BHMR’s Mission.

Brutally Honest Marketing Reviews was created because I saw a ton of issues in the online marketing space.

Hundreds of new software emerging with fake social proof.

Millions of dollars being wasted on products that aren’t what they’re promised to be.

Thousands of customers being deceived into a world of fake promises and hype.

Affiliate Marketers around the world promoting the worst products with the most lucrative payment structures.

At first, I didn’t know what I could possibly do to fight this system since it seemed to be way bigger than anything I could combat.

Months past by and I stumbled into a conversation with a friend of mine about this topic and he said one question that inspired me to start and commit to this journey.

“If you’re not gonna do this, who will?”

At first I didn’t think that much of the question but as days passed, I kept trying to find an answer for it.

I lied to myself and kept saying that “everything is gonna fix itself” but one day I decided to take the leap of faith and start pursuing a more honest online marketing space.

With my 10+ years of experience doing everything in the digital marketing space I think i’m pretty fairly equipped to provide a well-informed constructive perspective to all these marketing softwares and help online marketers and entrepreneurs make smarter decisions.

Apart from that, I also want to give out exceptional marketing information that I learned throughout the years and new things I learn that are even applicable to online marketing in 5th December 2021.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy your time at BHMR and hope we help you learn more about digital marketing and help you make a more informed decision if you choose to try one of the softwares we recommend after hundreds of hours of testing & analyzing!

Our Mission is to help create a more helpful & honest experience for people in the digital marketing space.

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With that being said, some of the links we have on the site are affiliate links but that’s mostly to compensate for the thousands of hours we invest into research and content creation and we only link to software we TRULY tried & believe will help our readers and not just cause we’re trying to “milk every affiliate program with the highest return” as most of the affiliate marketers we criticize. 

Hope you enjoy your experience on my site!

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Wish you all the best on your marketing endevours!


Martina Cooper