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Our mission is to bring the TRUTH back into online marketing.

During my 10+ years of experience in the digital marketing world, I have seen a ton of changes but recently it has gotten a lot worse.

Back in the early days, the marketing world was a nice accepting place for people from around the world to learn about this amazing new market that will become a NECESSITY in any business trying to be profitable.

Time went by and people started getting better and better at online marketing to a point where companies are constantly looking for ways to grow their revenue with established online marketing techniques.

However, recently a ton of charlatans have been taking advantage of these.

With the recent spike in popularity & profit in the digital marketing space, people are selling their shovels to people who are trying to get in the industry but the shovel sellers don’t have the necessary credentials.

They’re taking advantage of people who are influenced by social proof, future potential and monetary gain by selling them false hopes and horrible information.

My goal with this website is to turn this around.

I want to help take us back to the day where people that are interested in digital marketing can have an easy go-to place that they can rely on when it comes to honest information in the space.

I don’t want this site to be like other sites.

I don’t want to promote affiliate products just because they have lucrative affiliate commissions.

I don’t want to write articles that are filled with jargon that will push you to buy my info product or course.

I don’t want to push you towards an empty 2 hour webinar that sells you a $997 product at the end just because.

This is Brutally Honest Marketing.

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