll also be the most critical of your product when they buy and will likely request refunds if it’s not exactly as advertised.

The “Obvious Yes” people are the complete opposite.

They are super interested in the topic that your product is associated with and are more open to buy things that will help them in any way when it comes to that things of theirs that they care a ton about.

You can definitely mess this audience up and not have as much success from them but they’re generally more receptive than the general public.

They love your niche, they think your product is good enough to try and will not be super critical if it turns out that you might’ve over-sold it a bit.

Typically simple landing pages with a unique value proposition, some social proof and some scarcity is enough to persuade these people to buy.

The Uncertain are the audience that you should really focus on.

This will be by far the biggest % of your visitors and they could be swayed either way based on how effective your landing pages are.

When it comes to on page landing page optimization, your goal should always be to increase the % of conversions that you want (obviously).

Generally people don’t buy because they either don’t understand the value of it, they don’t think it’s for them or they don’t think it’s worth the investment.

You need to make it clear what the value of the product is by showcasing the benefits that your ideal customers would get from it.

This can be bolstered by a ton of social proof as well like videos of people showing the positive results from it.

Make it clear that “YES this product will provide you with X, Y & Z”.

After they understand it’s value, you need to make sure that they know it’s right for them.

This can be done by answering commonly held objections around the product in a form of FAQ that destroys them.

This will help them become way more certain and convince themselves into thinking this product is right for them.

An uncertain buyer is not a buyer so you need to make sure that you leave no stone unturnet.

Generally a person needs 2 questions that they’re uncertain of to just go away from the landing page and not even consider buying the product.

Apart from that, you can make call outs through your messaging to “Doctors that care” or “Entrepreneurs with a dream”.

Typically you want to target a pretty big group of people while also making it seem “niche” or “exclusive”.

Finally, many people will things it’s not worth the value.

Your goal is to make the product seem way more value-able for them to have rather than hold onto the price they’d have to pay instead for it.

This is generally pretty easy to do by asking “what would you rather” type questions and showing them how much money they might be saving by using this product.

This really depends on your product but there are definitely a ton of ways to make your product seem way more valuable than them storing a couple extra pennies.

Finally, you can also add some scarcity to add percieved value and add some urgency to your landing pages so people take action there and then.