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Helping you find the best solution for your marketing needs.

Make Informed Decisions Before Investing Time & Money.

Most people make decisions based on social proof & marketing claims – we help you make informed smart decisions and not fall prey to false narratives & hype.

Most people end up wasting thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours testing tons of different apps and products – we help you skip over the wasted time & money and guide you to the best option depending on what you’re looking for.

Deep Product Research Method

Here is our detailed process that will help you make informed decisions when choosing what products to get for your marketing & business needs.

Product Research

Deep-dive & truly understand the goal of the product while examining the benefits & drawbacks of using the product after investing hundreds of hours of research and implementation.

Analyzing Customer Behavior

What do their current customers think? Why do they think that way? What makes them stick around? What people people QUIT using the specific product for an alternative?

Write Comprehensive & Accurate Review

Accurately describe our experience using this product, write down a detailed explanation of why you should or shouldn't use the product & compare them to their best alternatives.

Our Mission is to Help Create a More Honest Digital Marketing Space.

BHMR was created because I saw a ton of issues in the ornline marketing space… and I want to try and fix that.

Hundreds of new software emerging with fake social proof.

Thousands of customers being decieved…

The #1 Training Recommend For All Digital Marketers

There are thousands of webinars & training available out there nowdays but hands down, this training by Russel Brunson is by far the only one you NEED to watch.

The 9 Figure Per Year marketer shares exactly what every entrepreneur, small business owner & online marketer needs to know to succeed in the modern digital marketing era.

Brutally Honest Marketing Review